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Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Wild Blogfest!

Another Blogfest and another great time was had by all. We gathered at Wild Wings Cafe out in Farragut, and despite a packed house, we had a blast.

The wrap up: What Doug said

A non-blogging, but special guest joined us for a while ... Jon Katsiros is running for House Representative in District 18 against Stacey Campfield ... or as he says, he's not running against him, he's beating him ... heh. Anyway, Jon joined the festivities for a while before he had to leave for another engagement, along with his campaign manager, who's name escapes me. He spoke to us about his plans for his campaign and what he hopes to accomplish in the state legislature. He realizes that people are tired of the government getting all up in our business and that what most people want is less government and more personal accountability. He has a great deal of support in the Tennessee GOP and sounds like he will be a much better choice than what District 18 has been sending to Nashville for the last 6 years. It's definitely time for a change, and Jon seems to be a good candidate for that. I look forward to watching his campaign progress and wish him the best of luck. He doesn't have a web site or blog ... yet. We hope that he will be blogging and Twittering soon though!

Another hot topic of conversation had to do with a little plan we have been cooking up. Have you seen this, or this or this? We're planning something similar. Up for it? Let us know and join the team!

I failed miserably in my picture taking duties, only snapping one from my cell phone. I posted it for the Twitter folk here. Doug has a few here. Cathy's are here.

As a reminder, if you want to get email announcements for future Blogfests, you can sign up here. You won't get any spam or extraneous emails, just Blogfest announcements.

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Blogfest Out West!

Ii is finally officially official ... Blogfest will happen again, next Saturday, April 12! Spread the word!

The place: Wild Wings Cafe - (Google Map)

The time: Be careful asking Rich that question, his answer may be more than you bargained for ... but the festivities will start around 6:00 that evening.

The people: Bloggers of all sorts, shapes, varieties, ages, colors and heights, from various locations around the greater East Tennessee area, and points beyond, along with their significant others, if they wish ... plus a kid or two, or three or four or fourteen (depending on whether Cathy and Doug bring any, part or all of their brood). Blog readers are welcome too!

The special guest: A local candidate running for the state House may grace us with his presence. (And no, it's not the asinine one that I took to the wood shed a couple months ago!)

Let us know if you can join us in comments here or there, post at your site to spread the word and we hope to see you there!

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Snips and Snails

Puppy dog tails ... that's what little boys are made of. And boys will be boys. God love 'em ... And us girls, we have our own traits as well, and those lovable guys love us for them too.

One of the hot topics in the Knoxville blogosphere recently has been the opening of a new barber shop, Gentlemen's Top Cuts. It is an establishment that caters to men and promises "atmosphere, beautiful women, and quality services unlike anywhere else." While most of the guys have met this news with great enthusiasm, some women have voiced, or blogged, some objections.

Calling it a "meat market" or questioning the manhood of the men who would patronize such an establishment or questioning the women who would "allow" their men to go there, usually wrapped in a mantle of feminist righteous indignation that women would market themselves in such a manner - what it usually boils down to is that women are competitive as hell ... with each other, with our appearance as the measure of our comparative worth. Yes, girls will indeed be girls, and that's why we have Sephora, Victoria's Secret whole industries dedicated to helping us look the best we can. To compete for the attention of the male, we have to be more attractive than the woman next to us. It's just the way it is.

So what, exactly, is the big deal? What's wrong with all that? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. When we recognize, appreciate and even celebrate the differences between men and women, we can then live in harmony and peace with each other.

Men like to look at women. They are visual creatures, and they are attracted to potential mates by how they appear, at least initially. While we have adopted certain cultural traditions and habits that have altered our behavior, we are still, at our core, instinctual animals. The male of the species seeks to reproduce with the female that will most likely be his genetic complement, and one that is healthy and capable of easily bearing his offspring. The human female is in prime childbearing state when she is between the ages of 16 and 28. So, to the male, the appearance of this youthfulness is a prime attraction. Indeed, the prime biological directive of the human male to reproduce as much as he can. That means sex, and lots of it. With the prettiest, youngest looking female that he can attract.

So, sex sells. And why not? If it appeals to your target customer, why not use it? And if a woman has the physical traits that make her attractive to men, why not use those to her advantage?

In one of the blog discussions about GTC, Say Uncle said, "Basically, Gentlemen’s Top Cuts is applying the Hooter’s concept to hair cuts. Men don’t go to Hooter’s for the overpriced beer and the crappy wings. They go to check out the women and watch the sports on HD TeeVee." That's pretty much it, in a nutshell. It's entertainment.

