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Sunday, July 20, 2003


I went to get my nails done yesterday and they were having a special on pedicures. So I went for it. Oooh! I felt so spoiled! They put me in a chair that did that pulse massage thing, and my feet in a whirlpool tub. That would have been plenty to make my day. But the girl also fixed up my little toes and now they are so pretty! Every girl needs to indulge herself every now and then.
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About a month ago, I started having weird Internet Explorer crashes whenever I was on a page that had meta-refresh encoded. Very frustrating when one is trying to surf multiple sites, and when one's own web site causes the crashes (because of the tagboard).

I think ... I hope that it is all resolved. I uninstalled the keyboard and mouse drivers, CursorXP, the Google toolbar and Yahoo companion. With all that gone, the crashes stopped. I have now reinstalled the drivers and toolbars. I can live without CursorXP ... it's just eye-candy.

I also finally saved up enough Best Buy gift cards to purchase OfficeXP. I was getting them as bonuses when buying other stuff there, and I used to get them as performance rewards at my last job. With the $75 gift card I got for signing up with Earthlink DSL, I had enough to buy it without a major hit on the pocketbook. Now the learning curve begins, and getting used to all the differences between 2000 and XP. The installation went smoothly, but Outlook choked on my old account settings ... I had to reconfigure those manually. It's pretty slick ... Billy-boy did a good job with this one.
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Monday, July 07, 2003

Giggle Giggle

OK ... this tickled me. Mostly because it is more like a fiasco that I would find myself in.

The Amazing Disappearing Sound Card

I'm also testing out the TrackBack thingy on here. The above “guilty” party that suffered the DUH moment is on MT. I have found that it is not working right with the B2 blogs. I also have something really weird going on with my Trackback plug-in. Scroll allll the way to the end of the page to see what I mean. *ponder*

*edit* I think I fixed the Trackback thingy ...
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Saturday, July 05, 2003


I finally got around to adding some more pictures of the kitties to my gallery ...

Cats are really bad for “red eye” with the camera flash. But I was able to fix them up with PSP7. (Now taking donations for PSP8!) I wish I could figure out why the links turn orange on mouse over. I will have to play with the Gallery CSS some more.

I have also been playing around with some Nucleus plug-ins. The Randomness one rocks! I have a ton of those cutesy email lists of quotes and quips. The way it works is it pulls a random line out of a text file. I spent about an hour culling through old emails to make a huge list of these things in several different categories. Maybe tomorrow I will set up another one to place a random image on the page.

I also installed one that places the Category name next to the title of each post. Very cool ... must email the author of that one too.

Trackback still has me majorly confused ... I tested it on a blogger that uses B2 and it didn't work. I have since read on the Nucleus support forum that there is an issue with Nucleus, B2 and Trackback. I will test it out on a MT site, if I can find one. I did get the Karma plug-in working OK. God knows I need all the good Karma I can get!

It's been a wonderfully geeky weekend ... and I just treated myself and the kids to ice cream. Good times.

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Sunday, June 01, 2003

The Story of My Life

“Nothing interferes with my concentration. You could put on an orgy in my office and I wouldn't look up. Well, maybe once.” - Isaac Asimov

"Power is the virtue that makes all other virtues possible." - From the movie Enter the Dragon, starring Bruce Lee

Those are two descriptive quotes that define my Enneagram types. I score highest for Type 5, followed closely by Type 8. The Enneagram is an interesting personality typology assessment. It certainly nailed me dead to rights.

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Monday, May 19, 2003

Spring Rant

I posted the following at Global Affairs back on April 15. The post below this one, Victory, reminded me that it needs a place here as well -

I do not profess to have a great deal of knowledge about world affairs, politics or even military issues. I had strong misgivings about the US going into Iraq to strike militarily to remove Saddam Hussein and his regime from power. But the more I learned about our history with the tyrants and terrorists of the Middle East, the more I knew that, like it or not, war with Iraq was something we needed.

The statements made by the anti-war protestors made me decidedly uncomfortable, even angry. How could they not see why we HAD to go to Iraq? I am against war ... for peace. But I am realistic in admitting that sometime, to have peace, we have to have war. So I chose to ignore them and have faith that what the US was doing was right.

But today, I let loose. A couple others here noted they were in a ranting mood today ... it must be spring fever. Or maybe the collective tension we have been under with our country at war. Whatever.

