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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Brigade Bleg

rtblogoThe server that hosts the Rocky Top Brigade and Knoxblogs went belly up last week. The admin needs help getting it back up and running. Go see if you can help out. At the very least, send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with your blog URL and your email address so your account information can be recreated.

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Monday, May 08, 2006

Blogger’s Fuel

Java! No ... not the programming kind. The hot, steamy, rich, wake-my-butt up kind. Blogger's Fuel is an offering from Boca Java for those of us that like to publish our thoughts, idea and opinions online. They have some interesting varieties ... Blogger's Boot Up Blend, New Media Mavericks, Blogger's PJ Passion (love it!) to name a few. They are asking for more ideas and more bloggers to join in. Free coffee to the first 500 to pledge a review of the coffee. Me me me! Oh please pick me!!!

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Damn what a long day!

I try to take life one day at a time, but sometimes, several days attack me all at once ... this was one of those days. But at least there were a couple of bright spots!

Have I mentioned how much I hate my job? Oh my lordy yes I do. There is nothing in particular that is bad ... there's lots to be happy with. In fact, everything. It's the work I do that I detest. Sales ... blech! Insurance ... double blech! Dealing with stupid people ... snarl! Mind-numbingly boring, rote tasks ... ZzZzZz ...

Anyway, this morning I was about to climb the walls. I had done all my rote tasks, and spent the rest of the morning trying to stay awake, and look busy whenever someone came around. After lunch was a different story ... I was buried under an avalanche of must-do-it-now work, and that kept me in the office two hours late. I left what I could until tomorrow. But oh my lordy ... I hit the commission jackpot! Woo! And when all was chaotic, crazy and things were flying at me ten at a time, I was in my element. That's where I thrive, is when I am in action and facing challenges. If everyday was like this, but maybe toned down a notch, I could deal with it. I am still watching the job listings ... and praying that this one particular company calls me real soon.

My son is going to graduate from high school later this month. If you don't know what a HUGE thing this is for us, you must be new around here. Go read through the Bipolarville category to get an idea. It's amazing the kid is still alive ... 'nuff said there. He is making plans for after-grad ... he will probably go to vocational school and get his ASE certification. This is probably a good profession for him ... folks with bipolar disorder have difficulty dealing with people, and being appropriate all the time. Cars don't care if you speak rudely to them. He has made a lot of progress in socialization, but still has problems. The worst is the propensity to make poor decisions and judgements, and the ever present lack of impulse control. Life will always be a challenge for him, and it may well be that he will need some level of supervision his whole life. (Will I ever have a home all to myself??? I WANT an empty nest!)

I filed a claim with my insurance company for the stolen items. I'm taking a huge hit with the deductible, but with credit cards still needing to be paid off for the laptop and video camera, I just couldn't go without replacing them. Tonight I went to Best Buy to pick up the camera the insurance company ordered as a replacement. I had the go-ahead to get the laptop, which I did Sunday. Both are a little better than what I had before, so maybe it's not such a bad deal. I will be able to replace kiddo's skateboard, and the MP3 player will be upgraded to an iPod video ... happy graduation, son! I hope it makes up a little for the awful betrayal he has suffered in this ... his first real encounter with how shitty people can be. Ol' mom is all good and jaded, it didn't shock me too much. But I know this has been hard on him.

I must say that the local Best Buy has vastly improved the quality of their customer service, if not in action, definitely in attitude. A year ago, I left angry every time I went in there because of the way I was treated by one employee or another. My visits to replace the laptop and pick up the camera were both very pleasant, and the employees I dealt with went out of their way to make me happy, even when things didn't go perfectly. They had a time trying to find the video camera, it took well over an hour. They treated me to a diet Coke while I waited (the perfect way to be my friend!) and repeatedly assured me that they were doing everything they could to hurry along. Same thing with the laptop ... it had some issue the Geek Squad had to take care of, a security device they had to remove, so they gave me a gift certificate for my time and inconvenience.

Who are you people and what did you do with my Best Buy?

Seriously, I will have to write or call the manager to let them know that I've noticed the improvement.

One big treat of the Best Buy escapade was meeting a couple of fellow Rocky Top Brigadiers ... Cathy (Domestic Psychology) and Doug (Reality Me). Their entire brood was there too. Pictures do absolutely no justice to baby Evan ... he is one of the most luscious babies I have ever seen, after my own babies, of course. He's quite the little flirt too! I was utterly charmed. Cathy and Doug are both very sweet and gracious, one of the cutest couples I've seen in a long while. I didn't get to meet the other kids ... that's OK, adults are un-kewl when you're that age. We had a nice chat about the challenges we face as parents, especially our special boys. And our hormonal drama queens. A very nice grace note to my day.

I've been thinking ... what other bloggers would I like to meet in Real Life? Rachal (TNGirl) came to one of our Stitch 'n Bitch meetings, and that was a treat. Once upon a time, I caught a glimpse of Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) at a distance. I'd love to meet Laurence (This Blog is Full of Crap), Jay Tea (Wizbang), Robb Allen (Sharp as a Marble), Michele (A Small Victory) ... just to name a few. I think a Knoxville bloggers get-together would be a real hoot. Anyone up for that?

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

No se habla, Bloglines

What. In. The. Hell???

