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Friday, February 13, 2009

My Senator gets it

A while back, I wrote to my Congress critters to ask that they vote against the stimulus bill. I got the following in return from Senator Bob Corker.

Thank you for contacting my office to share your concerns about the proposed economic stimulus package, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Your input is important to me, and I appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts.

I agree with you the stimulus package introduced in the Senate will have little benefit for our economy and I voted against this bill. I am disappointed that we have chosen to spend nearly $1 trillion and still have not solved the issues that created this economic crisis - credit and housing.

To turn our economic crisis around, I believe our priority should be to address the problems in our credit markets and get banks lending again. Additionally, we need to take steps to improve the challenges in the housing market. Unfortunately, the proposal considered by the Senate would borrow hundreds of billions of dollars and spend this money on government programs, many of which will clearly not help us address the two challenges I mentioned above. Until the housing and credit markets are dealt with in a serious and real way, anything else we do for the economy is just throwing good money after bad.

I know right now our country is experiencing tremendous economic turmoil and people are hurting. My heart goes out to all those who find themselves in financial situations that in many cases are beyond their control. I assure you that the difficulties being faced by Tennesseans during these times of economic uncertainty and hardship are of the utmost concern to me, and my staff and I will be using all the resources and options at our disposal to help in the months ahead.

Thank you again for your letter. I hope you will continue to share your thoughts with me.


Bob Corker
United States Senator

More like him, please!

I am now going to write him a note thanking him for his vote against this atrocity against America, and assure him that he can count on my vote in the future.

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Get a grip!


Look people, I know you are deliriously happy that your messiah successfully purchased won this election, but for heaven's sake, he is not going to save the world!

Oh yes, get it out of your system ... I'm just being all bitter and mad because my side lost, right? If thinking that makes you happy, go for it. The reality is, I was against your guy and only marginally for his opponent, McCain. I think Sarah Palin will one day be a mighty force, but her time has not yet come. My vote was cast against a man that appeared out of nowhere, with no experience, with ties to some pretty ugly ideologies, and a platform that promises economic disaster, higher taxes and big government. I was not taken in by the promises of "change" nor was I willing to support his socialist ideas. I believe that Obama will be very bad for our country, worse even than Carter.

So when I see people getting all weepy at how wonderful it all is, droning on and on about how beautiful the world is all of a sudden, I throw up a little in my mouth. Get real, people. This election was bought and paid for with rampant voter fraud and egregious campaign finance shenanigans. Someday that $600 million bill is going to come due, and you know what? You are going to hate paying it even more than I will. And pay we will, and so will our children and their children too.

I find it funny that all through the campaign, Obama and his throngs of fans insisted that race has nothing to do with it. Race is not a part of his campaign, and it should not even be mentioned. Now that he is elected, well ... NOW it's all about race! Ya'll have been telling me all this time that even noticing his race implied racism, now look at you all ... you RACISTS!

Even more hilarious are the calls for "unity" and "bipartisanship" ... give me a freakin' break, would ya? You have GOT to be kidding me! Not only have we spent the last 8 years listening to you harp on Chimpy McBushHitler and the evil Bush/Cheney/Rove machine, attributing absolutely everything bad in the world to Bush, but then you had your little slime fest at Sarah Palin's expense. And not just her, but her children as well! NOW you want unity and bipartisanship? Oh really??? Even as you whine about the crowd booing Obama at McCain's concession speech, in practically the same breath you still bash on Bush and Palin.

I'm sorry, but you have got to be out of your bloody minds!

You mocked President Bush with "Dubya" for 8 years. I claim the right to refer to Obama as Hussein. Fair enough?

I will give Obama just as much respect as he earns, or as much as was given to Bush ... whichever is the lesser of the two. I will mock him as much as he deserves, or as much as Bush was mocked, whichever is the greater. When he proposes policy that is not in my country's best interest, or is against the Constitution, I will say so loudly and repeatedly. I will fight for my liberty and my freedom, to death if need be.

Which reminds me, I've been meaning to ask ... just what is there, if anything, that liberals are willing to die for? Anything that they cherish and value as much as their own life? Anything they are willing to really fight for? (And that doesn't include marching up and down the street, holding signs with stupid slogans and chanting even stupider slogans). Is there anything in a liberal's little life that is worth defending?

Oh that's right ... they'd fight for "choice," aka the right to murder their children. Anything other than that?

