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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Now let me get this straight

All across our fair nation, thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest proposed changes to our immigration laws. These changes would include strengthening laws against being here illegally. And people are pissed. I don't get it ... someone needs to 'splain this to me ...

As it is, there are laws that regulate the immigration of foreigners to our country. This is so that we know who is here, and why, and how many of them. We can't let everyone in ... there just isn't enough room, or jobs, or housing, or resources. We also have to restrict people from certain countries that are known to propagate terrorism. These days, this is probably the most important concern. Healthcare concerns are there too ... if there is a typhoid outbreak in east Bungachowitan, we need to keep those folks from coming in with their bugs. Bird flu, anyone?

So ... what is so wrong with all of that? Is it wrong to want to protect our country?

The people out there protesting are saying things like, "We just wanted to be able to have a normal life and we just want to be able to have a real job like everybody else." OK, sister ... be like everyone else. Apply for citizenship like you are supposed to. What's wrong with that?

The local paper is reporting that people are wearing shirts with this slogan: "Where are our rights? Dignity and justice for all." Rights? Yeah, honey. You got rights ... plenty of rights. First and foremost, the right to apply for citizenship like you are supposed to! Dignity? What dignity is there in breaking the law? Justice ... you want justice? Great, report to the local Immigration Control and Enforcement office for your justice.

If I came home one day to find a people camped out in my home, eating my food, paying for stuff with my checks ... ya damn skippy I'd be on the phone in a flash calling the law down on them. And the law would cart their trespassing, thieving asses off to jail. No one would give a flip if they were all poor and desperate and shit. No way. The law is the law.

So what is wrong with applying similar laws to protect our country? Do these people think they deserve some kind of special dispensation from our laws? They come here illegally, breaking and entering, trespassing ... and then they demand the civil rights protected by our Constitution while refusing to obey the laws of the land? I don't freakin' think so!

I don't have anything at all against immigrants who come here legally. Not a thing. It's wonderful, it's what this nation is ... a nation of immigrants. But we cannot just throw open our borders and let just anyone in. That is insanity. We also cannot survive with our limp and lame laws the way they are now. A few years back, several young men took advantage of the many loopholes and work-arounds in the immigration laws. They're dead now though. Some died in New York City, some in Washington DC, some in a field in Pennsylvania. All on the same day.

I just don't get it ... thousands of people are protesting for the right to break the law. They break the law and now they want us to just forgive them ... amnesty, it's called. I wonder how those who emigrated legally feel about that? I would be horribly insulted and offended ...

Here's what I think should happen ...

Immigration laws should be strengthened, not just on the illegals themselves, but also on those that enable them, namely the businesses that hire these folks. Fine the crap out of them. Revoke business licenses for repeat infractions. Make it not profitable to hire illegals. As for the illegals ... if caught here without authorization, instant deportation. Right across the nearest border. Come back again and they can stay ... in a gray bar motel. They can pick fruit for free in the prison gardens.

Bring some sanity to the immigration process. It's a mind-numbingly idiotic morass of bureaucratic red-tape managed by incompetent retards. I've heard stories from those trying to get citizenship ... months and months of waiting, finally they get to the INS office for their interview, but ONE incomplete or incorrect form and they have to start completely over. The process needs to be streamlined and made efficient. It's no wonder folks want to do it the illegal way, it's a nightmare. (But that does NOT excuse border hopping!)

The guest worker program has a good idea behind it. Let folks come here for a set period of time to work jobs that are prearranged. But NOT for those who are already here illegally! At the end of the time period, the contract can be renewed, or the worker can go home. Marvelous idea ... everyone wins.

This whole illegal immigration thing is a huge mess, largely because our politicians lack the gonads to actually DO something about it. They are too busy worrying about where their votes are coming from for the next election. And that's pretty damn retarded ... with 70+% of those of us who CAN vote saying we want this taken care of, we vastly outnumber the illegals, even if they could vote. My votes will be going to those who will stand up for and protect our country, and I will be making my Congress-critters very much aware of this.