This is getting to be quite annoying ... Bloglines is messed up bad. I live by Bloglines. My time online is at a premium, and to be able to keep up, Bloglines makes it very easy and fast to get the information and news I need. Or at least it did.

The other day, the language changed all of a sudden to, I think, Portugese? I had to go to the home page and select English again. Today, it is some language with a different character set, because the page is filled with ???????? ... check it out:

(click for full size)


I sent an email to Bloglines asking what's up ... haven't heard anything yet. A quick bit of Googling shows that I am not the only one enjoying this bit of interweb weirdness ...

And some of my feeds are not updating either. I'm looking around for an alternative ...

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Don’t even ask

If you have a Blogger blog, do not ask me to help you figure out why it is doing weird things. Just don't. I will say unkind things and utter some very unladylike words.

The default templates SUCK. They are poorly coded and full of errors. So, just starting out, a Blogger blog is pooched. Do not ask me to explain why your Blogger blog looks different in Firefox than it does in Internet Explorer. Simple answer is, IE is retarded. You won't like my long answer. The Blogger templates offered by "designers" are enough to make my teeth hurt. I want to pour superglue all over their keyboard so they won't make any more of those hideous things.

Learn basic HTML and CSS before starting a blog. Please. For the love of all that is holy. That or learn to live with weirdness on your site. Do not ask me why your site is one huge long link. Learn what happens when you do not close an a href tag. W3Schools. Go there. Learn. Practice. Then blog. Do not ask me how to put a complex java script on your site when you cannot properly link an image. Learn CSS. Learn to love it. Learn to live, eat, breathe and bathe in CSS. XHTML ... it is the future. Do not be left behind.

Now then, if you have done the above and still need help with your NON-Blogger blog, ask away. Make the effort to learn, at least. Do not sit there flapping hands in the air helplessly while squealing that it's all broken. I've held the hands of a few people as they learn their way around HTML ... pointing out things, making suggestions, and yes, even taking over and overhauling from top to bottom. But it is the learning process. And ya know ... these people haven't asked anything in a while. I'm so proud. Their sites are beautiful.

And if you do ask someone for help, your appreciation is very much appreciated.

That is all ... for now.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Can Monday Be Happy?

Now this is a challenge ... what makes me happy on a Monday ... well, I managed to get up on time, so I was not rushed this morning. And my coffee tasted extra good for some reason.

That will do ... for a Monday.

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Monday, August 08, 2005

Happy Sunday

Today's bit of happiness ... I finally had the time, energy and focus to update a client's site today. I've been a very bad web mistress lately, with everything that has been going on, I just haven't been able to get to all the other things in my life. Designing web pages and coding and all takes quite a bit of focus and concentration.

By the way, does anyone know how I can get a three-column, full page width, fluid center, with header, nav and footer to work in a layout where the center content comes first in the HTML? I would be mucho gracias if someone knows ... I know I saw it somewhere before. I almost have it but when the center column is shorter than the sides, the footer appears in the middle of the page. I KNOW there is a fix for this! Help!?

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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Expression Engine 1.3 released!

Expression Engine v 1.3 is up and running. This release has a whole bunch of new features and a total re-do of the control panel. It will take some getting used to as everything is moved around a bit. It's looking slick ... real slick.

If you are a registered member and logged in, click on Your Account over on the left and see what new goodies are there for you. You can choose an avatar that I will set up so it appears whenever you leave a comment on a post. You can also create a signature for your comments. There is now a forum module available, but I have not purchased and installed it yet ... how much interest would there be in that here? Let me know ... if enough folks want it, I will set it up. There are some other goodies too ... I am still exploring.

I've not been keeping up here for a while ... work has been kicking my butt, my computer has been giving me major headaches with my internet connection, something weird has been going on with my email, and I have just simply been exhausted. But I hope that I am back in the saddle again and can devote more time to the site. Maybe ...

Stay tuned for some more big news!

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Link List Module for EE

Yoshi has released the Link List Module for EE for beta testing. Sweet!

Most of my links to other sites I already have set up in a Blogroll that was made from a tutorial by LisaJill which is now at the EEWiki. The thought of manually copying over all those sites into the new module had me thinking that I would definitely not be getting anything else done this weekend. But LisaJill suggested that I could set up a template to output the Blogroll into an OPML file and then import that into the Linklist Module.

And so I did. Even though I am completely clueless about OPML, I somehow muddled through. I downloaded the OPML from my old Blogrolling.com account, and used that as a guideline. After a couple of fits and starts, I got it done. The only thing is that it doesn't import the description field, and I will have to manually add the RSS and Favicon links. But at least I can get the site links up. So, for a start, here is my Link List. I can already see that I need to do some serious updating. But with the handy bookmarklet included in the module, that should be quick and easy to do.

Great job, Yoshi!

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

New Plugin: Keywords

I finally got my head wrapped around new the Keyword plugin for Expression Engine. I have added a hidden field that will hold "tags" or keywords for each entry. Technorati, Flickr and Del.icio.us use a tagging system, now blogs can do this too ... and by pinging Technorati with each entry, the tags are recorded there too.

After much cursing, coding and trying to make sense of this all, I finally got my keywords template working right. I hope. Much credit goes to the EEWiki and John Hoke, who shared his template examples, from which I was able to make my own.

Now I have to go back through two and a half years of entries to add these keywords. *sigh*

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