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Monday, May 01, 2006


In my previous post, I opined on some of the illogical arguments about illegal immigration. It's something that pisses me off a lot, these people who have broken the laws of our land and are now demanding extra rights and privileges for doing so. That was then, now I am enraged ...

Last week, I came home from work one day to discover that I had been robbed. They took my laptop, a video camcorder, my son's MP3 player and skateboard. Someone came into my home, without my knowledge or permission and just helped themselves to what they wanted. My home. My stuff. Words cannot describe how this feels ... this violation, this betrayal. Someone invaded my home, my space. They may have needed the money for food. Most likely for drugs and booze. It doesn't matter why ... just that they took MY stuff. They had NO right.

So, as I watch thousands of illegal aliens marching in our streets, having taken our resources, our jobs, our classroom space, our medical care ... and now are demanding that we give them more. When we object, they call us racists, hateful, fascists. They talk of re-taking the southwest. My pissed-off meter is red-lining.

I am totally enraged about now, thinking very angry thoughts, violent thoughts ... of what I would like to do to people who invade my place and take my stuff, whether it is my home or my country. I hope there is a special hell for them ...

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Moving right along

The last day of freedom ...

Tomorrow I start my new job. Yes, I have achieved employment once again. Note that I am not thrilled to the gills. That is because I had high hopes of getting a job in which I could use my computer/web skills. But, I remain in the insurance business. So as not to risk being Dooced before I even start, that is the extent of what I will say about my new job, other than it will be a very nice job, lots of good stuff with it, good money for easy work, close to home, easy commute, my own office ... no cubicle!!! If'n ya know me well enough to email me and ask whussup, I'll be glad to fill you in on a few more details.

These last few days, I have been watching Firefly episodes, knitting and being as lazy as possible. A new yarn store opened last week, and I volunteered to help knit up some samples. I am also going to teach some crochet classes, and perhaps some knitting classes. I also have a couple of projects of my own in the works. I have been forcing myself out of the house every now and then, mostly to go sit at the coffee house and surf on wifi. Fun, fun!

I have finally downloaded and installed iTunes ... I am probably the last person on the internet to do so. I will check it out for a while, then probably go back to using MusicMatch Jukebox. But perhaps I will get into the podcasting thing a bit more with this.

Now it is time to go wrestle kitty into his carrier and take him to the vet ... we have been battling a rather nasty eye infection for several months. We may have finally won. I certainly hope so ... the cost of the medications, 6 different ones so far, has been staggering. But this kitty is more than worth it. Maybe ... check back with me once the bleeding has slowed ... now I must don my Kevlar and set to battle. Ever wrestle with a 20 pound cat that absolutely does NOT want to do what you want him to? Pray for me ....

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Black Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke RAWKS!

Kiddo sez the non-diet version is good too.

Just thought ya'll would like to know ...

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Asking the impossible

My printer crapped out on me. I need my printer. So, I ordered a new one from Circuit City. I chose to pick it up in the store. After I submitted the order, I got the instructions for picking it up ... bring my credit card, ID and a printed copy of the order confirmation they sent to my email.

This should be a fun customer service adventure ...

UPDATE: Much to my shock and amazement, this all went quite well. I mentioned to the CS folks the irony of the web site request. They laughed, and said all they need was the order number, which I had wisely jotted down the old fashioned way, with pen on paper! And even more amazing was what happened just prior to this ... I went over the the computer supplies area to price the ink cartridges for the new printer before I picked it up. A sales dude came over and asked if I needed help. I told him what was going on with the printer ... he suggested trying a new ink cartridge, even though the one in it was relatively new. It would be a $20 gamble ... if it didn't work, I'd have a broken printer and a brand new ink cartridge that I couldn't use. But better than spending $100 on a whole new printer, which BTW, uses cheaper cartridges, but they have less than half the capacity ... my esteem for HP is slipping quickly. Lucky for me, the new cartridge works and my printer is working once again. But I somehow doubt I will get 5 years of use out of this one like I did my old HP 672C ... which for all I know is still working at the inner-city boys' after school program I donated it to via Freecycle. But I am so used to Circuit City sales people cramming stuff down your throat ... maybe they have changed the way they do things, and CC will become a pleasant place to shop.

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sick ... Ick!

It got me. There's a nasty stomach virus going around. A bunch of people at work have been bitten, and it finally got me. Ugghhh ...

I don't get sick very often. I have always been pretty healthy, resisting colds and flus when everyone else was laid low. Then I spent nearly a decade working on the ambulance when I was an EMT-paramedic. I was exposed to all sorts of bugs ... and as a result, I developed an immune system that could take on the US Army, and maybe the Marines too. But when a critter overwhelms those defenses, it really wipes me out.

And I get cranky when I get sick.

I started out the day feeling OK. I ran a couple errands before heading to work. I took a rental DVD back to the store, and headed for the bank. Putting it delicately, that is about when my innards told me that I was not going to get much done. But I HAD to get to the bank. I also needed to get a stamp ... ONE stamp. Made it through the bank without ripping anyone's head off, but it was a close call. Then I headed for the grocery store, thinking I could get both the stamp and some sick bay items ... pepto, chicken soup, crackers, etc. They didn't have any stamps ... the price is going up soon, and apparently there was a run on them before that happens. The dude at the customer (dis)service counter only got a blank stare in return to his smirk. Lucky dude.