This rambling stream of consciousness has been brought to you by the letters J and B and the number 24, which I am trying to catch up on ...

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Friday, November 25, 2005

This IS America, isn’t it?

I am ... astounded. Simply astounded. This is America, right? We haven't abrogated our rights as protected under our Constitution and our political system is still a democratic republic, isn't it? I mean, this isn't like Iran or anything ... is it?

So .. what da heck is up with this? School paper pulled by officials (Log in with knoxnews@yahoo.com/knoxnews ... courtesy Bugmenot.com)

OK ... I grew up in that town and graduated from this high school. In fact, I was on staff of this newspaper during my senior year. I know for a fact that had the administration tried something like this on us, it would have erupted into World War III. The administration knew this too, and never would have even considered pulling an entire issue. We might have had a lecture on appropriate topics for a high school newspaper and blah blah blah. Like we would have listened ... but anyway, the thought of trampling our civil rights in this manner would have never have even been entertained.

Birth control and body art ... like these are highly controversial things anyway. Holy crap. The birth control article emphasizes the fact that nothing guarantees protection from pregnancy or disease, and states very plainly that only abstinence will fully protect one from these negative consequences. Are we getting so head-in-the-sand that we must not even bring up the topic lest our little darlings take that as condoning of teenage premarital sex? Talk about delusional.

I know very little about the body art article, but what the hell? You know, I can think of a lot worse things that kids could do than poke a couple extra holes in themselves. So a couple of these kids wanted to share their experience with body art. What the hell is so controversial in that?

What is so controversial in either of these subjects that it would prompt school officials to take such a fascist stance as this? Yes, I did say fascist because there is no other description for it. I am outraged. I may just have to give Principle Becky Ervin and Superintendent Thomas Bailey a little call on Monday morning.

Or email:
Becky Ervin .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Thomas Bailey .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

UPDATE- A follow up article in today's Knoxville News-Sentinel: Paper's seizure raises questions

MORE UPDATE: National News, baybee! Picked up by the AP - Tennessee H.S. Pulls Copies of Student Paper

Interesting .... I sent this over to John Ray at TongueTied, a site that "Carp(s) about the excesses of clueless crybabies since the turn of the century." They specialize in skewering outrageous instance of overly PC behavior. The site has a decidedly politically right/conservative lean ... obviously, since all things PC is a leftie/liberal concern, primarily. The reaction has been mixed, and fascinating in the comments to the article there. While all are dismayed at the idea of censorship of a student newspaper because a few people might be offended, they are tripping over the birth control angle ... it is a conservative stance to teach only abstinence in schools and keep birth control out of the discussion. It would seem that it is OK to be offended if the subject is birth control .... how very interesting.

Michelle Malkin has a post about the editing of a photo of a kids book illustrator to remove the cigarette from his hand. Oh the outrage! "How about shut up and publish, and leave the anti-tobacco zealotry to the ashtray cops?" says Michelle. I wonder what, if anything, she will say about the censorship of a birth control article? Will we see the same outrage?

The potential for hypocrisy is enormous ... we shall see.

(Well crap ... I can't win for losing. Another blogger posted the article too, and THEY get the Instalaunch ... at least I got a tiny nod in a Rocky Top Stroll. It looks like that was good for 12 hits at least! /sarcasm)

Through sources, I have been able to obtain a late draft of the birth control article ... it is in the extended section ...

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sick and tired of the idiocy!

OMG ... I sweartacrap I have just about HAD it with the insane rantings about how all the death and destruction in the Gulf region is ALL George Bush's fault! Garrr!! It is the most asinine, deranged, uninformed, ignorant load of crap I have heard in a long time! So the hell what if you hate Bush?!? I ain't particularly crazy about a lot of his politics myself, but at least I can see the FACTS and assign what fault there it where is rightfully belongs.

UPDATE: You want facts? Here are the facts ... Katrina: Response Timeline. Now STFU and go donate something to a relief fund.

As I was saying ...

