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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rep. Stacey Campfield - Dictator or Just Asinine?

State Rep. Stacey Campfield is against freedom of speech, and lives in a state of denial. He will censor and ban anyone that challenges him at his web site, and will refuse to discuss issues with people that disagree with him. He doesn't want to represent the people, he wants to dictate their moral code for them!

UPDATE: Heaven have mercy! You don't need to read this post to know what a joke of a representative hails from District 18 ... Rep. Campfield has responded in comments, and proves himself to be immature and clueless there. Wow ... just wow!

On several occasions, I have attempted to engage Rep. Campfield in discussion, via his blog comments, regarding legislation that he has proposed. I have met with nothing but failure. He says he has this blog so that he can be more accessible to the citizens he represents and that he welcomes dissenting opinion, but the truth of it is, he will shut down any commenter that out-argues him or proves him wrong, using whatever reasoning he can think up. Today, he has re-posted his comment policy, in which he completely misstates what he did to me!

Yes, I mean misstate = LIE. The most truthful statement there is this, "It is my blog so I will put up or take down what ever I want." That's fine, Mr. Campfield, but if that is your policy, then stop promoting your site as being a place where citizens can interact freely with their representative.

Case in point, this sex ed bill he proposes. I left a comment using a pseudonym because we had previously tangled while I used this, my regular online name. Somewhere in one of the comments, I used the word "asinine" ... his response, "I will not put up your posts with foul language in it. You can try again but you have been warned. One more attempt and you will be banned."

It took me a while to figure it out, but then I posted another comment asking if that were the word and offered to enlighten him as to its real meaning, but then that user name and IP address was then banned. End of discussion.

A few days later, he posted again on the Sex Ed bill. Using a different IP address and pseudonym, I posted again ... what I wanted to know is what exactly is the result he wishes to achieve with this bill. I even stated explicitly that I was sincere in my query and restated it again. He responses were the typical circular illogic and failed to address the question I was asking. So I tried again, using the word "asinine" once more, as in "this asinine piece of legislation."

Same response as before, comment not published due to "foul language." I responded again, giving a link to the entry at dictionary.com and a link to an article, "Burdened by Asinine Meanings" that discusses the issue of whether it is a "foul" word or not ... and whaddaya know, I am banned again. (OK, so I did say that I laughed at the absurdity of it, and that I was concerned that I was being represented by a politician that is this ignorant.)

Funny, the last time I took him on like this was over his bill that would require sex offenders to register their email address and IP address so their internet activity could be monitored. I told Stacey that it was useless because of how easy it is to circumvent. I just showed him, he banned me three times and three times I have been able to return. I guess he has never heard of proxies or dynamic IP addresses.

My point with Rep. Campfield is that we, the voters, (and I voted for him!) have the right to hold him accountable for his activities in the job that he performs on our behalf. If I, the voter, ask for the reasoning behind his proposed legislation, to know that it is not a waste of his time, which translates into my tax dollars, I expect to get it, and not get shut down and censored for asking!

When Rep. Campfield started blogging, I thought that it was great and that he was doing a good job at exposing some of the less savory aspects of politics in Nashville. This has changed over the last couple of years. Rep. Campfield has this little soapbox, and the political power that we the people gave to him with our votes. But he has seen fit now to use it to grandstand and pander to a limited fringe element of the paleo-conservative, fundamentalist rightwing crowd with these asinine legislation proposals, one after another.

As a citizen of the state of Tennessee and a resident of District 18, I demand better from my Representative, and the last thing I expect is to be censored by him for airing my views! I want my vote back!

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Since even before Fred Thompson officially declared his candidacy for president, I have been receiving email updates. At first they were targeted at firing up the people, getting them behind Fred and his pending campaign. Once he declared, the focus changed to fund raising. His entire campaign became all about fund raising. And somewhere along the line, the Fred! campaign lost it's focus, drive and energy. What happened?

The only thing I was hearing about Fred is the latest $1000 a plate dinner or $500 photo opportunity. My reaction was probably not unique. Feh! A thousand bucks ... are you nuts? Five hundred dollars for a picture? WTF? Now I understand that part of the campaign process is fund raising ... but Fred's became ALL fund raising, ALL the time! I was no longer hearing much of anything about what Fred wanted to do as president, his plans and goals, what his views on important subjects are. Then the emails became a beg for me to make phone calls to strangers in other states on Fred's behalf. Heh ... like THAT is ever gonna happen!

