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I am in the final countdown phase of preparing to matriculate again. I have been formally accepted and admitted to Austin Peay State University to major in the Computer Science - Information Systems Online program. I have the financial aid coming in ... grants and loan to blow the mind. The Fed .gov loves for low-income single moms to go to school. Whatever it takes to keep us off the dole, eh?

It's been a little confusing and frustrating ... there's no office to drop into or call like in most college situations. The campus is 200 miles away, and when I call, I mostly get voice mail, and it's next to impossible to get calls while at work. For the last four weeks, they have also been out for the holidays, so things have been moving at a snail's pace. It wasn't until just Friday that I knew if they were going to count the classes I took way back when, over 20 years ago. Even so, I can't tell if they are giving me credit for the classes, but not the hours ... or the hours but not the GPA (which causes the cumulative GPA to be lower), or what. I don't want to be a pest and be emailing and calling all the time with these pesky little questions, but it bugs me to no end to not know!

My schedule for this first semester is going to be a killer, as I am trying to get the remaining core academic classes out of the way. I am taking World Lit, Elements of Statistics, Introduction to Programming, Data Communications and Networking, and International Politics. I haven't decided on a minor yet. I am leaning towards Criminal Justice though. I would really like to get into the field of computer and networking security and forensics.

I went to the campus online bookstore to get my books ... $503 and change, shipped to my door. Ugh. But then I got an Ebay email advertising Half.com as a source for textbooks. Sweet! I ordered nearly all my books from sellers on there, two of whom are in the same city as Austin Peay ... total price? $265 shipped to my door. The only downside to that is I had to pay for them myself, until my loan proceeds arrive, whereas if I had ordered through the campus bookstore, I could have charged it directly to my financial aid. I also had to invest a bit of time researching the books, finding the right ISBNs and making sure I was getting the correct edition and all. But saving almost half? Yeah, it was worth it.

Classes start Jan. 16. I hope I can pull this off. My goal is to have my degree no later than May 2009. I am going to keep on working full-time, and of course I have the kids to look after. But they are mostly off doing their own thing these days. My work is pretty darn laid back, I can study between calls and on breaks, but the bulk of my study time will be in the evenings and on weekends.

And, as if that didn't tighten up my schedule enough ... I have finally decided to lose some of this bulk that has piled on in recent years. I used to always be a tiny, little thing and I could eat whatever I wanted. But I was younger, had less stress in my life, and had an active job. All of that changed nearly overnight about 5 years ago, except for what I was eating. So, little by little it crept on. Now it has to come off.

I joined a fitness club, The Rush with my daughter, and we are embarking on a journey to better health and fitness. Our first orientation and work-out is tomorrow night.

So, off I go ... embarking on new and wondrous adventures!

Posted by LissaKay on 01/07/07 at 08:51 PM in Personal
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Go for it! You can make it happen!
Posted by rich hailey on 01/07 at 09:57 PM
I'm rooting for you. I've often said that I don't think I could handle being a full time employee, student, and single parent, but that may just be the way it has to be, and if you pull it off, I might have a chance too.
Best of luck!

Posted by AT on 01/08 at 09:50 AM
Wow, you go lady!
I admire you!
But you can do this. B/c you are older than the 18 yr old freshman now in school, you have much better focus, writing skills and the lot - it won't be near as overwhelming as you think.
You are awesome!

Posted by julie on 01/08 at 07:29 PM
LissaKay's avatar Thanks, Grampa Rich! You make a great cheerleader! (Oh the visual of that!)


Thanks AT ... heck, if I can do it, it'll be a walk in the park for you. When you are ready.


Thanks Julie! Good to hear from you! I hope you can make the next Blogger Fest thingy ... I just dropped a hint over at Rich's to get him on the ball to get another one going.

Posted by LissaKay on 01/09 at 12:29 AM
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