I didn't think so. And that is so sad.

So, enjoy your little honeymoon and your dreams of Hopey Changefulness while you can. Reality is just around the corner, when you find that The One is just another corrupt politician spouting false promises to get your vote. The best that we can hope for now is that he really was lying his ass off during his campaign. You can't be taxed into prosperity, and appeasement will not bring peace. You really don't want the government to be your caretaker, because that also makes it your overlord.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

What day is it?

I voted three weeks ago. For me, today is just another day ... except it is not. At the end of it, I will find out if the country that I know and love will continue to be strong and proud, a nation of self-sufficient, independent and free people, or if we will embrace a new way ... one in which we depend on the government for our basic needs, and cede responsibility for ourselves and our well-being to our socialist care-takers.

Obama's insane plans to "fix" our healthcare system (which isn't broken in the first place) and his outrageous energy plan that will leave us all in the dark after he puts the coal companies out of business, and his plans for a "national security force," his Truth Squads and his vow to take our guns, leaves me feeling quite ill. Now, if he does win this thing and is like most politicians and does not keep his campaign promises, we might be OK. But someone ... some unknown entity ... has bought and paid for this election. We will find out who and what that is probably shortly after the inauguration, and just before they put the stranglehold on our country.***

So, today, for the first time in my life, if I may paraphrase a bit, I am very much NOT proud of my country or half of my fellow Americans that will ask for this to be brought down upon us. I will say this ... I hope, and pray, with every fiber of my soul, that one day my Obama-worshiping friends can say to me, "I told you so!" but I deeply fear that the reverse will be the case. The best situation, of course, is the one in which Obama goes back home to Chicago to continue practicing his corrupt, radical politics there, and our nation continues to be the proud, free and independent people that she has always been.

I am not going to glue myself to the TV tonight, or internet news streams, or blogs, or Twitter tonight. We are going out to dinner and hopefully forget about all this mess for a little while. We can face the future tomorrow, whatever it may be.

***No, I am not going to cite sources to back up these statements. I am not going to waste my time and energy on something you can easily Google for yourselves. I have found, over the course of this election campaign, that linking to sources is useless ... people do not click the links. If they do, they don't read the article. If they do read it, they don't believe it. If they do believe it, they excuse it and continue to support the slimeball anyway, even in the face of factual evidence of his corruption.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Sarah winked at me!

Yesterday, the weather was gorgeous. There was just a hint of autumn chill in the air, and the mountains of eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina were in full color under a dazzling sun and sapphire blue sky. It was one of those days that reminds one just how awesome God is, and how wonderful it is to be alive. At the apex of this journey, we heard Sarah Palin speak at the Asheville (NC) Civic Center.

We also made the acquaintance of some really nice folks as we stood in line, and had a marvelous time in fellowship and good cheer. Even as protesters yelled out their epithets at us, we smiled and often laughed together. We stood in line for over two hours, and then we ended up just barely missing out on being in the same auditorium as Sarah, but we did get to listen to her via video feed in a smaller auditorium. It was almost as good as being there. The crowd was excited and roaring ... and for the first time in weeks, I was filled with optimism that our country will endure even if McCain and Palin are not victorious. All we need is for the good people that support them to hold the line against the "Change" that is in store for us, and "Hope" for a better day.

Sarah delivered an inspiring message, one that promises a McCain-Palin administration that will be for the working people, for small business, for opportunity, and mostly, for our country. She told the tale of Tito the Builder, a legal immigrant who came here to live the American dream, which he did, on his own, without relying on anything other than his own hard work. She promised that she and McCain would be there for us, a government of the people, by the people, for the people ... as it should be. This is the hope that America can count on, that we will be supported as we do for ourselves, live free and independent ... not relying on a government to take care of us and directing nearly every aspect of our lives.

That is the America that gives me hope for our future. What we saw outside ... gives me chills. There were dozens of protesters there, although quite a bit fewer than I had expected. Their signs and symbols of protest ran the gamut from amusing to confusing to irrelevant, to obnoxious to offensive to sexist and racist, to downright hateful. Many of them were just stupid. At one point, I engaged with a young girl who was trying to convince people that Sarah Palin was actually a socialist. I listened to her reasoning ... the rebate that Alaskans received is "spreading the wealth" so therefore Palin is a socialist. Except for the fact that the definition of socialism doesn't cover this. Silly little liberal, trying so hard to defend Obama and his radical agenda by projecting it onto his opponent. I then countered that spreading the wealth does no good for anyone in the long run ... it just creates ill will and a lack of desire to succeed in those from whom it takes, and creates lazy, non-motivated dependents on the state among those it gives to. It's no win for anyone. However, in the end, she came around to agreeing with me that giving hand outs is not good, but a temporary hand UP is what welfare programs should be about.

