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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Why I got fat; And I what I am doing about it

I have been posting on Facebook about my weight loss efforts, and after having posted a before and work-in-progress pictures, I am sure there are some folks that are a bit surprised, shocked even, to see what has become of that little, teeny, skinny chick you used to know ... you know, ladies, the one you used to mentally hiss at as I swung by in my itty bitty size 2 jeans. I will be upfront - in the last 7 or 8 years, I put on about 60 pounds. Yup ... you got that right - SIXTY pounds of flabby blubber hangin' off my once incredibly hawt bod. It's OK, you can gloat. Now get over it and pay attention ... this is important.

OK, this is the me that used to be ... weighing probably about 110 - 115 pounds. Those are Guess jeans, waist size 24. I normally wore a size 2 and my waist measured 22 inches.

skinny me

That was on my 35th birthday - 1999. I stayed about that same size until sometime around 2003. By 2009, when I got married again, this is what I looked like ... my dress is a size 14, and only by the grace of God and Spanx was I able to squeeze into it that day.

fatty me

Ughhh ... I know, right?

So, what the heck happened? How in the world could a slender young woman who could eat anything she wanted without gaining an ounce get to look like a fat cow? Holy crap ... that's ME and I still can hardly believe it!

Well, in a nutshell, what happened to me is low fat diets. And what got me on that low fat diet was too much processed convenience foods, too much refined flours, too much sugar, and not enough fat. That's right ... NOT ENOUGH FAT. If you want the detailed explanation of that, check out this book, Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It by Gary Taubes.

He could have written that book about me and my weight gain adventures. Seriously. And if you are avoiding natural fats in your diet to keep your weight down, or to lose weight, you really need to read that book too.

Long ago, when I would find that a few pounds creeping on, or my jeans getting a bit snug, my go-to eating plan would be chicken, rice and broccoli for dinner every night for a week or two, and I would skip the ice cream and other treats too. It worked. Then. But then a good bit of weight showed up, and I had to get serious about it. My parents had gone on the American Heart Association Heart Healthy diet and lost an amazing amount of weight. So, I sort of followed suit, but I had no idea what I was doing. I just went for low fat ... if it had no fat, it was all good. Rice, pasta, pretzels, even Tootsie Rolls were allowed. But no butter, oil, cheese, ice cream and the like. I would lose some weight, go back to my regular habits, then it would come back. Lather, rinse, repeat. Factor in also that my lifestyle changed - I was no longer working on the ambulance, burning hundreds of calories every call, every shift. I was sitting at a desk all day ... blithely munching away on Tootsie Rolls and Bit O' Honeys all day, then going home and cooking a meal fit for a teenage boy. Plus ice cream for dessert ... low fat ice cream, that is.

So, five ... ten ... fifteen pounds crept on. Then when it became 20, 25 I became mildly concerned. But not really ... at the same time, I completely lost interest in dating. No, that's not quite right ... I became downright hostile towards the idea of being involved with anyone romantically. So I was fat, that just kept the jerks away from me.

Well, times and attitudes change, and the good Lord led me to a good man and that's all been written about before. But at the same time, I found myself caring very much about my appearance again, now that I had someone to look good for. We were engaged, and I was 40 pounds overweight. I was having so much fun being in love, I scarcely noticed that another 20 pounds crept on! In the 3 months leading up to the wedding, I busted my ass in the gym three nights a week, and I counted each and every gram of fat that crossed my lips. It was a carb free for all though. And I weight exactly the same on my wedding night as I did 3 months before. When I got the wedding pictures back, I wanted to die. I could not believe how gross I had gotten to be.

Emotionally devastating ... oh yeah. But I plugged on, following the recommendations for a healthy diet that would lead to weight loss as promoted by the Department of Health, the USDA, WebMD, my personal physician and just about every Tom, Dick and Harry that I would ask. Eat less, eat low fat foods, exercise more. I did as instructed and the scale remained right where it was. Eventually, I nearly gave up.

Then something happened that completely rocked my world (which is very private and personal, so don't ask ... ), and I knew that I had to do something and quickly. Everything I hold dear on this earth depended on my losing this gawd-awful blubber that had accumulated on my skinny self. Being somewhat OCD, I needed a highly structured plan that I could count on - today I will eat this, this and this. So, I got on the Medifast plan. It's like Nutrisystem - food is ordered and delivered to the house, five meals a day plus one "lean and green" meal that we cooked. Rich got on the plan too - as you can see from the wedding picture, he had a pound or two to lose too.