Global warming is causing a greater number of stronger hurricanes .... this has been thoroughly debunked by a number of scientific experts. Hurricanes have a 30-40 year cycle in which they will be greater in number and strength, then taper off to mere nuisances for a couple of decades. Take a look at this hurricane tracker. Go to the storm archive, then back to the mid-60s. In 1964, four hurricanes struck the US ... Cleo hit the Keys with 100+ mph winds. Dora hit north Florida with winds of 115 mph. Hilda struck just west of New Orleans and her winds were 115 mph. Isbell landed in southern Florida with winds of 126 mph. In 1965, Betsy followed a very similar path as Katrina, just before hitting west of New Orleans, her winds were 155 mph. In 1967, Beulah arrived in Brownsville, TX with winds at 166 mph. 1969, the year of the infamous Camille, had 13 named storms. Forty years previous, we had four hurricanes make landfall in 1926. Were these all Bush's fault too? Global warming? Not hardly ... get a grip people.

Katrina struck on a Monday. The levees gave way and the floods began Tuesday. That evening, Governer Blanco (finally!) made the formal request for federal intervention. National Guard troops began arriving Wednesday, in massive force on Thursday. WTF was Bush supposed to do? Circumvent the Constitution and laws regarding Posse Comitus and send them in before blubbering Blanco finally made the request? The looney left would be screaming for his head on a pike ... oh wait, they already are. Just the same as their bitching about him being in Utah while Katrina was ravaging the Gulf states, if he had canceled the conference on Social Security, they'd be screaming that he was ignoring the needs of the elderly and poor. Oh wait ... they already are.

Just what the hell do you idiots want? You don't freakin KNOW, do you? You just want to rant about how evil Bush is. You have NO answers, no better solutions, no alternative plans. Ya'll need a nice warm glass of STFU, ya know?

I love ... just love the ranting about Condi Rice shopping for shoes that week. What. The. Hell? Hello, idjits ... she is the Secretary of STATE. She deals with matters relating to OTHER countries, you know, foreigners? Diplomacy and all that? Domestic matters are not her domain. Now if she had made haste to the disaster areas, we be hearing screaming about how she is just getting in the way, can't really do anything to help, needs to get back to Washington, blah, blah, blah ..... STFU already.

This was a racist thing? Oh give me a freakin BREAK already! The population of New Orleans is 80% black. The people in the Superdome were 80% black. Wow ... that boggles the mind. Demographics ... go figure. As has been pointed out elsewhere, those who suffered the most were the poor. New Orleans has a huge population of poor, and I would bet a majority of those have many generations in poverty ... and on the dole. The welfare state ... the welfare state of MIND contributed to the suffering and deaths of the poor more than anything else. Many of those people have become so accustomed to depending on the government for everything, their response to the evacuation orders and the days following the floods fell right in line with this.

There are stories of groups of people stranded in NOLA who took the initiative and control of their situation, found a place to shelter, obtained food and water and cooperated as a group to survive. And survive they did, quite comfortably, given the circumstances, BECAUSE they helped themselves. One fellow described a scene at the Superdome where a woman was whining that she couldn't get any of the water that had been brought in. There weren't enough Red Cross workers available to hand it out. It didn't cross her mind that perhaps she and some others could volunteer to help out and get the water distributed. Nope ... da gum'int always done everything for her, so she just sat there and bitched because they failed to do so then. Pathetic!

Read down a couple posts ... "The Mayor of New Orleans is a blithering idiot" ... you want to screech about incompetence killing people and making them suffer? There ya go. Have at it. Ray "What disaster and evacuation plan?"Nagin has blood on his hands. If it is too un-PC to scream at a black Democrat, you can have at the blubbering Governor "I didn't know I had to call for federal aid" Blanco . No ... that won't work either. She's a woman ... and a Democrat. Can't lay blame where it needs to be else we become racist and/or sexist. Oh, and of course, Democrats can never do any wrong, right? It's always a Republican's fault ... must be.