Other sights that I saw and things I heard ...

Numerous SUVs and large trucks, including one belching massive amounts of black exhaust, sporting Obama bumper stickers ... a family (in an SUV, natch) with the window next to their 3 year old in a car seat open so the child could chant "Obama! Obama!" for us. Nothing like indoctrinating them early on ... uncountable Obama fans that hurled out various slogans, yet on when challenged, they could not defend whatever it was they were saying ... one fellow in particular had a sign that had a purple triangle, bordered in silver or gray and beneath it said "No Palin, Know Peace" but he was absolutely mute when I asked what that meant, except to say that he was "not a second class citizen." Later, we encountered this young man again, and this time he offered, "I will not be denied my equal rights." Just to be clear here, he was white, looked to be early to mid 20s, dressed in regular clothes - nothing unusual at all. I was like, Dude, if you have a message here, you need to be more clear about it. No one gets it.

At one point, a vehicle (again, an SUV) drove past the line we stood in and the woman chanted "Obama! Obama!" and when she got to a black man behind us, she yelled at him, "Shame on you!"

We were dumbfounded. If we hadn't seen it for ourselves, we almost would not have believed it. You can see it too, over at Rich's. He just happened to have the video cam running at the time. Amazing. Another black man was selling McCain-Palin buttons to the crowd. A woman confronted him and asked if he was just doing that for a job, and if he was, it just proved how awful the economy is if he had to stoop that low. He roundly set her straight, telling her he wholly supported McCain and Palin, and she was a racist for saying what she did.

So much for the party of love, tolerance and diversity, eh? I guess that only applies if you are one of them. God help you if you are a black that is not voting for Obama, or a woman that believes in the sanctity of life.

Country First! Go Sarah!

I only got a few still pics, I got some video but I don't have the patience to sort through it now.

Happy people, even after standing in line for hours:

Of course, God-fearin' and country lovin' people just tend to be happy!

And here, the liberal elite look down upon the happy conservatives from their trendy downtown condo, white Cabernet in hand, of course.

(As always, click to embiggen the pics in a pop up window, if you want)

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Asheville Bound!

Sarah Palin will be speaking in Asheville, NC at the civic center there tomorrow. We plan to go. We will be taking cameras, so I hope that we can follow up with photos and video of our visit. We're excited about seeing her and hearing her speak in person, and if nothing else, the trip through the mountains during peak fall colors will be worth it. I just hope this cold I have gets better by then.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

The Crash Explained

The Anchoress is again on a roll. Revisit or refresh often to catch the updates. Watch the video first, you will learn much. (The original video was taken down, this is the replacement one that doesn't violate Warner Music copyright, or sense of justice ... heh)

I need to first opine that the Democrats yesterday blew my mind with their last-minute addition of 56 billion to the bail-out, their sneaky, slippery attempt to play political games with some of this money - directing it to ACORN (!) - and their subsequent attempt to lie and to blame the GOP - the president - anyone but themselves for not passing a bill which the GOP CANNOT BLOCK. We already know that Nancy Pelosi has no leadership skills except in spite and obstruction - we see she is completely out of her depths here, but Barney Frank’s behavior last night, and his disrespect toward the GOP and the President was particularly egregious in a time of crisis. He behaved like a trapped animal trying to distract the hunters toward anyone but him. Meanwhile Chuck Schumer is unusually, uncharacteristically silent; Barack Obama - except when mentioned by a press pretending he is leading - seems irrelevant to the process and to have no genuine ideas or input, or a desire to lead. All he seems capable of doing is whining about the debate while Rome falls about his ankles. McCain is quite right that the debates would be less urgent if Obama had done the Town Halls McCain had asked for - debates Obama said he’d have “anytime, anywhere” before refusing all of them. I say at this point SCREW the moderated debates that tell us nothing and insist that these candidates town-hall it and speak DIRECTLY to the people who will be most affected by all of this - that would be the ordinary folk.

