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The Crash Explained

The Anchoress is again on a roll. Revisit or refresh often to catch the updates. Watch the video first, you will learn much. (The original video was taken down, this is the replacement one that doesn't violate Warner Music copyright, or sense of justice ... heh)

I need to first opine that the Democrats yesterday blew my mind with their last-minute addition of 56 billion to the bail-out, their sneaky, slippery attempt to play political games with some of this money - directing it to ACORN (!) - and their subsequent attempt to lie and to blame the GOP - the president - anyone but themselves for not passing a bill which the GOP CANNOT BLOCK. We already know that Nancy Pelosi has no leadership skills except in spite and obstruction - we see she is completely out of her depths here, but Barney Frank’s behavior last night, and his disrespect toward the GOP and the President was particularly egregious in a time of crisis. He behaved like a trapped animal trying to distract the hunters toward anyone but him. Meanwhile Chuck Schumer is unusually, uncharacteristically silent; Barack Obama - except when mentioned by a press pretending he is leading - seems irrelevant to the process and to have no genuine ideas or input, or a desire to lead. All he seems capable of doing is whining about the debate while Rome falls about his ankles. McCain is quite right that the debates would be less urgent if Obama had done the Town Halls McCain had asked for - debates Obama said he’d have “anytime, anywhere” before refusing all of them. I say at this point SCREW the moderated debates that tell us nothing and insist that these candidates town-hall it and speak DIRECTLY to the people who will be most affected by all of this - that would be the ordinary folk.

Read the rest ... follow the links. Learn what your elected representatives have done to this country. In November, cast your vote wisely and pray for the survival of this country.

Posted by LissaKay on 09/26/08 at 06:23 PM in Politics
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Oh,please comment over on Katieallisongranju's political blog and link to this!I would love for the cry babies to see this!
Posted by Mallory on 10/05 at 05:39 AM
yeah you are right this video is really helpful to understand these things. but i don't like politics :S
Posted by complaints on 10/11 at 03:59 AM
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