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Spring Rant

I posted the following at Global Affairs back on April 15. The post below this one, Victory, reminded me that it needs a place here as well -

I do not profess to have a great deal of knowledge about world affairs, politics or even military issues. I had strong misgivings about the US going into Iraq to strike militarily to remove Saddam Hussein and his regime from power. But the more I learned about our history with the tyrants and terrorists of the Middle East, the more I knew that, like it or not, war with Iraq was something we needed.

The statements made by the anti-war protestors made me decidedly uncomfortable, even angry. How could they not see why we HAD to go to Iraq? I am against war ... for peace. But I am realistic in admitting that sometime, to have peace, we have to have war. So I chose to ignore them and have faith that what the US was doing was right.

But today, I let loose. A couple others here noted they were in a ranting mood today ... it must be spring fever. Or maybe the collective tension we have been under with our country at war. Whatever.

Today was one of those deliciously beautiful spring days. I took my lunch outside to eat in the sunshine at work. There is an unwritten workplace policy that we don't discuss volatile issues on the clock, inside the building. Outside in the break areas, many debates ensue though. Today was no different. At the table next to mine, three young men were eating their lunch. Their discussion consisted of the same old tired, worn out, anti-war, it's all about the oil, the US isn't the world's policeman, blah blah blah that I had gotten so sick of listening to. Today, instead of simply ignoring them, I ranted back
Posted by LissaKay on 05/19/03 at 12:24 PM in Our World
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