The next closest place was one of those mailbox places ... they package, ship and also provide mail and package receiving. Yeah ... them. They had a stamp ... but it cost 50 cents. I smoldered at the girl behind the counter. She was way to perky. I grumbled that it was a rip off ... my innards grumbled too. Time to head to the house with no further delays.

Made it just in time. Called into work ... the dude that takes those calls is very squeamish. He's also an asshole. It was a delight to explain exactly why I was not coming in. Heh heh.

I thought I could get some things done around the house ... in between visits to the boudoir. But the mild dizziness has kept me pretty much sitting in one place. Sitting. Laying down causes head spins. Dammit. So much for a nap. I tried to snooze propped up on the couch, but that was impossible ... maintenance was banging on something in the apartment next door, and someone was using a circular saw across the street. All. Freakin. Day. Uggghhh ... this is coming in waves, about once an hour. I feel OK otherwise, a bit tired though ... as long as I don't try to stand up.

I did get some knitting done, and got caught up on blog, forum and news reading. The news is rather depressing today though ... the miners in West VA, and Israel PM Ariel Sharon being the top news items. I figured the best place would be a knitting forum ... but noooo, someone there managed to piss me the hell off. My rather snarky response will probably get me kicked out. Right now, I care not.

UPS has come to the rescue though. They brought my new quilt set! Oh. My. God. This is beautimous! Amazon had one hell of a bedding sale ... I got a 300 thread count sheet set for 20 bucks, and this quilt set for 35. (Both are still in stock! And the sheets have gone down to 18 bucks! Lots more there! They're having an incredible Bedding and Bath sale!) Now, I need to see if I can manage to get my new bedding on the bed without passing out. Nothing like fresh, cuddly sheets when you're sick. This can almost make all the ugly people I have encountered today matter not ...

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Saturday night’s all right

Saturday night. No kids, just cats. Two DVD movies. Popcorn. Diet Pepsi with Lime. Butterfinger Minis. A pint of Ben and Jerry's.

Hot damn ... do I know how to have a good time or what???

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Still here ... sort of

Here and still not smoking, the little counter thingy up there is keeping track. But I am extremely exhausted, massively depressed, discouraged, demoralized and quite ready to tell the world to go fuck itself, especially my job. Thank goodness for my strong sense of practicality ... how the hell will I pay off this massive debt without a job?

I'm going to go cuddle with my thousand dollar kitty ...

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Six days, 1 hour and 53 minutes

That is about how long it has been since I last smoked a cigarette.

My darling daughter will be thrilled, so will my parents. My son ... I don't think he's noticed. He has a girlfriend. The rest of the world does not exist.

I am about to crawl right out of my skin. I cannot sleep longer than an hour at a time. I now know what it is like to have ADHD ... I cannot stop moving, something must be moving, bounce a leg, wiggle a foot, rock the chair ... KNIT! That truly helps ... I carry a couple of knitting projects with me to work and I can make it through lunch and breaks, and I am making wonderful progress on a couple of things. But I was nearly screaming at people today though.

People try to be helpful ... smokers and former smokers understand. Some smokers seem a bit resentful and say stuff like, "You'll be back to the smoking area in no time" ... if they say anything at all. Former smokers are great ... mucho sympathy and support there. The worst are those who never smoked. Just STFU already, OK? Yes, I know you think it smells and must taste nasty ... sorry, it doesn't. Smoking was one of my little pleasures in life. There is nothing like that after dinner smoke ... nothing! The first one in the morning with the cup of coffee ... oh yeah. Makes getting out of bed worth it. Don't denigrate smoking like that ... it is not helpful, and when I defend my pleasure in smoking, it engenders an almost irresistable desire to say fuggedabout it and bum a smoke. Leave the editorial comments out. I know I smell better now, and I will live longer. STFU and clap and cheer if you must make noise. Be supportive or go away. I am in just the right mood to rip someone's head off and shit down their neck ... mmkay?

In other news ... Dakota continues to recover quite nicely. He had a check up on Saturday. The vet said there were no cancerous cells ... whew! My biggest fear is relieved. He will need long term antibiotic therapy though, the infection he had is a chronic type. But this kitty is very much worth it.

Combining candy corn and peanuts is really yummy. Konfabulator rocks. I am very happy that the summer heat blast is over. I had some other thoughts recently that I was going to blog ... my brains are out on a smoke break though. I am seriously feeling stupid these days. I hope this goes away soon.

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Sunday, August 07, 2005

All the happiness I can stand for now

A Saturday spent at work ... so what's there to be happy about? It's a real stretch to come up with anything, but the easy, relaxed comradery that happens at the office on Saturday shifts is most a very pleasant change of pace from the usual workday atmosphere. The dress code is (almost) anything goes ... it's fun seeing everyone in shorts, t-shirt, flip-flops and sweats. We eat at our desks, talk, laugh, gossip, even sing ... albeit badly. Once every four weeks ... that I can handle.

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

It takes so little to make me happy sometimes

Today's moment of happiness ... I have a bit of time in which I can knit and not feel guilty that I should be doing something else. It's Friday evening and I am going to relax with my yarn. If the approaching thunderstorm doesn't knock the power out, that is ... BOOM!

I will update In Stitches later with some finished projects.
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