It worked, somewhat. My loss was very slow. The plan boasts an average of 3 to 5 pounds a week. I was losing less than 2. (Rich, on the other hand, was losing 5 to 8 pounds a week!) Though stressful, depressing and disheartening, I carried on. In 4 months, I have managed to lose about 30 pounds. That's still 30 more than I was in the first picture, but I was no longer obese, as classified by my BMI. My waist has gone from 38 inches to 30. I can wear size 8 jeans again, after being in 14s for the last couple of years. Light at the end of the tunnel, but still so far away ... and I was feeling like crap most days, with no energy, fighting the depression and general malaise. My skin broke out, hair is thinning, and other changes were taking place in various bodily systems that were disturbing at best, at times agonizing.

And then I came across Gary Taubes' book, and then another one, The Perfect 10 Diet: 10 Key Hormones That Hold the Secret to Losing Weight and Feeling Great-Fast!. Reading these, it finally all fell together and I figured out what had happened to me ... the low-fat diet, along with the processed, refined grains and carbs that acted together to wreck my metabolism and pile the weight on me. Even the Medifast diet is horrible, nutritionally speaking. Eating 800 calories a day, with less than 30 grams of fat, most of it engineered food and the majority of the protein coming from soy isolate protein is not good for any body. Mine is in full rebellion. The only good part is the weight I have lost, and that I have "detoxed" off of sugar and refined carbs.

I am going to start eating according to the information in these two books starting next week. Why wait until then, I don't know, other than I need time to plan and shop and reorganize my kitchen and life. I know now that what I have been doing has been all wrong ... totally wrong. I have been lucky in that I only put on weight. I could have become diabetic, developed cancer or serious heart disease. I already have heart arrhythmia and some blood imbalances with Vitamin D and iron. I hope it's not too late.

The Perfect 10 diet is one that I am familiar with ... eat whole, natural, unprocessed foods, including fats and oils. Carbs are not restricted, but eaten in moderation from vegetable, fruit and whole grain sources. Organic, preferably. Why familiar? Well, back when I was earth-mama with little babies, wearing Birkenstocks, keeping an organic garden, making all our bread myself from whole grain flours, buying our food from a whole-foods co-op, I lived that lifestyle ... and despite having one babe after another, eating as I pleased - from good, whole, natural foods - I lost pregnancy weight quickly and without even trying. And I stayed slim even after moving away from that way of eating for years ... until I started following the doctors and nutritionists recommendation to limit fats in my diet.

So here I am, 4 months ago and now ...
work in progress

Check back later to see what happens next. Oh, and Rich's weight loss? He's blogging about it at his site ... go check it out.

Please read those books ... most likely, what you think you know about good nutrition and weight loss diets is all wrong, especially if you got it from the government. Seriously, what you don't know could kill you.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Wedding

The deed has been done. We wed, we honeymooned, and now we are back to Real Life™

Now the real adventure begins!

The wedding itself, after all the stressing, fussing, hair=pulling and worrying I did, went beautifully. This is not to say that it went as planned, or expected ... at all, but in the end, we had a wonderful ceremony, surrounded by our family and friends.

Though we have been married since last summer, having made our Covenant with God, with our closest friends as witnesses, we also wanted to have an official ceremony, for our family and friends, and at the same time, create our civil union with the state ... making it a legal marriage. When we first announced that we were going to have a wedding, I was asked by everyone what kind of wedding did I want. At first, I did not know. I had no clue. I just let God guide me in planning the details, because what I ultimately wanted was a ceremony that would also be our testimony. Rich and I were put together by God Himself, as part of His plan. So our wedding could be nothing less than a celebration of that, for His Glorification.

For my flowers, I chose the dogwood. Not only is it strongly associated with East Tennessee in the spring, there is also the Legend of the Dogwood. This idea came to me as a flash of inspiration. That's just how God works. In the same way, I was led to choose the music for the ceremony, the prayers, blessing and litany, and, of course, my vows.

I was on my own, it seemed though, for my dress. What a riot that became! When I first started looking at dresses online, the very first one I found was it ... the one. But by the time I was able to order it, it was sold out. It came back in stock a couple times, but in the wrong size. It finally came back in, in my size and I ordered it. However, the order got glitched up in transmitting my credit card information to my bank, and the payment was refused. By the time I got that figured out, it was no longer in stock. I literally cried. It was a beautiful dress of ivory silk with embroidery over mesh. And I could not have it. Finally, I ended up choosing four dresses that I ordered to try on, and one that I ultimately chose. This one was almost as beautiful, in blush pink with lace and embroidery over a flared skirt.

