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Saturday, July 05, 2003


I finally got around to adding some more pictures of the kitties to my gallery ...

Cats are really bad for “red eye” with the camera flash. But I was able to fix them up with PSP7. (Now taking donations for PSP8!) I wish I could figure out why the links turn orange on mouse over. I will have to play with the Gallery CSS some more.

I have also been playing around with some Nucleus plug-ins. The Randomness one rocks! I have a ton of those cutesy email lists of quotes and quips. The way it works is it pulls a random line out of a text file. I spent about an hour culling through old emails to make a huge list of these things in several different categories. Maybe tomorrow I will set up another one to place a random image on the page.

I also installed one that places the Category name next to the title of each post. Very cool ... must email the author of that one too.

Trackback still has me majorly confused ... I tested it on a blogger that uses B2 and it didn't work. I have since read on the Nucleus support forum that there is an issue with Nucleus, B2 and Trackback. I will test it out on a MT site, if I can find one. I did get the Karma plug-in working OK. God knows I need all the good Karma I can get!

It's been a wonderfully geeky weekend ... and I just treated myself and the kids to ice cream. Good times.

For the most part. I ran into an old friend, from the old days at the store. Caught up with what has been going on, I deftly managed to avoid getting too much into my sons' issues. But of course, she had to ask if I was still seeing Jim.

Oh my god, if Jim ever were to know how he did me in. Just thinking about him, almost three years later ... I still die a little inside.

The truth of the matter is that I haven't been involved with anyone or even dated in two years. The "why" of it is complicated. I like to say that I am so emotionally wrung out from dealing with Bipolarville that I don't have anything left over for any sort of relationship. Or that my family is so crazy, I can't imagine anyone wanting to be involved with it on any level. In reality, I just do not think there is anything a relationship could offer would ever be worth the risk of being hurt like that again. So, I turn down offers for coffee and run like hell from anyone that might ask for a real date. I don't socialize any more, or go places where I am likely to meet anyone. Yes, am hiding.

Being alone isn't fun. But, at least for now and the foreseeable future, it is better than being hurt like that again. Better safe than sorry.

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