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Monday, August 04, 2008

Two are Becoming One

So, these two geeks ... one a boy-geek and the other a girl-geek ... they meet (at a blogger meet-up), fall in love (while sitting side by side with their laptops, smart phones, handheld gaming devices, and a plethora of remotes that control the 62" wide screen rear-projection 1080p HDTV, DVD recorder, 3-disk DVD player, DTS-Pro surround sound system while they code their respective web sites, process video, write in their blogs and various other surfing activities ... when they aren't attending sci-fi cons, the latest hit movies or Twittering their lives for all to see) and decide to get married (of course announcing the engagement simultaneously on their blogs, and planning their engagement party using Evite.com). What's next? Why ... combining their lives!

We have started setting up our household. It's been a slow-paced process of moving my belongings to his house. For the last two months, I have been sorting, trashing, giving away and boxing up my stuff. Today, we moved the last load over and now we will begin to combine our two households into one. But that's just the stuff.

Other aspects of our lives are being combined as well, and in keeping with our geekhood, we started by setting up our cell phones on a shared plan (Sprints 1500 minutes shared, unlimited Everything else plan for $129 a month ain't too bad). We are moving his web site over to my hosting service (SurpassHosting ... awesome service, fantastic prices on generous shared hosting services!) and getting his new blogging digs set up in ExpressionEngine, too. My Amazon account is now associated with and can use his Amazon Prime for free 2-day shipping and we will soon combine our Netflix queues. Of course, we have our 6 computers networked and sharing files, printers, scanners and media ... ain't geek love grand?

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A little more info ...

We have a tentative date set ...

May 16.

Yes, I know it's a ways off, but we're in no rush. We might move it up sooner, if I decide not to take classes during Spring semester, and other practical, familial and financial matters can be smoothed out. Adam's deployment to Iraq ends in either February or March, so it won't be until then anyway. But, like Adam and Sasha's wedding, it will be out on the deck at Rich's mothers lakeside house (see pics in the previous post), so we also want the weather to be warm ... or at least not cold!

There will, however, be an engagement party very soon. Invites will be going out tonight or tomorrow, so stay tuned! We do have to keep the guest list trimmed down a bit, please don't be offended if you aren't on it. We will be scheduling a Blogfest soon though, and all area bloggers and blog readers will be welcome. Feel free to suggest dates and locations in September - keep in mind that it is good to try for weekends without a home UT game.

Everyone keeps asking me what kind of wedding do I want ... I don't know! A preacher, some vows, some prayers, the "I do"s, with friends and family around. Mmkay? Gotta have some music too. And food. Lots of food. Other than that ... I'll have to think about it.

My parents are thrilled. I think they had given up hope on seeing me married again. I was quite stubborn for quite a while, refusing to even date for almost seven years, having become quite content in my singlehood. My kids think it's cool, and so do Rich's. Between us, we could have our own baseball team with my 3 and his 6, 7 to include the newest daughter-in-law, plus two grandbabies.

Oy! What am I getting into?

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Asked and Answered

He popped the question!

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Friday, July 18, 2008

The move is on ...

The work of moving ... the packing, sorting, trashing of all my stuff ... is well underway. When I moved into this place a year ago, I knew I would not be staying more than a year. At the time, I didn't have a precise plan in place, but I knew I would be leaving soon. I kind of had a small one bedroom or studio in mind, closer to the center of the city, where I would live alone with my two cats. That's not quite how it has turned out ... instead I am moving out to the country, into a huge 6 bedroom house, with 3 teenagers, a toddler, 3 dogs, 3 puppies and a noisy bird ... and my best friend, soul mate and life partner.

A major impetus to moving away from here was my unfortunate miscalculation of the quality of this neighborhood. Just off Cedar Bluff, in the heart of West Knoxville, this used to be a really nice apartment community with a mix of young families, single professionals and retirees - folks that seek out lower cost rentals. But it has also become attractive to some unsavory elements ... drug sellers and illegal immigrants. There is one apartment here that was housing what seemed to be about a dozen young Hispanic men. They spent most of the day sitting out on the front lawn, and every now and then a van or pickup truck would stop, several of them would get in and it would drive away. This routine repeated itself several times every day. Sometimes there would be women and small children about, hanging out with them. They clearly were not outside having a neighborly barbecue, they would quietly sit, speaking softly, watching other people come and go ... it was a bit creepy. No head nods or waves of greeting, just stares. Distrustful stares.

