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What’s in YOUR wallet?

Most of us hold the mega-corporations just beneath contempt. These staggering behemoth entities toss around millions of dollars with seeming indifference as they play the corporate games, all with the bottom line, the God-almighty dollar as their altar. But that what makes this world go 'round. Love 'em or hate 'em, we all have to live with them. Myself, I depend on one for my daily bread ... I work for one of the biggest corporate successes in recent years.

Earlier this year, they bought our little company. Kind of like the old Remington commercial ... they came along with the idea of a partnership with us, found they liked us so much, they bought the whole company. The one hundred or so employees watched warily as management turned our little mom and pop business into yet another arm of a giganamous corporation. We were a bit afraid that we would become yet another number, a splinter on the big totem pole, cogs the turn the corporate machine. But it has turned out to be all good. Today the corporation became much more human.

When we joined the big guys in January, they were wrapping up their fund raising drive for the victims of the Indonesian tsunami. Millions of dollars went to the relief fund, much of it from the pockets of the employees. Today, they announced that they were making a direct contribution of $1 million to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Katrina survivors. Further, they will match 2-for-1 all associate contributions. I am taking a look in MY wallet to see what I can give ... what's in YOUR wallet?

The hurricane disaster has also hit close to home for us. A very dear member of our management team (everyone simply adores this woman!) has a lot of family in Biloxi, MS. They have lost everything. For two days, one family member had not been heard from. Today we got the relieving news that she is fine, along with the rest of the family. She put out a plea to the employees to donate bottled water and other items of immediate need. Clothes, furnishings and other needs will be taken care of later. I stopped by her office to see if there were any particular needs. She told me the most amazing thing ... she has been getting emails and promises of donations for her family from all over the corporation - from individual employees in other locations to top managers in the corporate HQ. My closets will be getting a good cleaning and I hope I can come up with some things that will help her family.

I wish I could name my company here, but I think I have left enough hints. Check and see if your company is matching employee funds, if not, suggest that they do. In any case, give as much as you can. I won't belabor how awful it is in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama ... the media is doing a fine job of that already. If you blog, consider joining in the TTLB Hurricane Katrina: Blog for Relief Day Thursday, September 1 to help raise awareness and funds to aid those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Also check out the round-up of charities over at Instapundit.

Then give, give, give ... God Almighty, please give! And don't forget the animals! Then, when you do, please log your contribution HERE

Posted by LissaKay on 09/01/05 at 03:10 AM in Our World
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