Along the way, we encountered several other frustrations and set backs. The worst of which was that my father was unable to be at the wedding. He has been in and out of the hospital since Christmas with complications of myasthenia gravis, and had just been admitted to a rehab center the day before the wedding. While everyone was heartbroken by this development, we faced it with Grace. We also made plans to stop by and visit with him after the wedding, still in our wedding clothes, before hitting the road for our honeymoon. I just trusted that, for whatever reason, this was what God wanted to happen.

The second major crisis was the loss of our minister for the ceremony, mere days before the wedding. We had asked a friend of Rich's boss and best friend, who happens to be a preacher, to officiate several months ago. However, he forgot about it or had the dates mixed up, and made plans to be out of town at a conference that same weekend. To say that I lost it would be a vast understatement. I was quite ready to call the whole thing off at that point. Instead, I got a revelation.

Through all the stress and chaos, I kept thinking that God was convicting me ... us, of something. What, I did not understand. But I knew that we needed to be doing something different, needed to change something. As Rich and I talked it over ... or rather, he talked and I blubbered and sobbed, he said to me that maybe my idea of just eloping that I'd had a few weeks before might not have been such a bad idea. As I was formulating my response to this, that no, we had to have a ceremony ... for our mothers, and for our families, to have a public declaration of our vows, it finally dawned on me; we had lost our focus on the real reason we were having this wedding - for the Glorification of God.

We found another minister, one that was absolutely perfect for us, and for the ceremony we had envisioned. We wanted it to be deeply spiritual, but also fun, and he made us all laugh. We wanted our children to be part of it, and he was all about that. He also needed us as much as we needed him. Seeing God at work in all this has been awesome. We have truly been blessed.

The ceremony was great. My son escorted me, and my daughter was my maid of honor. Two of my sisters in God sang Amazing Grace (the "My Chains are Gone" version, by Chris Tomlin from the movie, Amazing Grace) and they had me in tears. Most of the rest of the music was J.S. Bach, starting with the Brandenburg Concertos as the prelude. I walked to Pachelbel's Canon in D, and we had two prayers to Bach's Air for Suite in D Major and Arioso. There was a bit of a mix up in the recessional, but by that point, it didn't matter. We had been joined as husband and wife before man as well as before God.

Rich's mother and sister arranged the entire reception, food, drinks, decorations, and it was fabulous. One of his daughters made our cakes, and they were beautiful. His nephew's wife took the pictures (which I hope to have soon!), and we were blessed by the presence of not only our family but some very special friends too. The weather, which had been threatening severe thunderstorms all day and ultimately led us to move the ceremony under the carport instead of out on the deck, cooperated at the last minute, the rain held off and finally gave way to the sun for a gorgeous afternoon.

We did make it to my dad's bedside, bringing him food from the reception and a piece of wedding cake too. Then we stopped at my mom's, changed into travel clothes and then hit the road for our honeymoon. We stopped part way there, in Valdosta, Georgia, before continuing to Orlando the next day. We were too exhausted to even think at that point, but very happy and completely content.

I will write about our adventures with Mickey and friends in later posts. Pictures coming soon too!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Here Comes the Bride

Or is that Bridezilla?

Some folks (ahem) might agree with the latter being the case.

I am really, really trying to stay calm and relaxed about this whole thing. I am! I specifically planned this thing to be casual, laid back and unstructured so that I could just enjoy the months and weeks beforehand with no worries, no stress, no fuss.

Ha! Ha ha HA!

Instead I am stressed to the max, alternating between snarling and laughing hysterically. I freak out over the littlest thing and will burst into tears for no reason. There have been recent events that have me feeling angry, resentful and hurt ... but I have no right to be that way. So I am angry with myself for reacting like that. I feel like it indicates a weakness of faith. Mostly, I am just overwhelmed because I don't think I have enough time to get everything done and/or do it right.

The biggest thing has been my dress ... I haven't been able to find one. Well, I did, but before I could get it ordered, it sold out. Everything else I looked at after that did not measure up. I finally ordered four dresses, one of them surely will do. None of them particularly thrill me and/or I am concerned about the fit - being 5' 1" makes dresses hard to fit. Being a bit overweight makes it even tougher.