There were some other problems here as well ... several incidents of domestic disturbances, a carjacking and my own conflict with a neighbor. When I first moved in, I had arranged for garbage pickup at the curb. They told me the to place my bags by the curb and they would pick them up and leave a big trash can for me to use. However, they did not pick up the trash as promised, and it sat out there all day long while I was at work. Upon returning home, I called the waste collection company but they were closed for the day. I called first thing the next morning and was assured they would come get it that day. When I got home, there it was still ... but now it was in my parking space. I moved it so I could pull in, went inside and started searching for a number I could call to get this taken care of. While I was inside, someone had come out and threw all the trash bags back into the parking space, right next to my car!

I went out and at this time the next door neighbor came over and started yelling at me. He would not hear any of what I was saying ... that I DID have trash collection arranged and paid for, THEY just didn't pick it up like they should. He was aggressive, threatening and verbally abusive. Someone called the police, who came, heard my story and told the dude to simmer down. He did, for the time being. However, later on he exacted some revenge by having my son attacked by two thugs ... which resulted in his spleen being contused and a small tear in a kidney.

The trash collection company, after 4 days of my yelling and threatening to complain to the county commission, FINALLY picked up my trash. Without so much as an apology for my inconvenience, of course. I so look forward to canceling this service ...

Anyway, my new home is in a rural area of northern Sevier County, and I look forward to the peace and quiet and sense of safety out in the country. Or at least I did until I saw this:

KODAK — Dozens of officers launched a pre-dawn raid in Sevier County today, beginning arrests of 39 people indicted on drug charges.


Hopefully, this is just a one-off incident, they will get this cleaned up and the druggies will all be run off or incarcerated.

Heh ... who am I kidding?

Oh well, back to packing, sorting and trashing. We are taking this weekend off to rest, and spend time with family. Rich's son Adam is back from his honeymoon, and will be returning to Iraq next week. We are having a cookout up at the lake house with the whole family getting together for food, swimming and lying around the pool, watching movies on a big inflatable screen out on the deck and just chillaxin - as the kids put it.

Time to rest, relax, and reconnect ...

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wedding Pictures!

Presenting - Mr. and Mrs. Adam and Sasha Privett! They were joined in marriage before a host of friends and family on the 6th of July, 2008 at the lakefront home of the groom's grandmother, on beautiful Lake Douglas in Dandridge, TN.


More pictures in a Picasa Web Slideshow:

This was the wedding that almost didn't happen .. the groom is an active duty Army soldier, currently deployed to Iraq. He shipped out in December 2006. His bride, Sasha, turned 18 and was able to marry in April. We learned in January that he would come back on leave the first two weeks of July. Maybe. Or thereabouts. So we went into action. Given that there was a good possibility that Adam's leave schedule could change or be cancelled at any minute, right up to the very last minute, the providers of services for the wedding would have to be flexible and understanding if the plans had to change. So it became a family affair. The planner and director was the groom's sister, Erinne. Bridesmaids were sisters of the groom, the groom's attendants were his brother and cousin. The flower girls were the bride's sister and the daughter of close family friends. The ring-bearer, wearing a kilt matching that of the groom, was Erinne's 16 month old son, Mason. Another brother, Isaac, catered the food with his employer, and good friend of the family, Stephen. The photographer was the best man's wife. The cakes were baked and decorated by the sisters and mother of the groom. The ceremony was held at the home of the groom's grandmother. The bride was given away by the groom's father. Yes ... the groom's father. Weird, yes I know. But the bride, Sasha, is practically already a member of the family, having been the best friend of Cassandra since the two were in grade school, and Sasha's actual family is a bit ... disconnected.

Almost at the last minute we learned that Adam, whom we expected to be in town by July 2, would not leave Iraq until then, and having to fly halfway around the world, arrive on the 4th. But a sandstorm in Baghdad delayed his departure for a day, he left Kuwait on the 4th, and arrived in Atlanta early on the 5th. But the next flight to Knoxville would not arrive here until after 7:00 that night ... and they still needed to get their marriage license. (Luckily, Sevier County being the county where Gatlinburg is located, has county clerk offices open on Saturdays). So, Sasha, Isaac and Adam's and Isaac's mother, Betty, left for Atlanta at 3am to pick Adam up at the Atlanta airport and drive him back up here. They finally arrived around 3:00 that afternoon.

In the end, all the blood, sweat and tears paid off and the wedding was a grand success. Adam and Sasha left for their honeymoon to Atlanta and then Savannah, GA. They should be back next Sunday, and then Adam has another 10 days before he has to ship back over to Iraq to complete his 15 month deployment. Sasha will go on to his base location in Colorado where she will attend college classes and await his return.

Me? I'm exhausted ... but it was so much fun, it would be cool to do it again real soon! 😉

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Public Service Announcement

Please ... for the love of Mother Earth and all Humanity, avoid crass materialism! Don't run ourselves off of our own planet!

