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Time has become most precious in my life. There has never been enough and lately that is more true than ever. I am seriously wondering about my sanity in thinking that I could work and go to school full time, attend to all the other mundane chores and errands, and still have time for the people in my life. The most significant conversation I've had with my daughter in the last week was via IM. Nice, eh?

Summer semester in college is about 4 weeks shorter than fall or spring semesters. So, the classes I am taking are likewise condensed. Not a problem for philosophy or music appreciation, but the statistics class is killing me. It's not hard, just loads of rote calculations that take tons of time. I understand the concepts fairly easily ... I have highly analytical brain, so this stuff is like second nature. It's just the time it takes to do it. What I need is a winning lottery ticket so I can quit work and just focus on school ... but then, if I won the lottery, I wouldn't need to be going to school anyway!

I am not particularly enjoying the effect time is apparently having on me. I live firmly by the motto that Growing old is mandatory, growing UP is optional. I am not aging gracefully, I am going kicking and screaming the whole way. A recent addition to our office crew was shocked, just shocked I tell you, to learn that I am 14 years older than the fellow she was trying to fix me up with. I just laughed myself to tears. She said I don't seem that old at all.

OK, now that I am done floating 2 feet off the ground all morning ... I realize that maybe she was referring to my mature attitude, or lack thereof.

Then there's my trips to first the nail salon, and then the hair dresser on Saturday ... I noticed how old my hands are beginning to look while getting my nails done (my ONE indulgence, leave me alone!) And age spots! Ack! I've got granny hands! Then the girl that does my hair ... she just HAD to point out the fact that the number of gray hairs has increased exponentially since my last visit. Thanks a bunch, sweetie ... that's why I am here. Cover those puppies up, pluck 'em out or whatever ... I don't want to see them, and I don't want to hear about them. And kick up the red in the auburn tones a bit more while you're at it. It helps with that whole denial of aging thing.

But she did a great job on the cut. She suggested that I get some layering and texture to better show off my new curls. That still has me blown away ... that my once stick-straight hair is now fairly wavy. I guess sometimes wishes do come true!

*wishes harder for 36 hour days*

Posted by LissaKay on 06/20/07 at 11:31 AM in Personal
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Was the trip to get the hair done before or after the concert the other night? Because I thought you looked just fine then....

I wish I had 36-hour days, too. Actually, I don't mind the 24-hour ones, I wish I could just have one "free" day plopped down in the middle of the week just for myself with no responsibilities or duties...

Posted by Barry on 06/20 at 02:34 PM
Grey hair? Hmmmmph. My wife likes the 'Richard Gere' look, or so she sez...I, personally, could care less if it's gray or grey or grazed (well, maybe not grazed...)

If you want to feel better about yourself, just go look at a pic of R Neal...


Posted by Serr8d on 06/20 at 09:45 PM
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Barry ... it was after. It was a regular maintenance appointment. Actually, I had forgotten about it until they called about 2 hours before! That's how crazy things are here!

Serr8d ... us girls tend to have a bit of a different view on the gray hair thing, especially when they first really get going. And gray hairs in umm ... other places ... are particularly disconcerting. cheese

Posted by LissaKay on 06/21 at 12:46 AM
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