Read the rest ... follow the links. Learn what your elected representatives have done to this country. In November, cast your vote wisely and pray for the survival of this country.

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Skirts in the White House

Seen at Tam's ...

When the GOP announced Palin, I decided to vote Republican for the first time since '88, in the hope of getting Reagan in a skirt in '12.

I voted to re-elect Bush in '04 ... actually, I was more voting AGAINST John Kerry, but prior to that, until Reagan's re-election, I voted either Democrat or third-party. Al Gore can take the credit for my abandonment of the Democrat party with his tantrum following the 2000 election. Just about everything they have done in the 8 years since then has only confirmed that decision,

The day after Sarah Palin was announced as McCain's pick for VP, the hate-fest already in full swing, I remarked, via Twitter, "Wondering why supposedly empowered, "feminist" women are so threatened by a truly empowered, true feminist such as Sarah Palin .. go figure" and it was like hitting a hornet's nest with a bat. I had several direct messages basically saying I was stupid or crazy for thinking Palin is a feminist (what, she has to abort a baby to get her feminist cred?) and a couple of truly hateful anonymous emails first slandering Palin, then slandering me and my family. Keep it classy there! I guess liberal feminists just cannot conceive of a woman that truly has it all, is the walking, talking example of what true empowerment really is, and is also a conservative Christian.

Then came the vicious slime fest via DailyKos, in which Palin was accused of covering up for her daughter's pregnancy. The frenzy of the smear was even picked up and forwarded by mainstream media. Then, finally, to put to rest the crazy rumors and inuendo, Sarah Palin was forced to come forward with the fact that her daughter is now 5 months pregnant, and therefore could not possibly be the baby's mother. It is highly likely that they had intended to wait to make this private family business public knowledge, I don't think it's anyone's business but their's at all. So what happens next? Palin is then denigrated for putting the spotlight on her family. One Twitter commenter snarked that she was "whoring out" her family during her speech at the RNC. As if Obama and Biden didn't talk about theirs. Don't you lefties see how stupid that is? (Or are you just that blinded by hate and fear that you can't see it?)

I also find it interesting that the Kos site is held up as the flagship site of the "Netroots" community, where Obama himself has a blog, where many Democrat politicians participate, blog and even attend the yearly KosKidz hate-fest, err ... I mean conference. Until they post something like this, and then it is considered a "fringe element" or a "radical, extremist leftist" site. Seems they can't own up to their own vile and hateful nature, so they delete the post and try to pretend it never happened! DailyKos lost all relevance, as far as I am concerned, when they danced in the blood of murdered Blackwater contractors and said, "Screw 'em" ... another post which conveniently got disappeared.

So, the Democrats continue their frenzy of fear in which they flail helplessly and fling all sorts of hate at Sarah Palin ... some of which is true, but is spun up with false information. Most of which is either made up out of the thin air or is twisted and exaggerated half-truths that have no basis in reality. But then, this kind of behavior is sadly nothing new, nor is it unexpected anymore.

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oh goody. Another Presidential Campaign.

Every four years, during the election season, I really should just take a long vacation in a cave somewhere. It would surely help save my sanity, and preserve my ability to love my neighbor. I tend to be quite pragmatic, usually arriving at my opinions of political issues using logic, rather than emotion. It grates on the nerves to see so much knee-jerking emotional reactions to issues that really do bear careful scrutiny ... it just sets my teeth on edge. I got up today, logged into my RSS reader, and was aghast at the level of idiocy being played out on blogs and by pundits from both sides of the aisle. Then it started on Twitter. I made one statement, to the effect that I wondered why supposedly empowered "feminists" were so threatened by a truly empowered, true feminist like Sarah Palin. The hate email was flowing within minutes! (thank goodness for Gmail filters ... it's all automatically deleted). I had no time for debate today, a new semester of college started this week, and I am already scrambling for time to get everything done. So, I tuned out, turned off and focused on my books. I already have Twitter and GReader trimmed down to only posts from people I know, and a few news outlets ... I don't have time now to participate in the discussion, even if I really wanted to. So, this post will stand as my statement on this election. It may, or may not change over time. I may, or may not have anything further to say at a later date. It is what it is ....