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Busy days of Summer

I fondly recall the summers of childhood as being filled with lazy, carefree, unhurried days ... sleeping late, watching daytime TV in jammies, wandering about the neighborhood with friends, swimming in our pool, picking fresh peaches and making ice cream with them ... days in which my biggest complaint was "I'm bored" and wishing I was grown up so I could go and have great adventures. Now that I am grown up and having those grand adventures, I now wish for just a little boredom ... or just enough time to get everything done!

This summer is particularly busy ... it's one thing after another. At least I don't have college classes to worry about!

The second week of June found us at the beach in Amelia Island. Not the cozy, romantic trip for two we might have wished for ... we shared a beach house with two young adults, six teenagers, a baby and a toddler! Just keeping up with the mess in the kitchen was a full-time pursuit. But we had a marvelous time anyway ... the beach was great, the water was warm, the weather was completely perfect ... and the rest of the ginormous family was at another house a quarter mile down the road. At the end of the week, we ran away for an extra night all by ourselves - no kids, no teens, no messy kitchens - for a romantical birthday celebration for two. *grins*

Upon our return to the homestead, we started making the final preparations for the wedding of Rich's oldest son, Adam. It will be on July 6 at his mother's lakeside house. Everything is going well and to plan ... well, almost. Adam is currently deployed to Iraq and is coming home on leave. Originally, he was set to be stateside on July 1 or maybe earlier. We just got notice that he will leave Baghdad around June 30 for Kuwait and then it will be July 3 or 4 before he is actually in Knoxville! They will still need to get their marriage license, and with Friday, July 4 being a holiday, that is going to cut it very, very close! There are alternative plans if the marriage license can't be obtained on the 3rd though, but we could do without this little annoyance anyway.

UPDATE: We have found out that the Sevier County Court Clerk will be open on July 4 AND 5, and that the information we had that indicated one must get the marriage license in the same county in which the ceremony is held is not correct. We are good to go on that note! Yay!

After the wedding is over, our attention will turn to combining two households. We will have about three weeks before my lease is up to sort through my 15 year accumulation of crap, decide what will be kept, what will be thrown out or sold or given away, find room to put everything and get me settled in here. (Yes, I know ... things have changed rather rapidly lately, but it's all good). I also have to get my son settled somewhere ... he has a job, but won't clean his life up enough to be even marginally self-sufficient. I am really, really trying to leave it in the hands of The Lord ... I am sure there is some solution that I just cannot see, but will soon be revealed. Ms Thang is happily settled in with her boyfriend, working at her job and letting her life unfold. (No, I am not completely happy about the boyfriend ... being that he is so much older than she, but it is her life and if that makes her happy, then it's OK with me.) Then, it will be just a couple of weeks until fall semester begins for me. Somewhere in there, I hope that I will be starting a new job ... heck, at this point, just about ANY job will do!

And so, life marches on, the pages of this chapter begin to turn. I am still a little disoriented, my life has been turned upside down, back up again and then sideways. But I am getting steady on my feet again, my spirit has the Lord to lean on ... here on Earth, I have my best friend and soul-mate.

My friends ... "This part of my life ... this part right here? This is called 'happyness.' "

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thank Heaven for My Kitties

They're a couple of the best people I know



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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Finals are DONE!

Always a cause for celebration ... my finals are done for yet another semester in school. Yay!

This semester, I dabbled in a couple of classes that are in a major that I am thinking about switching over to ... Criminal Justice with a DHS concentration. I would really like to go into some kind of forensics, like computer or crime scene, but those concentrations are not being offered online at APSU at this time. I am still leaning towards the web developer concentration, but I would have to jury-rig up a program to meet a degree requirement. Anyway, the classes I just finished are American Government and International Relations Theory. I am expecting to get high marks in both classes. It was a fairly low stress semester, school-wise. However, my job situation still is a major source of anxiety. But for now, I can rest and relax from school stuff until September. Soon though, there will be graduations, and birthdays, and a beach trip and a wedding. I guess I better rest and relax fast!

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Stayin’ Classy

I don't have a lot of time, or patience, these days to pay much attention to current politics ... it's all I can do now, and about all I can tolerate, to get through finals in American Government and International Relations Theory. But this little gem cruised across my radar this morning ... and it speaks greatly to the climate we can expect in this Presidential election cycle.

Watch for it around 00:20, just as he says, “That’s all right. Sen. Clinton looked in her element.” Then watch for the smug look and repressed chuckle.

Yes, this is the man that wants to be president, who will bring all kinds of hopey changefulness to our embittered nation.

And has anyone else noticed that when he is not reading a pre-written speech, he makes Bush seem like an oratorical genius by comparison? Heh ...

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