Here's a homework assignment for you ... get out your history books and look up Hurricanes Andrew, Floyd and Hugo. The question for you is: how long did it take for a federal response after each of these disasters? Now, look up the FEMA guidelines. How many days are local and state governments expected to handle the initial disaster response before they can expect the arrival of federal relief? Have a copy of the Constitution handy? Great ... now tell me, under what circumstances can the President of the United States deploy National Guard troops into a state? When were those circumstances met in the Katrina disaster for a) Louisiana, b) Mississippi and c) Alabama?

Neatness and spelling count. Please pass your papers to the front when you are done. Class dismissed.

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Five Days with Katrina - A Photo Journal

This is a must see ... a New Orleans resident photo journaled before and after Katrina and the flooding. Some amazing pictures. I found his commentary very interesting, it certainly does not match up with what we have been seeing and hearing from the MSM. Go figure ... In fact, he remains very apolitical and just tells us what he saw.

Take a few minutes and see New Orleans, as it really is ...

PROLOGUE: On Sunday August 28 I woke up at 5 in the morning to go to my morning job at the Chateu Sonesta Hotel. The night before, we had been warned that Hurricane Katrina was preying her eyes upon us. In the history of New Orleans, there has NEVER been a direct hit by a hurricane. In everyone's mind, this hurricane would follow the same path that hundreds of past storms had done before. However, because of the size of the storm and ferocity which it tore through South Florida, the citizens of the The Big Easy prepared themselves as best they could... this is my tale of the events...

Amazing ...

Linked with Carnival of the Trackbacks XXVIII and the Weekend Trackback Party

If you haven't already, please give. The American Red Cross and PetFinder Disaster Relief are worthy causes. More charity and relief organizations listed here.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Skipper’s little buddy

Awww! Gilligan! :down:

Who didn't love Gilligan?

Bob Denver, whose television roles as Gilligan, the wacky first mate in "Gilligan's Island," and Maynard G. Krebs, the beatnik with a bongo in "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis," were first hits, then cult classics, died on Friday in Winston-Salem, N.C. He was 70.


Denver's signature role was Gilligan, but when he took the role in 1964 he was already widely known to TV audiences for another iconic character, Maynard G. Krebs, the bearded beatnik friend of Dwayne Hickman's Dobie in the ''The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis,'' which aired on CBS from 1959 to 1963.

Krebs, whose only desire was to play the bongos and hang out at coffee houses, would shriek every time the word ''work'' was mentioned in his presence.

Gilligan on the other hand was industrious but inept. And his character was as lovable as he was inept. Viewers embraced the skinny kid in the Buster Brown haircut and white sailor hat. So did the skipper, who was played by Alan Hale Jr. and who always referred to his first mate affectionately as ''little buddy.''

It was an affection that carried over into real life, the show's creator, Sherwood Schwartz, and several of Denver's surviving castmates said Tuesday.

''I found him to be a dear, sweet generous, loving man,'' said Russell Johnson, who played the professor on ''Gilligan's Island.''

Hickman said the two remained lifelong friends although they were as different in real life as their characters had been in ''The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.''

''I just loved him. He was wonderful. One of my dear, dear friends. I feel like a part of me died,'' Hickman said.

California state Sen. Sheila James Kuehl, who played Dobie's love-struck pursuer Zelda, remembered Denver as a mentor, both in acting and life.

''What he taught me about acting was when you work to make the other person look good, you end up looking good yourself,'' she said. ''What he taught me about life was that you could love your work, but it was really more important to love your friends and family.''

Rest in peace, little buddy ...

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Monday, September 05, 2005

Time to get up and DO something!

I've been feeling a little stingy with the Katrina aid. I have but meager financial means ... my employer matched my ARC donation 200%, but it still is a drop in the bucket. I gathered up a bunch of stuff for the family of a co-worker in Biloxi, even purchasing some items like water, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, soap, etc. It still doesn't feel like enough. It's frustrating. I want to do something. Then lo and behold, my opportunity arose .... a local church, the one my parents attend, is accepting 70 evacuee families this week and they are calling for volunteers to help out. Sign me up! I have some flexibility in my work schedule this week, so I will be putting my energy to good use. Red Cross will be training tomorrow evening and the families are expected to start arriving Tuesday. I'm going to charge up the batteries for my digicam, and I hope to shelter-blog some. I hope I can help do some good ...

