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Monday, November 22, 2010

I want your text, baby ... or very serious undertakings

So, two of Rich's daughters are expecting baby girls within a few weeks of each other this coming winter. They decided to have their baby shower together, today, while the out of town sister was here for Thanksgiving. We've been crazy busy with the bathroom renovation and generally getting the house ready for the holidays, and I hadn't had time to shop. So, I went today on my lunch break ... and sent a text to Rich to let him know that I did so.

I'm thinking our communication skills are a bit .... lacking ..
Me: I went shopping on my lunch hour ...

Him: What did you get?

Me: Just a few little things

Him: Like ... ?

Me: VERY little things

Him: Like ... ?

Me: Like ... little pink things

Him: 😊

(Can you see where this is going yet?)

Me: Like ... little tiny, soft pink things with bows and flowers and frilly stuff that makes grown women go SQUEEEE!!!

Him: How about grown men???

Me: Well, the ones around here (My team is all men, 'cept me, of course) generally went "Hmmmphf!"

Me: A couple rolled their eyes

Him: ????

(At this point, I knew we definitely had a failure to communicate ... )


(A number of minutes go by ... )

Me: What the heck were you thinking???

Him: Lacy frilly undertakings!

Him: Underthings!

Him: I hate predictive text

Me: (After picking myself up off the floor, wiping the tears from my eyes and catching my breath ... ) Well, either one works ...

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Help me decorate my room!

Yes I have been sadly negligent in the upkeep of my site. So sue me. I've been busy taking care of aging parents, young adult children, a demanding but satisfying career, and a new husband ... not necessarily in that order. When not busy with all that, I have been gardening, redecorating, knitting and soon will be sewing on my new sewing machine.

One of my projects that is taking up a good bit of my time and energy is a room that I am redecorating. This is to be my own little space - for reading, meditating and prayer, Bible study, hobbies and whatever else I wish to do in solitude, peace and quiet. The lone window looks out across a lush, green yard with the Smoky Mountains in the distance. Three walls will be white, the fourth will be a dark lavender. Shelves and trim will be a leaf green. These colors are in the border wallpaper I will put up, which also has some pink and silver gray. The style of decor will be eclectic, a reflection of my personality and interests - some modern tech/geek, a little shabby chic, with a hint of garden and a lot of artsy craftsy. It will have my books and knick-knacks on Hungarian Shelves. These will be painted green and installed on the wall painted dark lavender. I will have my computer desk and a sewing/hobby table in there, and a futon or day-bed. I plan to have lots of quilts, knitted throws, and pillows. Very cozy and comforting.

I am trying to decide what to do with the door I will be installing. It is a 6-panel molded door that must be painted. The side facing the hall will be white, but I am wanting to do something creative and quirky with the inside ... using the lavender and green paint. I was thinking of painting the main part lavender, and the molded panel frames green. But I am still undecided. I am open to suggestions!

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Still kickin’

Yes, I am still alive, and well ... and not in jail. Life has a way of forcing one to prioritize one's activities, and in my life, blogging drops quickly to the bottom of the list. It's enough of a challenge to allocate my time and energy between my children, my parents, work and school ... and then still have something left over for the things I want to do.

I have dropped two of my four classes in an effort to retain what is left of my sanity, and I am reassessing my choice of major. I still do not really know what I want to be when I grow up. What I am doing now is definitely not it ... not anymore, since things changed so much for the worse at work. The morale level there is subterranean, and getting worse by the day. No one gives a damn anymore.

We are slowly getting settled into our new home. The kids are happier here, but have other sources of angst ... such is the life of adolescents. But we do have a rather menacing concern ... a hostile neighbor that has now attacked us twice. It is getting serious and I may have to take drastic steps to remedy the situation, especially since the sheriff's department does not seem at all interested in even taking a report. I wish I still had friends in low places ... they would come in quite handy right about now. I am also seriously giving consideration to exercising my 2nd amendment rights ...

But not all is doom and gloom. I have found a source of happiness that I had thought I would never experience, and I thank God many times every day for bringing him into my life. Suddenly, my future does not seem so frightening and empty ... and that's a pretty awesome feeling. Me likes.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Goofing off

Procrastination is the name of the game ... I fiddled around yesterday until way late, then I still had to go clean the house in Oak Ridge. I was there until almost midnight. Today, much the same. I sit here fooling around, not getting anything done. First on my list of things to do is get my nails done! OK! We can motivate on that!