And speaking of overweight, that's been my #2 stress factor. I have been starving on a 1000 - 1200 calorie a day diet and busting my behind working out 3 days a week, and then limping around with sore muscles all the time. I have yet to lose more than 2 pounds (and then I gain back 3), and I am still the same size. I am perplexed, not to mention disgusted and depressed. I have recently changed my work-out routine to less emphasis on aerobics, more on intense strength training and, of course, yoga. There's not much more I can do with the diet, I can't go much lower than 1000 calories a day and I am already focused on lean meats, veggies, fruits and whole grains. This week I started a cleansing routine ... and that is all I have to say about that, lest we stray into TMI territory.

Oh crud ... we just realized we don't have a photographer yet! I hope Rich's nephew's wife can step up for us!

Anyway, the rest of it has worked out OK so far, despite my tendency to freak out. I designed the invitations and Rich got them printed up, and we got them sent out - and better late than never! I have purchased the silk flowers for the bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and decorations. I know what I want the cake to look like, we have the ceremony written and the music for it as well. I had the reception food planned out but it looks like other family members have taken that over. It's just as well, I don't plan on being there for long because we will want to hit the road as soon as politely possible.

So, you're middle aged, the kids are grown (or nearly so), you've met your best friend and soul mate and now you've gotten married ... what are you going to do next?

We're going to Disney World!

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Monday, February 02, 2009

OK, this is it. No really. It is our final answer.

We are not joking, and we will not change our minds. Again. All the speculation, guessing, wondering, and all that is over. Said and done. And we do apologize for all the change, we hope everyone will understand. As for me, I blame Obama. As Commander in Chief, this is his responsibility. So, it's his fault.

March 28. Probably shortly after lunch, like around 1:00.

We shall be wed.

And if we have intimated that you will be invited, make sure we have your address for your invitation. Email or DM it to either of us ... and if you are friends enough to be expecting an invite, you should already have our contact info, yes?

So why blame Obama? Well, it's like this ... Rich's oldest son has been in Iraq since December '07. He was originally due to return home in March. That would have put him on leave in May, which was our original wedding date. However, since the coalition forces have done such a bang up job in restoring security, peace and democracy in Iraq, many of them are coming home early. We first got word of this change last fall, but we still did not know what dates Adam would be on leave. It took this long for his higher ups to let him know exactly when he could come home. We just confirmed the dates within the last week, and now have a firm date for the wedding, when we know Adam can be here. Now, since this massive confusion is due to the Army and Obama is the Commander in Chief, he gets the blame. See? I have learned something in the last 8 years.

We are going to have the wedding out on the deck at Rich's mother's house. Risky to have an outdoor wedding in late March in East Tennessee in a year when we've had weird weather anyway? Why yes indeed! We like to live dangerously! It will be a fairly non-formal deal ... if I can find one I like, I will be in a dress, and Rich in a sport coat and slacks. So, guests can be comfy in dressy casual wear ... like you'd wear to a nice restaurant or party. The reception will be late lunch buffet with cold sandwiches, veggie and fruit platters, pasta salad and other finger foods. I have some ideas about my cake, and the groom's cake has already been planned. It will come as no surprise to anyone that knows us at all.

The ceremony we are planning will be deeply spiritual but also fun. We have a large family, and some really super friends, and we want everyone to be involved! We don't consider this to be the beginning of our marriage ... that began months ago when we first vowed our covenant with each other and God before some of our closest friends and our parents. This is a celebration of our commitment and our new life together.

Now, we just gotta put this lil shindig together in less than two months! Yikes!

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

It’s a done deal ...

It's official now. We're (gettin')* hitched.

I talked him out of buying a gun at the gun show and get this instead ....


A little while ago, I realized that today is the 8th anniversary of a very significant event in my life, one that colored my perceptions of just about everything and changed the essence of who I am, which I have been struggling to come to terms with ever since. Today, I think I can safely say the healing is complete.

*We consider ourselves already married in God's eyes. We will have the public and civil ceremony in May of next year.
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Monday, August 04, 2008

Two are Becoming One

So, these two geeks ... one a boy-geek and the other a girl-geek ... they meet (at a blogger meet-up), fall in love (while sitting side by side with their laptops, smart phones, handheld gaming devices, and a plethora of remotes that control the 62" wide screen rear-projection 1080p HDTV, DVD recorder, 3-disk DVD player, DTS-Pro surround sound system while they code their respective web sites, process video, write in their blogs and various other surfing activities ... when they aren't attending sci-fi cons, the latest hit movies or Twittering their lives for all to see) and decide to get married (of course announcing the engagement simultaneously on their blogs, and planning their engagement party using Evite.com). What's next? Why ... combining their lives!