To my readers in Knoxville ... please join me!

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Friday, September 02, 2005

The mayor of New Orleans is a blithering idiot

Someone should remind the mayor of New Orleans that when he points the finger of blame, there are three more pointing back at him.

Bill Hobbs hits the nail dead on the head ... while Nagin bleats and whines that Bush, the federal and state government and everyone else in the world is to blame for the horror that is New Orleans, he conveniently forgets that it was HIS responsibility to prepare HIS city for the oncoming onslaught we know as Hurricane Katrina. He did not. He could have averted much of this human tragedy, many of the deaths and suffering. Instead, he now prefers to divert the blame away from himself. Just read this this transcript of his interview with WWL-AM, and be sure to read what Bill Hobbs wrote. Then take a look at this.

Mayor Nagin ... you FAILED your people, your city ... so just STFU, or better yet, disappear. We do not want to look at your sorry ass anymore.

If you haven't already, please give what you can to help. I donated to the American Red Cross mainly because my employer is matching my contribution 2-for-1. Please remember our animal friends too. Animal hospitals are taking donations of supplies as well as money. Foster homes are needed. Transportation is needed. Do what you can. Even $5 helps.

Submitted to today's Carnival of Trackbacks

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

What’s in YOUR wallet?

Most of us hold the mega-corporations just beneath contempt. These staggering behemoth entities toss around millions of dollars with seeming indifference as they play the corporate games, all with the bottom line, the God-almighty dollar as their altar. But that what makes this world go 'round. Love 'em or hate 'em, we all have to live with them. Myself, I depend on one for my daily bread ... I work for one of the biggest corporate successes in recent years.

Earlier this year, they bought our little company. Kind of like the old Remington commercial ... they came along with the idea of a partnership with us, found they liked us so much, they bought the whole company. The one hundred or so employees watched warily as management turned our little mom and pop business into yet another arm of a giganamous corporation. We were a bit afraid that we would become yet another number, a splinter on the big totem pole, cogs the turn the corporate machine. But it has turned out to be all good. Today the corporation became much more human.

When we joined the big guys in January, they were wrapping up their fund raising drive for the victims of the Indonesian tsunami. Millions of dollars went to the relief fund, much of it from the pockets of the employees. Today, they announced that they were making a direct contribution of $1 million to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Katrina survivors. Further, they will match 2-for-1 all associate contributions. I am taking a look in MY wallet to see what I can give ... what's in YOUR wallet?

The hurricane disaster has also hit close to home for us. A very dear member of our management team (everyone simply adores this woman!) has a lot of family in Biloxi, MS. They have lost everything. For two days, one family member had not been heard from. Today we got the relieving news that she is fine, along with the rest of the family. She put out a plea to the employees to donate bottled water and other items of immediate need. Clothes, furnishings and other needs will be taken care of later. I stopped by her office to see if there were any particular needs. She told me the most amazing thing ... she has been getting emails and promises of donations for her family from all over the corporation - from individual employees in other locations to top managers in the corporate HQ. My closets will be getting a good cleaning and I hope I can come up with some things that will help her family.

I wish I could name my company here, but I think I have left enough hints. Check and see if your company is matching employee funds, if not, suggest that they do. In any case, give as much as you can. I won't belabor how awful it is in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama ... the media is doing a fine job of that already. If you blog, consider joining in the TTLB Hurricane Katrina: Blog for Relief Day Thursday, September 1 to help raise awareness and funds to aid those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Also check out the round-up of charities over at Instapundit.

Then give, give, give ... God Almighty, please give! And don't forget the animals! Then, when you do, please log your contribution HERE

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Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Fourth!

Many of us here in the United States take our citizenship for granted. We were born here, it has never been an issue. For those in other countries who wish to become a citizen here, the road can be long, frustrating and daunting. Paperwork, bureaucracy, red-tape all stand between being a resident alien and achieving the American Dream.