Today was one of those deliciously beautiful spring days. I took my lunch outside to eat in the sunshine at work. There is an unwritten workplace policy that we don't discuss volatile issues on the clock, inside the building. Outside in the break areas, many debates ensue though. Today was no different. At the table next to mine, three young men were eating their lunch. Their discussion consisted of the same old tired, worn out, anti-war, it's all about the oil, the US isn't the world's policeman, blah blah blah that I had gotten so sick of listening to. Today, instead of simply ignoring them, I ranted back

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Eject! Eject! Eject!: VICTORY

A powerful essay on what America is and what she stands for. I have been rendered speechless.
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Sunday, March 23, 2003

Geek Goddess

In part to take my mind off the Iraq situation, I decided to upgrade the computers. A co-worker had some damn nice hardware for sale, so I bit. They also need it pretty badly, especially the secondary PC.

I got a new 120GB hard drive and a Verto GForce4 Ti41200 graphics card. Those will go into my main PC - an AthlonXP 1600 system I built myself in December 2001. The secondary PC is a K6-II 500 that I built up from barebones four years ago. It's the one I let the kids bang around on. The hard drive is dying in it and the sound and graphics are barely adequate. The CD-ROM has bit the dust too. So, the 40GB drive and GForce MX200 from my PC will go into the kids' and I got a new DVD/CD-ROM as well.

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Sunday, March 09, 2003

Spring Cleaning

Oh geez I am sore! But I have a clean house. I finally got around to doing all those things that needed doing. My son was in a fit of giggles when I told him I was going to burp the bed. I said I was going to put it over my shoulder and pat its back to expel the air bubbles. I love my waterbed but its maintenance can be such a pain! My son cleaned his room and the downstairs bathroom, and even took out the garbage without a fuss. I think it helped to bribe him with pizza delivery for dinner.

Cat hair everywhere! Sheesh! Two medium-hair kitties can certainly create a fuzzy house. And when laundered, blankets, towels and such aren't rid of the fur ... it balls up and makes it look like there is a bug infestation! And Maine Coons are supposed to shed less than other medium and long haired kitties.

*Mental Note - no Persian kitties!*

We got the kitten spayed a couple of weeks ago. Her belly fur is just now starting to grow back. It looks rather silly now though. When she returned from the vet, there was no question she was happy to be home. I've never heard her purr so loudly! My son says she's no longer broken ... she's fixed now!

Now I am trying to figure out the best way to put a Shoutbox on my site ..
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Monday, February 10, 2003

The Prodigal Kitty

I arose Tuesday morning to the sound of the alarm clock and knew immediately that something wasn't right. I went downstairs and first noted how cold it was, and then I saw my back door standing open. Then it hit me ... my beautiful, beloved kitty was nowhere to be found. I searched his usual hiding places in vain, I ran outside in pajamas and bare feet and called for him. The damp cold eventually drove me back inside. Through my tears, I fed my other kitty, Faith. I wailed silently for my Dakota as I carried on with my morning routine.

Faith and Dakota are Maine Coon kitties. I adopted them from a rescue shelter last summer. Faith was a little kitten then, about 2 months old. Dakota was about a year and a half when I brought them home. Faith adapted easily to her new home, with the energy and curiosity inherent in any kitten. Dakota was a different story though. He hid beneath my bed and would not come out. He would come downstairs for food, water and the litter box, but if anyone moved, he would bolt back upstairs to his safe haven under the bed. I had been told by the lady at the shelter that they thought he had been abused before he was rescued. It seemed pretty likely to me, given his demeanor.

At night, after I got into bed, Dakota would come up and let me pet him. No wait, that's not quite accurate. He would *demand* to be petted and scratched. It became our routine at night. As I got ready for bed, he would pace back and forth, trilling and chirping as only Maine Coons do. I would settle in and he would present himself for ear scratching and belly rubbing. His purr was so strong and loud. I could feel the vibration through the bed. And I didn't even have to put a quarter in the bed!

For me, this relieved much of my nighttime loneliness. I am single by choice, and while I am comfortable with that, grateful even, the still of the night often brought doubts, longings and pangs of loneliness. This magnificent kitty kept me company and gave me unconditional love. He responded unabashedly to my attention with his deep rumbling purr and kneading paws. His emerald eyes would look at me with what could only be total adoration.

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