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As hectic as this week has been, I can only shudder to imagine what the rest of the holiday season will be like. I think this is the first time in over a week that I have been able to sit down and not get all in a tizzy trying to get things done, organized, fixed or otherwise dealt with. But that will not last long today ...

I'm trying to gather up the courage to fling myself into the holiday shopping madness. My son, as usual, has presented me with a Christmas wish list a mile long ... very specific and detailed it is. MP3 player, video games, CDs, skateboard stuff ... he will be 17 on Christmas day as well, and has offered up the argument that he should be allowed to have video games that are rated M-17 now. I dunno about that ...

Speaking of holiday shopping ... over on the far left are links to Amazon.com and Buy.com. If ya would, if you are going to shop there anyway, please link through those ... I get a little teeny cut of anything purchased through those links. I also put up PayPal and Amazon donate links to help with the costs of running this site.

I have upgraded my ExpressionEngine installation to the latest version 1.2. The Image Gallery module is awesome. I played with it a little bit, but I haven't had time to do much with it yet. I can't decide if I want it to look like this page or come up with a whole new layout for it. The Image Gallery will eventually incorporate my photo blog and Coppermine gallery. I also plan to create a another gallery to replace my design site. But again ... lack of spare time hampers my progress on all these nifty projects.

Turkey Day report - Vi asked about T-Day in a comment below ... nice and quiet it was. Mother and I had a nice dinner planned, but at the last minute her arthritis and/or fibromyalgia started acting up on her and she was afraid the day would come and she would be unable to get anything done. I offered to do it for her, but they decided we would just go out to eat. We went to Calhoun's, famous for its awesome ribs, and had dinner there. Then we went to their house for dessert. I miss having the leftovers, but all things considered, it was probably the best solution. My charming son was on his best behavior ... he is really becoming quite the young man. He is tickled to death that he is now over 5 feet tall (and growing like mad!) and is sporting some facial hair. His voice has dropped a couple of octaves, but is not totally changed yet ... he squeaks every now and then. It's hilarious when he's on the phone with a girl ... he drops his voice even lower. "Hey baby ... wha's happenin'?"

I worked Friday ... better than standing in mile-long check-out lines. My parents recruited my son to help them around their house ... crawl up into the attic to get decorations, climb the ladder to hang lights ... stuff that is better left to someone young and agile. He loves helping them out and spending time with them ... it really boosts his pride in himself. Plus, they usually compensate him quite grandly for his time ... I wish I could make that kind of hourly pay! They do spoil him rotten ... but at least he shows appreciation to them.

And I gotta quit playing around here and Get Things Done.

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