But I guess some women are offended at being considered "entertainment" ... even as they spend hundreds of dollars trying to make themselves attractive. Some women get it though, like Cathy. After Doug went and got all gussied up at GTC, she says, "Doug did not go someplace sleazy. He did not objectify women. He did not cheat on me in body or mind. He hung out with people who have similar interests. He got pampered. He acted silly and had fun. Yay for Doug. He deserves it."

The so-called feminists have done more to screw up the ability of men and women to get along and enjoy each other for what we are than anything else they have done. At the same time as they campaigned for the right of women to enjoy their own sexuality, they also degraded that same sexuality by inferring that any male appreciation of it was making them a sex object. That is what I don't get. They want to be sexy, but they don't want men to notice it?

Men are wonderful beings, and their appreciation of women and all that we have to offer is one of their more endearing qualities. There is nothing wrong with appealing to men in that fashion at all. At least not to women with a healthy self-esteem.

Maybe one of these days, I will write about what exactly it is that women want ... it seems to be a common and perplexing question. Maybe it should stay that way ...

(FYI ... it appears that an "Uncle-lanche" is three times better than an "Insta-lanche" - Welcome Uncle readers! While you're here, mark your calendars for the next Blogfest, next Saturday, April 12 at 6:00 at Wild Wings Cafe in Farragut ... more here! And stayed tuned here for an announcement of a special guest that may make an appearance at BlogFest!)

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What I do instead of studying

I am supposed to be studying ... writing a research paper for my American Government class. I have been distracted by YouTube once again. It's a sickness, I tell you! I watch one after another and on and on ...

But this one is just too cute ... I loves me some Muppets!

Are you tapping your toes yet? 😜

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I’m Worth More than I Thought!

This seems an appropriate post topic for the day ...

Powered By Shop for Toys

Go on ... give it a try and see what you're worth!

(via ... who's worth only $1148 ... Heh!)
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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fairy Tales Sometimes Do Come True

Congratulations to AtomicTumor and his lovely bride!

Yesterday, they joined together as man and wife. Ever creative and daring, the theme of the wedding was the Roaring 20s, complete with a band that keeps with the style themselves, Christabel and the Jons. It looks like it was a grand celebration and a good time was had by all.

A little over a year ago, AT and his kids' lives were turned upside down by the sudden and unexpected illness and death of the beloved BJ, a heart-wrenching story that was shared with the blogging community at the AtomicTumor site. I have known AT for several years, having worked at the same place, not once, not twice, but three times (yes, it is a small world!) and I got to meet BJ a few times as well. To say that I am deleriously happy for him that he has been able to recover from that horrific tragedy is a vast understatement. I know BJ is smiling in Heaven too.

You go, Dude. You deserve this happiness!
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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Like an Angel Descending from the Heavens

A series of retrospectives called Our Stories has been airing on local news station WBIR. These have been very fascinating to watch ... triggering old memories and telling tales of things I did not know. The most recent one though, holds special interest for me:
(Dr. Robert) Lash was a licensed pilot and realized the advantages of aeromedical transport early on. In the 1970s, he'd often borrow aircraft to assist in emergency operations.

However, he dreamed of permanent air ambulances. In 1984, his dream came true with the delivery of the first helicopter ambulance to UT Medical Center.

It was outfitted through a design by Lash himself, who christened it Lifestar, an abbreviation for Life, Shock, And Trauma Aeromedical Rescue.

Be sure to watch the video that accompanies the story too.

In the years I spent in EMS, I came to herald the arrival of Lifestar as nothing less than a godsend. Calling her out was reserved for the very most dire trauma cases, ones that needed high level trauma care within minutes, and ground transport would take too long. In emergency medicine, there is this thing called the Golden Hour. When the human body is fubar'd, every second counts. For the greatest chances of recovery, the patient must be on the surgeon's table within one hour, and the clock starts at the moment of injury. After the hour expires, the patient declines rapidly. When you're a paramedic working in a remote county and the nearest ER is a 45 minute ride, even with lights and sirens, and the trauma center is a further 15 minutes beyond, the response of an aeromedical helicopter can make the literal difference between life and death.

On the scene of a major trauma, the actions of the Paramedic, EMT and any peripheral helpers - First Responders, Firefighters, LEOs - become a improvised dance at the direction of the paramedic choreographer. Everyone knows their roles, they simply wait to be told what to do. The medic is the decision maker, and the rest defer to him or her without question. In a major trauma, if the location is at all remote, or traffic conditions marginal to poor, the first decision to be made is whether to go by ground or by air. Most often, from scene reports via dispatch, if it sounds bad enough, the en route medic can have Lifestar go on standby. This gets the crew ready to go, up to the point of starting the helicopter engines. There are so many variables that can go into the decision, I cannot list them all here, but the decision is made within seconds.