We have started setting up our household. It's been a slow-paced process of moving my belongings to his house. For the last two months, I have been sorting, trashing, giving away and boxing up my stuff. Today, we moved the last load over and now we will begin to combine our two households into one. But that's just the stuff.

Other aspects of our lives are being combined as well, and in keeping with our geekhood, we started by setting up our cell phones on a shared plan (Sprints 1500 minutes shared, unlimited Everything else plan for $129 a month ain't too bad). We are moving his web site over to my hosting service (SurpassHosting ... awesome service, fantastic prices on generous shared hosting services!) and getting his new blogging digs set up in ExpressionEngine, too. My Amazon account is now associated with and can use his Amazon Prime for free 2-day shipping and we will soon combine our Netflix queues. Of course, we have our 6 computers networked and sharing files, printers, scanners and media ... ain't geek love grand?

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A little more info ...

We have a tentative date set ...

May 16.

Yes, I know it's a ways off, but we're in no rush. We might move it up sooner, if I decide not to take classes during Spring semester, and other practical, familial and financial matters can be smoothed out. Adam's deployment to Iraq ends in either February or March, so it won't be until then anyway. But, like Adam and Sasha's wedding, it will be out on the deck at Rich's mothers lakeside house (see pics in the previous post), so we also want the weather to be warm ... or at least not cold!

There will, however, be an engagement party very soon. Invites will be going out tonight or tomorrow, so stay tuned! We do have to keep the guest list trimmed down a bit, please don't be offended if you aren't on it. We will be scheduling a Blogfest soon though, and all area bloggers and blog readers will be welcome. Feel free to suggest dates and locations in September - keep in mind that it is good to try for weekends without a home UT game.

Everyone keeps asking me what kind of wedding do I want ... I don't know! A preacher, some vows, some prayers, the "I do"s, with friends and family around. Mmkay? Gotta have some music too. And food. Lots of food. Other than that ... I'll have to think about it.

My parents are thrilled. I think they had given up hope on seeing me married again. I was quite stubborn for a number of years. My kids think it's cool, and so do Rich's. Between us, we could have our own baseball team with my 3 and his 6, 7 to include the newest daughter-in-law, plus two grandbabies.

Oy! What am I getting into?

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Asked and Answered

He popped the question!

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Friday, July 18, 2008

The move is on ...

The work of moving ... the packing, sorting, trashing of all my stuff ... is well underway. When I moved into this place a year ago, I knew I would not be staying more than a year. At the time, I didn't have a precise plan in place, but I knew I would be leaving soon. I kind of had a small one bedroom or studio in mind, closer to the center of the city, where I would live alone with my two cats. That's not quite how it has turned out ... instead I am moving out to the country, into a huge 6 bedroom house, with 3 teenagers, a toddler, 3 dogs, 3 puppies and a noisy bird ... and my best friend, soul mate and life partner.

A major impetus to moving away from here was my unfortunate miscalculation of the quality of this neighborhood. Just off Cedar Bluff, in the heart of West Knoxville, this used to be a really nice apartment community with a mix of young families, single professionals and retirees - folks that seek out lower cost rentals. But it has also become attractive to some unsavory elements ... drug sellers and illegal immigrants. There is one apartment here that was housing what seemed to be about a dozen young Hispanic men. They spent most of the day sitting out on the front lawn, and every now and then a van or pickup truck would stop, several of them would get in and it would drive away. This routine repeated itself several times every day. Sometimes there would be women and small children about, hanging out with them. They clearly were not outside having a neighborly barbecue, they would quietly sit, speaking softly, watching other people come and go ... it was a bit creepy. No head nods or waves of greeting, just stares. Distrustful stares.

There were some other problems here as well ... several incidents of domestic disturbances, a carjacking and my own conflict with a neighbor. When I first moved in, I had arranged for garbage pickup at the curb. They told me the to place my bags by the curb and they would pick them up and leave a big trash can for me to use. However, they did not pick up the trash as promised, and it sat out there all day long while I was at work. Upon returning home, I called the waste collection company but they were closed for the day. I called first thing the next morning and was assured they would come get it that day. When I got home, there it was still ... but now it was in my parking space. I moved it so I could pull in, went inside and started searching for a number I could call to get this taken care of. While I was inside, someone had come out and threw all the trash bags back into the parking space, right next to my car!