For the last few months, I have watched with a jaundiced eye the rise of Obama as the savior of America, or so his adherents would have us believe. I have been somewhat reluctant to simply buy into the fever of adoration without some plausible reason to do so. The more I read and researched, however, the more convinced I have become that he will be anything but a savior of anything ... save his own ego and political aspirations. The few policies he proposes, when not an outright pipe dream, smack heavily of socialism. The rest of his platform is vague and noncommittal at best. His nomination acceptance speech put to rest any notion that I might in any way support his candidacy at all. It was bitter, angry and divisive, blaming Bush for all the ills of the world, parroting every anti-Bush talking point we have been hearing from the left for the last 8 years, even when they have been firmly refuted. But the beat goes on. Obama then outlined his "plan" for renewable energy ... I supposed he is Hoping that his constituents are so blinded by their adulation of him that they won't bother to run the numbers and see for themselves what an insane plan it is. Or maybe he thinks we are just that stupid. Or maybe he is, and he thinks we won't notice?

And I haven't even gotten to the part where his associations with less than savory characters (domestic terrorists, racists, embezzlers), to include his wife, give me indigestion just to think those people would have the ear of the President. We'd have the fine Chicago Political Machine Goes to Washington ... and it would not be pretty at all.

So then we get Joe Biden as his running mate. Oh boy. So much for all that Hopey Changefulness we had been promised. But at least Biden makes up for Obama's complete lack of foreign policy and diplomatic exchange experience. I suppose the Obamaniacs are able to overlook the fact that Biden is an abject failure at it, at least he has the experience, right? Oh, and he totally supports Obama, too.

If there were any glimmer of hope that I might have positive thoughts regarding Mr. Obama, they came to an abrupt and final halt when I learned that he is in favor of letting unwanted newborn babies die. These are newly born, breathing (barely), living babies outside of the womb, with a chance at living. Obama voted against requiring medical or even palliative care to be given to survivors of abortion ... they could be simply left on a table, alone, uncovered, cold, gasping for breath ... until they die. It's bad enough to consider killing an unborn baby as a way of avoiding an inconvenience, an imperfect child, or as a back up to failed birth control, but this is way over the top. Normally, I give little credence to a presidential candidates views on abortion ... for one, there are much greater considerations on the table - the economy, national defense, etc. Secondly, the issue of abortion, as it stands now, is legislated at the state level. But this was an active policy decision made by Obama while he was a senator ... a completely abhorrent one at that. When considered with all the other less than savory facts about the man, it paints a very ugly picture of a human being indeed.

McCain, on the other hand, he has a similarly checkered past. Most notable is his sponsorship of the McCain-Feingold Bill, which could be extrapolated to abrogating our right to free speech. In some other ways, McCain seems totally out of touch with American life and values. The questionable manner in which he went from one wife to the next is a major creep factor. However, his determination to see the Iraq War through to a victorious conclusion, and to maintain the strong vigilance of our national security are hot button topics for me. It will be a tough decision come November 5th if I could allow this one factor, albeit a huge one for me, to allow me to hold my nose and pull the lever for McCain.

But his choice of running mate just made that a teensy bit easier. Actually, I wish we could switch it around and make it the Palin - McCain ticket. Or the Palin - Rice ticket ...that would be most awesome. With Fred Thompson as Secretary of State. Or Defense. But I digress.

Sarah Palin is one of those rarest of creatures, a politician with integrity, courage and vision. She took on a corrupt political machine (like the one that created The Obama), and put it firmly out of business, reaching across the party divide and laying the smack down on both sides. She won her office against incredible odds, battling the same political machine that she later dismantled. She supports the big oil companies when they deserve it, and smacks them down when they need it too. She is mindful of the environment, but not to the point of tree-hugging ridiculousness. She knows that drilling in the ANWR will endanger nothing (taking up less than one-tenth of 1% of the total area, and affecting no wildlife, forest or fauna). She just does what is right, regardless of who the players are.

But in less than 24 hours of McCain's announcement that Palin was to be his running mate, the left cranked up the hate machine ... keeping it classy as usual. First up, we have accusations that her baby really isn't her baby ... that it is the child of her oldest daughter. I spent about 15 minutes with Google and came up with a number of hits that lay that bit of idiocy to rest, including statements made last April in the news when she went into labor at a governor's meeting in Texas, and pictures of her with her newborn, sporting that puffy face that is so often seen on new mommies. So she wasn't hugely and obviously pregnant ... the baby was a month early, and was small. And if she was trying to cover for a pregnant teen daughter, wouldn't she have tried to make it really obvious that it was she that was pregnant? Finally, isn't it her (and her daughter's) choice to deal with this pregnancy however they see fit? Isn't it no one else's business, only their private affair? Or is "choice" only something women can have if the choice is whether to kill their baby or not, and the only privacy she is afforded is when she does so?