Once launched, Lifestar will be on scene in its response area generally within 10 - 15 minutes or less. During that time, the ground EMS personnel work to achieve initial stabilization of the patient - ensuring a patent airway, initiating oxygen therapy and an IV, and divesting the patient of all their clothes. Firefighters and LEOs are charged with setting up the LZ - Landing Zone and ensuring its safety. Firefighters also standby with water hoses at the ready ... just in case. Sometimes the patient has to be transported by ground to the LZ, sometimes the helicopter can land right at the scene or very close by.

While working on the patient, the approaching thump-thump-thump of the rotors powered by Bell 430 dual Rolls Royce (Allison) turboshaft engines grows louder and louder, until you can feel the vibration in your bones. It seems to touch something almost primal. As it lands, the engine and rotor noise drown out all other sound, the medic must communicate with her team via eye and hand signals. Care must be taken to secure all objects from the rotor wash, not only can these become flying missiles and injure people, things can also get sucked into the rotor blades and render the helicopter useless.

The patient is packaged onto a Lifestar stretcher and carried to the waiting craft. Most often, it is a hot load, where the engines are running, and extreme care must be taken to stay away from the rotors. On occasion, if an extra pair of hands is needed, the Lifestar crew will tag the medic to ride along and assist. I never got that lucky. In the aftermath of the transport, the EMS crew most often goes to the trauma center anyway, to give their report, to pick up equipment that flew with the patient, to restock.

I did get to ride on Lifestar once. It was while I was in paramedic school. We each had a 8 hour shift to "ride along" with the helicopter crew. As my crappy luck would have it, there was only one call out during the whole shift, but that ride remains the ride of my life, one that I will never forget.

Wow. I didn't really mean to go on and on like that about this. But that's the way we EMS types are, we'll tell stories one after another after another. But Lifestar has a pretty cool web site, with photos and some of their own stories (which I know they like to tell ... I've heard some pretty amazing ones from those folks!), and more information about the Lifestar program. It's worth a look. There's also a link where you can donate a monetary gift to further the research and advances of aeromedical emergency and transport services. But I also happen to know that the guys and gals over there really like cookies too, if that's more your style. They do some amazing work, they deserve all the gratitude we can give them.

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Tootin’ his own horn

Barry, of Inn of the Last Home, has extended an invite to local folks to come on out and see The Atomic Horns play a gig at Ray's ESG this Friday night, starting at 10pm.

Barry loves him some groupies, and the show is great. We saw them last year at a club in Oak Ridge and we had a blast. I guess we can consider this to be a Blogfest of sorts. At the moment, Rich's site is down due to billing issues with his web host ... which he is going to resolve by moving his hosting over to SurpassHosting, and I will be getting his site up and running there next week while I am on spring break. (Isn't that what geeks just live to do on spring break?) So, with his site 404, so goes the mailing list as well, but if you want to be added to that list to get Blogfest announcements and other blogging-related events in the East Tennessee area, drop a comment here and I will make sure you get added.

Hope to see some folks out at Ray's Friday night! No excuses! It's a bonus day and you deserve to have fun, right?

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tepid Tuesday

Today, I am shopping for a new monitor, and on the TV are reruns of "Fresh Prince" ... the weather is unseasonably warm (thanks Al Gore!) with severe thunderstorms forecast for later tonight - and I remember the last time there were tornadoes in February, they were followed by a huge blizzard in March. I have a bunch of reading to do in my PoliSci classes, and my house is in need of cleaning. Oh yeah, and it's primary election day in the great state of confusion, err ... I mean, Tennessee. I could not be less thrilled.

I took advantage of Early Voting to avoid the crowds, rush and parking hassles and spun the wheel last week. Lucky me, I am in a district that is not part of the crazy Knox County Commission hoopla. The presidential primaries are even less interesting ... it's not even a case of choosing the lesser of several evils. I'm just plain old burned out on the whole process, the less-than worthy contenders and the prospects for the next 9 months being filled with nothing but a media frenzy over the election. Can I just check out now and come back after November 4?

I am honestly just sick and tired of the whole damn thing. From Ron Paul crazies that think he can save the world (and his plan for this is .... ?) to Obamessiah worshipers to those who spout talking points straight from the Colbert Report (clue phone for you ... it's parody!) Does Obama really stand for, or against, anything? Why is Hillary getting a total pass from the media on all the scandals, corruption and other unsavory aspects of her past? Why is McCain running on the GOP ticket? He's more liberal than most Democrats! Huckabee is just plain creepy. Romney ... meh, I suppose in a pinch he might do.