I went out and at this time the next door neighbor came over and started yelling at me. He would not hear any of what I was saying ... that I DID have trash collection arranged and paid for, THEY just didn't pick it up like they should. He was aggressive, threatening and verbally abusive. Someone called the police, who came, heard my story and told the dude to simmer down. He did, for the time being. However, later on he exacted some revenge by having my son attacked by two thugs ... which resulted in his spleen being contused and a small tear in a kidney.

The trash collection company, after 4 days of my yelling and threatening to complain to the county commission, FINALLY picked up my trash. Without so much as an apology for my inconvenience, of course. I so look forward to canceling this service ...

Anyway, my new home is in a rural area of northern Sevier County, and I look forward to the peace and quiet and sense of safety out in the country. Or at least I did until I saw this:

KODAK — Dozens of officers launched a pre-dawn raid in Sevier County today, beginning arrests of 39 people indicted on drug charges.


Hopefully, this is just a one-off incident, they will get this cleaned up and the druggies will all be run off or incarcerated.

Heh ... who am I kidding?

Oh well, back to packing, sorting and trashing. We are taking this weekend off to rest, and spend time with family. Rich's son Adam is back from his honeymoon, and will be returning to Iraq next week. We are having a cookout up at the lake house with the whole family getting together for food, swimming and lying around the pool, watching movies on a big inflatable screen out on the deck and just chillaxin - as the kids put it.

Time to rest, relax, and reconnect ...

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Busy days of Summer

I fondly recall the summers of childhood as being filled with lazy, carefree, unhurried days ... sleeping late, watching daytime TV in jammies, wandering about the neighborhood with friends, swimming in our pool, picking fresh peaches and making ice cream with them ... days in which my biggest complaint was "I'm bored" and wishing I was grown up so I could go and have great adventures. Now that I am grown up and having those grand adventures, I now wish for just a little boredom ... or just enough time to get everything done!

This summer is particularly busy ... it's one thing after another. At least I don't have college classes to worry about!

The second week of June found us at the beach in Amelia Island. Not the cozy, romantic trip for two we might have wished for ... we shared a beach house with two young adults, six teenagers, a baby and a toddler! Just keeping up with the mess in the kitchen was a full-time pursuit. But we had a marvelous time anyway ... the beach was great, the water was warm, the weather was completely perfect ... and the rest of the ginormous family was at another house a quarter mile down the road. At the end of the week, we ran away for an extra night all by ourselves - no kids, no teens, no messy kitchens - for a romantical birthday celebration for two. *grins*

Upon our return to the homestead, we started making the final preparations for the wedding of Rich's oldest son, Adam. It will be on July 6 at his mother's lakeside house. Everything is going well and to plan ... well, almost. Adam is currently deployed to Iraq and is coming home on leave. Originally, he was set to be stateside on July 1 or maybe earlier. We just got notice that he will leave Baghdad around June 30 for Kuwait and then it will be July 3 or 4 before he is actually in Knoxville! They will still need to get their marriage license, and with Friday, July 4 being a holiday, that is going to cut it very, very close! There are alternative plans if the marriage license can't be obtained on the 3rd though, but we could do without this little annoyance anyway.

UPDATE: We have found out that the Sevier County Court Clerk will be open on July 4 AND 5, and that the information we had that indicated one must get the marriage license in the same county in which the ceremony is held is not correct. We are good to go on that note! Yay!

After the wedding is over, our attention will turn to combining two households. We will have about three weeks before my lease is up to sort through my 15 year accumulation of crap, decide what will be kept, what will be thrown out or sold or given away, find room to put everything and get me settled in here. (Yes, I know ... things have changed rather rapidly lately, but it's all good). I also have to get my son settled somewhere ... he has a job, but won't clean his life up enough to be even marginally self-sufficient. I am really, really trying to leave it in the hands of The Lord ... I am sure there is some solution that I just cannot see, but will soon be revealed. Ms Thang is happily settled in with her boyfriend, working at her job and letting her life unfold. (No, I am not completely happy about the boyfriend ... being that he is so much older than she, but it is her life and if that makes her happy, then it's OK with me.) Then, it will be just a couple of weeks until fall semester begins for me. Somewhere in there, I hope that I will be starting a new job ... heck, at this point, just about ANY job will do!

And so, life marches on, the pages of this chapter begin to turn. I am still a little disoriented, my life has been turned upside down, back up again and then sideways. But I am getting steady on my feet again, my spirit has the Lord to lean on ... here on Earth, I have my best friend and soul-mate.

My friends ... "This part of my life ... this part right here? This is called 'happyness.' "

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