UPDATE: Game over on this stupid, vicious rumor. Here she is, very pregnant, and here she is,just after giving birth ... with that puffy, swollen face that just about every new mommy has. And a news article about the newborn: Palins' child diagnosed with Down Syndrome that quotes two doctors, including her personal OB-Gyn who stated that after a consultation by phone, gave her OK to continue traveling home from Texas just before giving birth a month early.

This, I can see, is just the beginning of a very long and ugly hate-fest that will be part of this campaign. It may be somewhat amusing, as everything that can be thrown at Palin can rightly be turned back around at the haters ... especially the feminists. Sarah Palin is the epitome of an empowered woman, she typifies true feminism, and she does so while raising a large family, in a loving marriage to a down-to-earth husband, running a state government, fighting political corruption and upholding conservative values ... and that really pisses off the already angry, man-hating, woman-victimizing feminist left, because they have nothing to argue against!

She just almost might make it possible for me to pull the lever for McCain. Almost.

Now, it time to get back to the books ... joy.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Stayin’ Classy

I don't have a lot of time, or patience, these days to pay much attention to current politics ... it's all I can do now, and about all I can tolerate, to get through finals in American Government and International Relations Theory. But this little gem cruised across my radar this morning ... and it speaks greatly to the climate we can expect in this Presidential election cycle.

Watch for it around 00:20, just as he says, “That’s all right. Sen. Clinton looked in her element.” Then watch for the smug look and repressed chuckle.

Yes, this is the man that wants to be president, who will bring all kinds of hopey changefulness to our embittered nation.

And has anyone else noticed that when he is not reading a pre-written speech, he makes Bush seem like an oratorical genius by comparison? Heh ...

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tepid Tuesday

Today, I am shopping for a new monitor, and on the TV are reruns of "Fresh Prince" ... the weather is unseasonably warm (thanks Al Gore!) with severe thunderstorms forecast for later tonight - and I remember the last time there were tornadoes in February, they were followed by a huge blizzard in March. I have a bunch of reading to do in my PoliSci classes, and my house is in need of cleaning. Oh yeah, and it's primary election day in the great state of confusion, err ... I mean, Tennessee. I could not be less thrilled.

I took advantage of Early Voting to avoid the crowds, rush and parking hassles and spun the wheel last week. Lucky me, I am in a district that is not part of the crazy Knox County Commission hoopla. The presidential primaries are even less interesting ... it's not even a case of choosing the lesser of several evils. I'm just plain old burned out on the whole process, the less-than worthy contenders and the prospects for the next 9 months being filled with nothing but a media frenzy over the election. Can I just check out now and come back after November 4?

I am honestly just sick and tired of the whole damn thing. From Ron Paul crazies that think he can save the world (and his plan for this is .... ?) to Obamessiah worshipers to those who spout talking points straight from the Colbert Report (clue phone for you ... it's parody!) Does Obama really stand for, or against, anything? Why is Hillary getting a total pass from the media on all the scandals, corruption and other unsavory aspects of her past? Why is McCain running on the GOP ticket? He's more liberal than most Democrats! Huckabee is just plain creepy. Romney ... meh, I suppose in a pinch he might do.

I think that a black person or a woman in the White House would be awesome. But not still wet behind the ears Obama, and certainly not Hillary. Condi Rice would get my vote in a heartbeat ... but not because of the color of her skin, or the fact that she owns a pair of ovaries. It would be because she has stared our greatest threat in the eye and called it what it is (although, in her position as SecState, she has been a bit wishy washy in her stance, but I suppose that is necessary in the world of international diplomacy).

At this point, the field of contenders is filled with losers, all of them. The two Democrats simply scare me to death ... they are wimps that would hand over our country on a platter of political correctness while they reach into our wallets to pay for a way to control the most basic aspects of our lives. The two leading Republicans are hardly any better ... I don't see any of them able to repair the damage done from years of Bush Derangement Syndrome by the so-called progressive left/liberals/Democrats. Ron Paul is a nutcase and a racist bastard to boot. It's not a matter of who is the best candidate, nor even who is acceptable, because none of them are. It may come down to who scares me the least. That will be a tough question to answer.

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