Oh ... Really?

The week I’ve had these past two days ...

Sunday morning ... I lay in bed in that drowsy half-wake, half-sleep state listening to the cat purr. My idea of heaven. It was to be short lived though ...

I heard the phone ring, and my son answer it. It's usually for him anyway. But no ... it's my mom. Daddy was out walking the dog and somehow fell. Hard. Hard enough to knock him out and scare the crap out of the neighbor. When you are 66 years old, with a brand new hip and reconstructed, stented cardiac arteries, falls are serious. Mom was calling from the ER where Daddy had been taken by ambulance. She was not sure that I needed to come right away, but I would have to eventually, as she had no transportation. I went, as soon as I could, without killing myself rushing. My son chose to go too, surprising the hell out of me ... he does still have some remnants of humanity!

Daddy has one hell of a black eye. Not a contusion or bruise, but pooling of blood below the skin. He has a fracture of the bone around his left eye, the orbit. He also needed 7 stitches on his scalp, and was further covered with scrapes and bruises all down his left side. The replaced hip is the right one, and it was not bothered. He also had a small sub-arachnoid hemorrhage, so they sent him to ICU for a day or two.

We spent most of the day at the hospital. Let me tell you, people ... if you ever need to go into the hospital, for something even minor, take someone with you that can and will deal with the staff. They will lie to cover up their own incompetence, thinking you, as a lay-person, are an imbecile. I encountered this crap several times in the 8 hours we were there yesterday. They left us sitting in the ICU waiting area for an hour after Daddy had been brought up, then lied saying they weren't told about family. They couldn't get it straight whether Daddy could have sips of water, ice chips only, or nothing ... I know damn good and well the neuro doc and the ER doc both said OK for sips of water.

I finally let slip that I was a paramedic, leaving unsaid that I am watching every move you bitches make. Funny the different reactions that gets ... the dumbass nurses become snooty, and even a little hostile. The good nurses talk to me like a peer, and watch their own asses. Docs and PAs love it ... they have someone that speaks the language. They direct their questions to me, and let me translate for my parents. I've been out of the biz for 5 years, but it still carries the magic.

We got Mom home that evening, and made her promise to stay there until morning and get some rest. My son was drafted to be her companion the next day when she went back. Mom gets flustered and lost in these situations, and just needs someone to be her anchor. He can also lift the heavy stuff and hold doors open. Exploitation of youth? Oh yes, indeed!

While they lolled about the hospital, I had to go to work. The dreaded place of misery. And I had a check-list of things to do ...

My health insurance has some issue with the chiropractic doc I've been seeing ... so I had to cancel my visits this week until that can be straightened out. I had to call a potential employer and turn down a job offer ... the pay is too low. Had to call the child support office to get some information, then call a bunch of other people ... rally the troops, so to speak, so I will be ready for our review in two weeks. I've been preparing for this for almost three years. I'm still nervous as hell ... the well-being of my two younger children depends on the outcome ... all my ex wants is to see me suffer financially. If all goes as it should, he will be left standing on his own crank. I do hope he doesn't act like a child and stomp his feet ...

Then the credit union called ... my 401K check has arrived, and I have to go sign papers to roll it into an IRA. While there, I applied for an increase in my credit line so I can transfer the balance of two credit cards ... and pay one third the interest rate. Why do I always get the feeling that my mom should be doing this stuff? She's the grown up! I'm just the kid! What am I doing applying for loans and opening an IRA???

Then the gut punch of the day ... I was offered another of the jobs I interviewed for last week (AT! Trifecta!) One that I have wanted for a long time (still not THE dream job though!) and I don't know why, but I had the most ungodly anxiety attack! I got the offer via email during my lunch break, and my gut was so clenched, I couldn't eat. My hands were shaking, my chest was tight and I broke out into a sweat. What a weird reaction! I think it's because I had myself convinced that I blew the interview and didn't have much of a chance. I know I sounded like a retard ... I blanked when asked what is NTFS. Duh!

Anyway, the pay is about the same, the bennies will suck for a few months because I will be a temp before I get fully hired. Then I get the bennies of a government contractor. Sweet! It's a help desk job, and there is loads of room to promote there, and it will look good on a resume, should I go on the job hunt again. I don't look forward to quitting this job ... yes, I do ... but I don't. Maybe that's where the anxiety is coming from ...

This has been one hell of a two days ...

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