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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Photoblog Template for EE Photo Gallery

I finally got the Photoblog Template done for ExpressionEngine Photo Gallery. It can be downloaded at EEDesign.org and a demo page can be viewed here. I have also submitted it to the EE Template Library

Speaking of which, the latest release of EE includes 15 new templates ... one that were submitted to the Template Contest in November. This one, "Redhead 'Tude" is one of them. Woo hoo! I shall become famous!

Or maybe not. No matter ... it's all in good fun. :coolsmile:

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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Quick Update

I haven't really been neglecting my blog ... I've been doing a lot of work on the back-end. Primarily, I have been getting the new EE Image Gallery set up the way I want it ... more of a photoblog than just a gallery. I'm almost there ... thank goodness. I've lost a lot of sleep over this. Why do I do this to myself? Anyway ... what I have so far is looking pretty good. Hit the PhotoLife button above to check it out. There are still some glitches that I need to figure out yet, then I will be posting the rest of my photos there, and hopefully adding more on a regular basis, as well as posting here more often. I will also make the basic template available for other EE users when it's all done.

But for now, must run, must Get Things Done!

More later ...
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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Bringing out the Dead

For your morbid side ... The Dead Pool is taking roster submissions for the year 2005.

"WTF?" you ask ...

Laurence Simon, God bless his twisted little mind, is running the Dead Pool again for 2005. Players submit a list of 15 famous people they think will die in 2005. When a list entry kicks the bucket, the players with that person on their roster win 125 points minus the age of the pick. There are additional chances for bonus points as well ... First Blood, Deadly Duo, Solo Shot ... the rest of the rules are here. At the end of the year, prizes will be awarded to the high scoring players. So get your picks together and send them to the .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) ... and tell 'em that I sent ya.

Too bad the roster picks have to be famous ... there's quite a list I could come up with! :coolgrin:

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Saturday, November 27, 2004

This and that

As hectic as this week has been, I can only shudder to imagine what the rest of the holiday season will be like. I think this is the first time in over a week that I have been able to sit down and not get all in a tizzy trying to get things done, organized, fixed or otherwise dealt with. But that will not last long today ...

I'm trying to gather up the courage to fling myself into the holiday shopping madness. My son, as usual, has presented me with a Christmas wish list a mile long ... very specific and detailed it is. MP3 player, video games, CDs, skateboard stuff ... he will be 17 on Christmas day as well, and has offered up the argument that he should be allowed to have video games that are rated M-17 now. I dunno about that ...

Speaking of holiday shopping ... over on the far left are links to Amazon.com and Buy.com. If ya would, if you are going to shop there anyway, please link through those ... I get a little teeny cut of anything purchased through those links. I also put up PayPal and Amazon donate links to help with the costs of running this site.

I have upgraded my ExpressionEngine installation to the latest version 1.2. The Image Gallery module is awesome. I played with it a little bit, but I haven't had time to do much with it yet. I can't decide if I want it to look like this page or come up with a whole new layout for it. The Image Gallery will eventually incorporate my photo blog and Coppermine gallery. I also plan to create a another gallery to replace my design site. But again ... lack of spare time hampers my progress on all these nifty projects.

Turkey Day report - Vi asked about T-Day in a comment below ... nice and quiet it was. Mother and I had a nice dinner planned, but at the last minute her arthritis and/or fibromyalgia started acting up on her and she was afraid the day would come and she would be unable to get anything done. I offered to do it for her, but they decided we would just go out to eat. We went to Calhoun's, famous for its awesome ribs, and had dinner there. Then we went to their house for dessert. I miss having the leftovers, but all things considered, it was probably the best solution. My charming son was on his best behavior ... he is really becoming quite the young man. He is tickled to death that he is now over 5 feet tall (and growing like mad!) and is sporting some facial hair. His voice has dropped a couple of octaves, but is not totally changed yet ... he squeaks every now and then. It's hilarious when he's on the phone with a girl ... he drops his voice even lower. "Hey baby ... wha's happenin'?"

I worked Friday ... better than standing in mile-long check-out lines. My parents recruited my son to help them around their house ... crawl up into the attic to get decorations, climb the ladder to hang lights ... stuff that is better left to someone young and agile. He loves helping them out and spending time with them ... it really boosts his pride in himself. Plus, they usually compensate him quite grandly for his time ... I wish I could make that kind of hourly pay! They do spoil him rotten ... but at least he shows appreciation to them.