But first, I am going to steal 3 minutes of your life ...

Aren't you glad I find this stuff for you???

Oh ... and Comcast didn't quite make the grade. It looked like all was good yesterday, but when I got home last night, we had no internet. I called ... got a load of excuses - modem not registered, account not provisioned, modem needs to be reset, wrong billing account, wrong outlet turned on ... yeah, yeah WTF-ever! Just get the dang thing turned on!

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Back Online!

We're here! All the moving is done, Comcast has been here and installed our stuff ... it's all good. Now it's time to get it all put away and settled in.

A big, HUGE, OMG you're the best, love, hugs and kisses go to my wonderful helpers ... Rich, Mark, Doug and Cathy. The weather was killer hot and it was miserable, but we got it done! My children provided plenty of sturm und drang to make it ... interesting. The cats are getting settled in, and I actually have progressed to the point where I have a path that I can navigate through the house.

And I am OUT of Oak Ridge!

More later ... must go get food, groceries, a new computer desk for Ms Thang, and what must be the 50 millionth trip to Walmart over the last three days ... then the unpacking.

(Note to Shithead and PsychoBitch: Up yours. We are gone. My children and I are no longer fodder for your psychodramas. You are nothing to us. My children will heal from the years of mental and emotional abuse, and then it will be as if you never existed. You can find someone else to play your games with now.)

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Is it possible to rent a husband?

Apparently, I have angered the Plumbing Gods somehow ...

OK, so my house is rather old ... and was meant to be temporary housing during World War II for workers in Oak Ridge working on the Manhattan Project. But most things have been updated and should be relatively modern. Should be ...

First, my kitchen sink ... it's a single sink and the drain is slow. There was a fork/spoon thing stuck down there, and junk got hung up and the drain would back up. Thinking I was all smart and stuff, I got a big ole wrench and took it apart to clear the drain. Yeah ... real bright. The pipe was all rusted around the threads and I was barely able to get it back together ... it tried to be all leaky and stuff, but I threatened it with that big ole wrench and it quit leaking.

Next, the washing machine ... the drain tube thingy that comes out of the back goes into a pipe that sticks out of the floor behind the washer. Even though the pipe is 2 inches wide, it cannot handle the water coming out of the washer, and it flows over all over the floor. To prevent this, I have to babysit the washer, stopping it when the pipe fills up, then letting it drain, restarting it, pipe fills up, stop the machine, drain ... lather, rinse, repeat.

Then, this morning, the toilet ... the handle thingy connects to a lever on the inside of the tank, and that pulls the chain that lifts the stopper that lets the water through to flush the commode. Only, the lever thingy is rusted and the chain doesn't have anything to hook onto. To flush the potty, one must reach into the tank, find the chain and pull. Then the release has to be just so, so that it seals and water doesn't keep flowing through.


It's lunchtime now ... and I am on my way over to Home Depot to try to explain the above and see if I can fix any of this ...

Maybe I can rent a husband at Home Depot?

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Almost Ready

What a day! I am exhausted, but still have much left to do ...

We had a really nice brunch with my parents today, at the Italian Market and Grill. Mucho yum yum and hours later I am still not hungry. But, I did consume about three days' worth of calories. Afterwards, I was planning on cleaning house and starting the cooking for tomorrow ... with help from the kids. Yeah right ... I did get a few tasks out of my daughter, who cleaned up her computer desk in the living room, and cleaned the bathroom for me before she took off to a party. My son was supposed to clean the cat boxes and take out trash. He up and disappeared with a friend a bit ago, saying he would do all that when he got back. Uh huh ...

But, I got the cooking done and the kitchen cleaned up. I made a breakfast casserole, got the Baked Mashed Potatoes started and some of the stuff for Broccoli, Wild Rice, and Mushroom Stuffing cut up and ready. I shouldn't have to spend much time in the kitchen tomorrow. Mom is bringing the ham and fruit salad. I will probably be able to enlist the kids in making the rolls. But oh, my goodness my feets are hurtin' me something awful from all that standing! I still have about 6 presents to wrap and the living room to vacuum and dust. I just might get through this!


Christmas this year has a sad undercurrent ... my thoughts have been with Lynne, Jacob, Lair and Norma - my former mother-in-law. Too much loss recently. This is such a horrible time of year to have to deal with raw grief. My prayers go out to all who are struggling ...

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