I think that a black person or a woman in the White House would be awesome. But not still wet behind the ears Obama, and certainly not Hillary. Condi Rice would get my vote in a heartbeat ... but not because of the color of her skin, or the fact that she owns a pair of ovaries. It would be because she has stared our greatest threat in the eye and called it what it is (although, in her position as SecState, she has been a bit wishy washy in her stance, but I suppose that is necessary in the world of international diplomacy).

At this point, the field of contenders is filled with losers, all of them. The two Democrats simply scare me to death ... they are wimps that would hand over our country on a platter of political correctness while they reach into our wallets to pay for a way to control the most basic aspects of our lives. The two leading Republicans are hardly any better ... I don't see any of them able to repair the damage done from years of Bush Derangement Syndrome by the so-called progressive left/liberals/Democrats. Ron Paul is a nutcase and a racist bastard to boot. It's not a matter of who is the best candidate, nor even who is acceptable, because none of them are. It may come down to who scares me the least. That will be a tough question to answer.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rep. Stacey Campfield - Dictator or Just Asinine?

State Rep. Stacey Campfield is against freedom of speech, and lives in a state of denial. He will censor and ban anyone that challenges him at his web site, and will refuse to discuss issues with people that disagree with him. He doesn't want to represent the people, he wants to dictate their moral code for them!

UPDATE: Heaven have mercy! You don't need to read this post to know what a joke of a representative hails from District 18 ... Rep. Campfield has responded in comments, and proves himself to be immature and clueless there. Wow ... just wow!

On several occasions, I have attempted to engage Rep. Campfield in discussion, via his blog comments, regarding legislation that he has proposed. I have met with nothing but failure. He says he has this blog so that he can be more accessible to the citizens he represents and that he welcomes dissenting opinion, but the truth of it is, he will shut down any commenter that out-argues him or proves him wrong, using whatever reasoning he can think up. Today, he has re-posted his comment policy, in which he completely misstates what he did to me!

Yes, I mean misstate = LIE. The most truthful statement there is this, "It is my blog so I will put up or take down what ever I want." That's fine, Mr. Campfield, but if that is your policy, then stop promoting your site as being a place where citizens can interact freely with their representative.

Case in point, this sex ed bill he proposes. I left a comment using a pseudonym because we had previously tangled while I used this, my regular online name. Somewhere in one of the comments, I used the word "asinine" ... his response, "I will not put up your posts with foul language in it. You can try again but you have been warned. One more attempt and you will be banned."

It took me a while to figure it out, but then I posted another comment asking if that were the word and offered to enlighten him as to its real meaning, but then that user name and IP address was then banned. End of discussion.

A few days later, he posted again on the Sex Ed bill. Using a different IP address and pseudonym, I posted again ... what I wanted to know is what exactly is the result he wishes to achieve with this bill. I even stated explicitly that I was sincere in my query and restated it again. He responses were the typical circular illogic and failed to address the question I was asking. So I tried again, using the word "asinine" once more, as in "this asinine piece of legislation."

Same response as before, comment not published due to "foul language." I responded again, giving a link to the entry at dictionary.com and a link to an article, "Burdened by Asinine Meanings" that discusses the issue of whether it is a "foul" word or not ... and whaddaya know, I am banned again. (OK, so I did say that I laughed at the absurdity of it, and that I was concerned that I was being represented by a politician that is this ignorant.)

Funny, the last time I took him on like this was over his bill that would require sex offenders to register their email address and IP address so their internet activity could be monitored. I told Stacey that it was useless because of how easy it is to circumvent. I just showed him, he banned me three times and three times I have been able to return. I guess he has never heard of proxies or dynamic IP addresses.

My point with Rep. Campfield is that we, the voters, (and I voted for him!) have the right to hold him accountable for his activities in the job that he performs on our behalf. If I, the voter, ask for the reasoning behind his proposed legislation, to know that it is not a waste of his time, which translates into my tax dollars, I expect to get it, and not get shut down and censored for asking!

When Rep. Campfield started blogging, I thought that it was great and that he was doing a good job at exposing some of the less savory aspects of politics in Nashville. This has changed over the last couple of years. Rep. Campfield has this little soapbox, and the political power that we the people gave to him with our votes. But he has seen fit now to use it to grandstand and pander to a limited fringe element of the paleo-conservative, fundamentalist rightwing crowd with these asinine legislation proposals, one after another.

As a citizen of the state of Tennessee and a resident of District 18, I demand better from my Representative, and the last thing I expect is to be censored by him for airing my views! I want my vote back!

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