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The Prodigal Kitty

I arose Tuesday morning to the sound of the alarm clock and knew immediately that something wasn't right. I went downstairs and first noted how cold it was, and then I saw my back door standing open. Then it hit me ... my beautiful, beloved kitty was nowhere to be found. I searched his usual hiding places in vain, I ran outside in pajamas and bare feet and called for him. The damp cold eventually drove me back inside. Through my tears, I fed my other kitty, Faith. I wailed silently for my Dakota as I carried on with my morning routine.

Faith and Dakota are Maine Coon kitties. I adopted them from a rescue shelter last summer. Faith was a little kitten then, about 2 months old. Dakota was about a year and a half when I brought them home. Faith adapted easily to her new home, with the energy and curiosity inherent in any kitten. Dakota was a different story though. He hid beneath my bed and would not come out. He would come downstairs for food, water and the litter box, but if anyone moved, he would bolt back upstairs to his safe haven under the bed. I had been told by the lady at the shelter that they thought he had been abused before he was rescued. It seemed pretty likely to me, given his demeanor.

At night, after I got into bed, Dakota would come up and let me pet him. No wait, that's not quite accurate. He would *demand* to be petted and scratched. It became our routine at night. As I got ready for bed, he would pace back and forth, trilling and chirping as only Maine Coons do. I would settle in and he would present himself for ear scratching and belly rubbing. His purr was so strong and loud. I could feel the vibration through the bed. And I didn't even have to put a quarter in the bed!

For me, this relieved much of my nighttime loneliness. I am single by choice, and while I am comfortable with that, grateful even, the still of the night often brought doubts, longings and pangs of loneliness. This magnificent kitty kept me company and gave me unconditional love. He responded unabashedly to my attention with his deep rumbling purr and kneading paws. His emerald eyes would look at me with what could only be total adoration.
Posted by LissaKay on 02/10/03 at 01:23 PM in Kitty Tales
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