I just kept asking, "But where is FRED?"

There has been none of the getting out and meeting the people I would have expected. Fred promoted himself as being just a regular guy, one of us, outside the beltway. That's great and even believable. But how about showing us some of that good ole boy, regular folk friendliness? Just a little ... get out there and meet and greet. Press flesh. Kiss babies. Hand out buttons and bumper stickers ... and sure, pass the hat. But there has been none of that, and I feel like Fred is now more of a stranger than someone that I want in the White House.

And the polls and caucuses are showing that I am not the only one that is saying, "Fred who?"

So today, after he barely registered numbers in New Hampshire, I get this email that says, in part:

Yesterday marked the beginning of Fred's Clear Conservative Choice--Hands Down! bus tour through South Carolina.

We had fantastic events in Greenville, Lexington, Camden and Sumter. Fred was greeted by enthusiastic crowds at each stop and took his message directly to hundreds of voters. Today he will be in Florence, Conway, and Myrtle Beach.

He's out there working hard and doing what he does best; talking directly to the people who will determine the outcome of the primary in just 10 days.

Sorry, Fred. I don't know who has been making the decisions that have kept you from "talking directly to the people who will determine the outcome" of your campaign ever since you formally declared your candidacy, but they are dead wrong. I believe in you, and mostly agree with all your views. I really hoped that we would one day have a President Thompson to lead our country through these coming difficult times. But I fear that you have been led down the wrong path in your campaign, and it will cost you ... and America ... dearly for that.

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Nancy Pelosi is not doing a very good job

According to Nancy Pelosi even. An 11% approval rating after one year at the helm. So what else has the Democratic Congress accomplished?

Are you people done yet?

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Can’t think of anything good to say at the moment

So I will just pull a few good quotes that have been floating around ...

From the presidential debate tonight, this one nearly caused a beverage issue:

"We have a congress that spends money like John Edwards at a beauty shop” - Mike Huckabee

Ron Paul just shot hisself in da foot ... Truther! I bet Rosie is pleased as punch. Rudy is ripping him a new one. Go Rudy!

Romney is beginning to impress me ... "double Guantanamo and enhance interrogations" ... sweet. That takes some stones - something Washington is in dire need of.

McCain is a 'tard. Nuff said.

Did Tancredo just invoke Jack Bauer??? Why yes, yes he did!

OK, I'm seeing either Rudy or Romney ... as Veep.

Of course, here is who will take top spot:

Fred! won the debate without even showing up. Heh.

And the non-political quote of the day:

The (Disney World Hotel) room: nice. Colorful. I’ll say this for the quantity of pubic hair in the bathtub: it’s not a lot. I prefer to think of them as “Jiminy Crickett’s eyelashes,” which is how I explained them to a disbelieving child.

Read the rest and you will never think of Disney World the same way ever again. Lileks is a hoot!

Finally, we have our erstwhile Rep blogging about a federal law he would like to see enacted. It would "require convicted sex offenders to register their e-mail addresses and instant messenger accounts with authorities" so that services like MySpace could keep predators off of their service. This merely illustrates the vast lack of knowledge among our legislators about how these here intarwebs work. I responded to this bit of inanity, along with a couple other folks, advising Stacy that it was enormously simple to get a new email address from free services like Yahoo or Gmail. He replied that the bill would also require the registration of their home IP address. Oy. Vey. The poor boy is clueless. And hopeless. Well, maybe not hopeless, but he needs better advisors.

Finally, finally ... the more I think about it, there's loads of innuendo to be found in Fred!'s cigar. Just sayin' ...

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

OK, so she said something Not Nice

Ann Coulter. You vixen. Look at you get everyone all riled up. All because you didn't call Sen. Edwards a name. Both sides of the political spectrum are having a spectacular hissy fit now. Proud of yourself? Yes, I thought you would be. That was the whole point, wasn't it?

It's all about Ann. All the time. Her entire agenda is to be as loud, brash and in-your-face as possible. She has good points, and I agree with her basic intent most of the time. It's the delivery of such that raises hackles all over the place. It may well be that the conservatives decide that they have had enough of cleaning up after her verbal droppings and dealing with the inevitable blow-back from the left, and kick her to the curb. Why has this not been done before? There have been many occasions in which she has let loose with a highly controversial statement, cloaked in the pretense of it being "a joke" or just written off as acerbic wit. Perhaps it is because many recognize that she often does have a valid point.