And I gotta quit playing around here and Get Things Done.

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Sunday, November 07, 2004

More Bloggy Goodness

The ExpressionEngine Template Contest is underway. I already have one entry completed and submitted. It is a modified version of my MT site here. I will also be entering this layout and the previous one, which is still being used on my photoblog, PhotoLife. There are a few more that I have done that I might enter. But it is very time consuming getting it all correctly coded and ready to enter.

ExpressionEngine has beta released the next version, 1.2b. I am among the beta testers giving it a spin. It has a few new features that are very cool ... the most anticipated is the photo gallery module. I started playing with it, but haven't had time to really get into it. It does look very good so far, with a few tweaks and added features promised.

I have finally completed my own blogroll . Blogrolling.com just became too unreliable to continue using ... when they were down, everyone with their BlogRoll on their site was down too. So, using Lisa's tutorial, I set up my own. I've also added a link to my Bloglines feeds ... if anyone is interested in what I am reading via RSS.

Now I must get up off my fanny and Get Things Done ... grocery store, PetsMart, gas station, then back home to spend the rest of the afternoon doing laundry, vacuuming, dusting, and all the other stuff that didn't Get Done yesterday ...

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Thursday, October 07, 2004


TEST ... trying to resolve the Bloglines mystery ......

Still being weird ... ...

Finally with the assistance of EE co-developer Paul, this has been fixed. Whew!

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Monday, September 27, 2004

A new photo gallery

I installed Coppermine Photo Gallery yesterday. I am still getting it set up and my pics uploaded to it. There is a plugin that will integrate photo from there into an EE blog, but I haven't gotten around to getting that installed yet. It would certainly relieve the disk space burden on my server to have each image file uploaded only once.

It's a really slick program. I can upload whole folders of pictures using Windows XP Web Publishing Wizard and it can create new albums on the fly. It also has the ability to send Ecards which is pretty darn cool too. I'm just getting started with playing with this. Click on the Gallery link above or here to check out Life ... Visually Speaking.

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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Lookin’ spiffy!

*twirls around* Like my new outfit?

The chick up top is taken from a desktop wallpaper I've had and loved for ages. I've had her as a forum avatar forever. BBR and GA folks will recognize her right off the bat. I gave her a touch-up, got rid of some extraneous stuff and redid her hair. She still needs a bit of work though ... any graphics gurus interested in taking a swing at it? I am a true novice when it comes to graphic editing and manipulation. I also redid my avatar to match ... sweet! Looks great over at GA, I need to update some other forums too.

Now I can get some sleep ... my obsession is sated for the moment.

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Sunday, August 29, 2004


No ... it's not an automated way to spell things wrong.

Type in some text and click Generate. In a few seconds, it produces an image with the text and various images gathered from Google Images relating to the text. Check it out. typoGenerator

Here are a couple that I made:


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Monday, May 24, 2004

Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt and Blogging

On May 18, Mena of SixApart, founder of MovableType posted a request for MT bloggers to post an entry on their blog, with a TrackBack to the SixLog post giving examples of how MT was being used and how the new licensing scheme adversely affects us.
I did so. And my TrackBack is but one of over 200, so far. One of the statements I made was:
With EE, I am free, and always will be free, to create as many blogs and have as many authors as I wish.

That entry received a comment from Anil Dash, also of SixApart. He quoted that statement and then said:
That's the first I've heard that... have they committed to that publicly?

Venusion took that question to the pMachine/ExpressionEngine forum. Rick Ellis, one of the EE developers, replied:
Oh please. They're resorting to FUD now?

No, we will never impose any limitations on our system. That kind of licensing model is terrible.

Thank you, Venusion and thank you Rick. Naughty me for not staying on top of this ... we just underwent an ISP change at the house and my blogging life was kinda put on hold.

And shame on you, Anil! Mena put up that post asking for feedback. Innocent, trusting little bloggers that we are, we responded. So, you didn't like MY choice to change blogging tools. You didn't like my criticism of what SixApart did with MT. Get over it, OK? Making comments like that only serves to further confirm that I made the right choice in switching over to ExpressionEngine. And I am not alone in that feeling. Live and learn, SixApart ... live and learn.

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