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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Now let me get this straight

All across our fair nation, thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest proposed changes to our immigration laws. These changes would include strengthening laws against being here illegally. And people are pissed. I don't get it ... someone needs to 'splain this to me ...

As it is, there are laws that regulate the immigration of foreigners to our country. This is so that we know who is here, and why, and how many of them. We can't let everyone in ... there just isn't enough room, or jobs, or housing, or resources. We also have to restrict people from certain countries that are known to propagate terrorism. These days, this is probably the most important concern. Healthcare concerns are there too ... if there is a typhoid outbreak in east Bungachowitan, we need to keep those folks from coming in with their bugs. Bird flu, anyone?

So ... what is so wrong with all of that? Is it wrong to want to protect our country?

The people out there protesting are saying things like, "We just wanted to be able to have a normal life and we just want to be able to have a real job like everybody else." OK, sister ... be like everyone else. Apply for citizenship like you are supposed to. What's wrong with that?

The local paper is reporting that people are wearing shirts with this slogan: "Where are our rights? Dignity and justice for all." Rights? Yeah, honey. You got rights ... plenty of rights. First and foremost, the right to apply for citizenship like you are supposed to! Dignity? What dignity is there in breaking the law? Justice ... you want justice? Great, report to the local Immigration Control and Enforcement office for your justice.

If I came home one day to find a people camped out in my home, eating my food, paying for stuff with my checks ... ya damn skippy I'd be on the phone in a flash calling the law down on them. And the law would cart their trespassing, thieving asses off to jail. No one would give a flip if they were all poor and desperate and shit. No way. The law is the law.

So what is wrong with applying similar laws to protect our country? Do these people think they deserve some kind of special dispensation from our laws? They come here illegally, breaking and entering, trespassing ... and then they demand the civil rights protected by our Constitution while refusing to obey the laws of the land? I don't freakin' think so!

I don't have anything at all against immigrants who come here legally. Not a thing. It's wonderful, it's what this nation is ... a nation of immigrants. But we cannot just throw open our borders and let just anyone in. That is insanity. We also cannot survive with our limp and lame laws the way they are now. A few years back, several young men took advantage of the many loopholes and work-arounds in the immigration laws. They're dead now though. Some died in New York City, some in Washington DC, some in a field in Pennsylvania. All on the same day.

I just don't get it ... thousands of people are protesting for the right to break the law. They break the law and now they want us to just forgive them ... amnesty, it's called. I wonder how those who emigrated legally feel about that? I would be horribly insulted and offended ...

Here's what I think should happen ...

Immigration laws should be strengthened, not just on the illegals themselves, but also on those that enable them, namely the businesses that hire these folks. Fine the crap out of them. Revoke business licenses for repeat infractions. Make it not profitable to hire illegals. As for the illegals ... if caught here without authorization, instant deportation. Right across the nearest border. Come back again and they can stay ... in a gray bar motel. They can pick fruit for free in the prison gardens.

Bring some sanity to the immigration process. It's a mind-numbingly idiotic morass of bureaucratic red-tape managed by incompetent retards. I've heard stories from those trying to get citizenship ... months and months of waiting, finally they get to the INS office for their interview, but ONE incomplete or incorrect form and they have to start completely over. The process needs to be streamlined and made efficient. It's no wonder folks want to do it the illegal way, it's a nightmare. (But that does NOT excuse border hopping!)

The guest worker program has a good idea behind it. Let folks come here for a set period of time to work jobs that are prearranged. But NOT for those who are already here illegally! At the end of the time period, the contract can be renewed, or the worker can go home. Marvelous idea ... everyone wins.

This whole illegal immigration thing is a huge mess, largely because our politicians lack the gonads to actually DO something about it. They are too busy worrying about where their votes are coming from for the next election. And that's pretty damn retarded ... with 70+% of those of us who CAN vote saying we want this taken care of, we vastly outnumber the illegals, even if they could vote. My votes will be going to those who will stand up for and protect our country, and I will be making my Congress-critters very much aware of this.

This rambling stream of consciousness has been brought to you by the letters J and B and the number 24, which I am trying to catch up on ...

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