Let's take a closer look at what she said at CPAC:

I was going to have a few comments on the other Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, but it turns out you have to go into rehab if you use the word 'faggot,' so I - so kind of an impasse, can't really talk about Edwards.

And focus on her central theme:

it turns out you have to go into rehab if you use the word 'faggot,'

That, my friends, is the core of the statement. The fact that everyone has their frillies all in an uproar over her use of the word "faggot" perfectly exemplifies what her message truly is: The worship at the altar of the Politically Correct is stupid.

Recently, an actor called another actor a faggot. He's is now undergoing rehabilitation .. for what, I don't know. Perhaps Foot in Mouth Syndrome is something that can be cured? But I would think that anyone that was aware of this incident would realize that is what Coulter was referring to, and was pointing out the absurdity of it all.

Heck, even some gays think this is all ridiculous. A commenter at Wizbang says:

Please forgive me, but I am at a lost to understand why all you straight people are so bent out of shape over her joke. I found it quite funny. I of course expect it from the nuts on the left, but you straight people should get a life, it was a joke. Get over your PC, for your information Gays use the term as a insult. And before any of you straights start ranting, I am gay and don't object to the joke. But I do object to all you straights joining the left wing nut jobs in your rants about this.

(Quoted verbatim, with spelling corrected ... that's just my little obsession)

Another at GayPatriot:

I enjoy reading Coulter’s comments and am by no means her official gay apologist, but it makes me wonder:

When Sen. Robert Byrd (D-KKK) used the word “nigger” on Fox News Sunday - not once, but twice - why did then-NAACP president Kweisi Mfume not condemn him, but SYMPATHIZE with him? As in, “oh, he’s so old he probably didn’t know what he was saying/we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.”

When a former NBA player said he hated gay people and called himself a “homophobe,” where was the outrage? Was it because he was black and presumably a Democrat? His statements were worse than John Rocker’s - but he got a pass from not only his community but from ours as well.

That being said - until the NAACP distances themselves from racist, bigoted Democrats, I will neither condemn Coulter for what she said in the spirit of “humor.” Granted, as a joke it was weak, but I think her purpose in doing something that would be headline-grabbing would be to see how many Dems would try to cast the beam out of their own eyes.

And frankly, I’ve considered John Edwards a pouf ever since he exemplified the term “metrosexual.”

Peter H.

When we have become so Politically Correct that we can't even discuss the absurdity of some of the parameters of Political Correctness without the Politically Correct crowd going nuts because someone made a crude joke meant to lampoon the Politically Correct, we might as well give it up and no one ever say anything at all to anyone at anytime under any circumstances, because someone, somewhere, in some context could find it offensive.

Newsflash: No one has the right to never be offended, or be protected from offensive words, images or ideas.

It's time that everyone get a really good grip on that ...

Looks like Jay Tea has that grip - Ann Coulter is Da Bomb

I do not want to hear or read ONE. SINGLE. WORD. of righteous indignation from the left. Not ONE.
The left is forever casting aspersion on the right for the transgressions of individuals ... Sen. Allen, Rep. Foley, Coulter. Yet, the disclaim and disavow any connection or responsibility for the transgressions of their own. Sen Edwards hires two foul-mouthed, offensive bloggers for his campaign and when their potty-mouths are put on parade and under the microscope, the left claims the quotes are taken out of context, that their prior blog posts are not representative of their true Democratic feelings, etc. When Bill Maher says he's sorry the assassination attempt on Vice-President Cheney failed, and his sentiments are echoed nearly verbatim at the Huffington Post and elsewhere in the left-blogosphere. Now we have this steaming pile of liberal peace, love, tolerance and understanding ... starting with this lovely dropping:

Or someone could just shoot the bitch.


And it goes on and on and on ... 26 pages so far .. of more lovely invectives such as that, with the Godwin's Law fulfilled in the second comment.

Of course, when called on the carpet for their egregious behavior, they will loudly disclaim any connection to the Democrats, Liberals or Progressive movement whatsoever ... just a few out of control commenters on a blog, they will say. Right. But all conservatives are just as guilty as Ann Coulter.

Got it. The double-standard of the Democrats, once again. Pathetic!

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