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Thursday, January 01, 2004

Yappy Hoo Near

And this would be my first blog post of 2004 ...

The year that was:

We started off 2003 in our usual state - chaos and crisis. I was still blogging on Nucleus and my first entry for 2003 was a major rant on just about everything that was wrong in my little world. My son was still quite ill, the bipolar not yet stabilized. It seemed as if the entire universe was conspiring against me. I look back and wonder how I made it through with my sanity intact.

And that was just January. The month of February was an even deeper plunge into the nightmare of trying to mother a mentally ill child, deal with the system, and again, survive.

March saw calmer seas. I had the time and energy to upgrade our computers, but there were still fires smoldering, threatening to erupt into infernos.

In April, my life must have been really boring. I didn't post a single entry the entire month. I guess my attention was elsewhere, perhaps the war and why we went to Iraq. However, my little world fell to pieces in late May, and I had plenty to say about that.

I was too busy rebuilding my life in June to post much. But I played with a lot of new web toys in July.

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