In today's local paper, The Knoxville News-Sentinel, one young lady recounts her journey to becoming an American citizen. As we celebrate our country's freedom and independence, we should also remember that there are millions around the world that would give anything for what we take for granted.
Gathered in a stately courtroom in Chattanooga with 51 people from 21 different countries, I became an American citizen. This journey of 20 years was finally over.

I was born in Zambia in south-central Africa 23 years ago. My parents had applied for residency to the United States about 20 years ago and 12 years later, our application file came through.

I recall our interview at the American Embassy in the capital city of Lusaka in the early part of 1997. My dad, Bhupendra "Bob" R. Desai, had planned for that day for years and he had the biggest grin on his face when the officer told us we would be able to travel to the United States and become permanent residents. My dad couldn't believe his lifelong dream of becoming an American citizen was taking form.

My father had a lifelong love of this country. That dream quickly became mine, too. As a young girl, three of my friends and I started a club called "U.S. Gals" where we imagined how clean and amazing America would be - a stark contrast from the dusty and plain lives we felt we lived in Zambia.

Read the rest of Jigsha's story ... and wear your red, white and blue proudly. God Bless the USA.

And please ... stay safe out there.

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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Gone Bananas

A while back, I posted about a woman who complained that bananas are offensive. Gwen Stewart made her complaint to the mayor of Columbus, GA, Bob Poydasheff, because the offending banana eater was a cop ... a cop who was at an MLK parade providing security for the participants.

She has now enlisted the aid of U.S. Congressman Tom Price in her vendetta against the Columbus Police Department. He has written to Columbus Police Chief Ricky Boren requesting that he address the complaint and forward copies of any correspondence to him.

Boren sent the letter from Price to the mayor, who sent his response. Copies of that letter have been sent to U.S. Senators Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson, and to Congressmen Sanford Bishop, Phil Gingrey and Lynn Westmoreland.


That should be a question being asked by everyone involved. The answer lies solely with Ms Stewart. And what does this lady have to say? Nothing ...

She will not give the detailed reason that she was offended. She just was. Anyone should know why, and if they don't, they should go and find out.

Tim Chitwood, columnist for the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, would like to know also.

When I wrote a column about this Jan. 28, I relied on city officials' assessment that Stewart was offended because racists have compared black people to apes, at times, and in the context of a civil rights march, the bananas might be taken as a symbolic slur.

But I've since talked to Stewart twice by phone, and she would not tell me why she was insulted, and apparently she never told the mayor, either. In his letter to Price, Poydasheff writes: "Incidentally, through all of my communication with Mrs. Stewart concerning this matter, she has never told me why she was offended by the officers' conduct."

Stewart tells me she shouldn't have to explain that. People should know why that's offensive, and if they don't, then they need to find out. But they're not going to find out from her -- even though she's the one complaining about it.

So these public officials are writing letters about a complaint from someone who won't explain why she complained. And they aren't the only ones writing about it, and neither am I.

Atlanta radio host Neal Boortz picked up on it, and posted it on his Web site Feb. 14. From there it spread across the Internet as bloggers got it from Boortz and posted it on their sites. I didn't get any credit for breaking the story, of course, and now I don't know whether to feel relieved or to say I'm deeply offended and demand an apology.

Hey now! I linked to your first story in my post, Tim! Now I'm offended! 😉

Anyway, being curious about this bananas being offensive thing, I decided to ask a black male co-worker about it. I think he thought I had lost my mind. I sent him the link to both of Tim Chitwood's articles. After he read them, he was sure the whole world had gone crazy.

We're going to try an experiment. I will eat a banana and he will see if that offends him. Then he will eat some crackers to see if that bothers me. He could also try potatos to see if he can offend my Irish sensibilities, or spaghetti for my Italian side. We may recruit a Hispanic fellow in this and see if he gets all bent out of shape if we eat beans. We also have a Chinese dude there ... should we eat rice, or fortune cookies to see if he gets offended? This could get quite interesting ... or we may just end up having a nice little international feast.

With Bananas Foster for dessert, of course ...

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