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Snips and Snails

Puppy dog tails ... that's what little boys are made of. And boys will be boys. God love 'em ... And us girls, we have our own traits as well, and those lovable guys love us for them too.

One of the hot topics in the Knoxville blogosphere recently has been the opening of a new barber shop, Gentlemen's Top Cuts. It is an establishment that caters to men and promises "atmosphere, beautiful women, and quality services unlike anywhere else." While most of the guys have met this news with great enthusiasm, some women have voiced, or blogged, some objections.

Calling it a "meat market" or questioning the manhood of the men who would patronize such an establishment or questioning the women who would "allow" their men to go there, usually wrapped in a mantle of feminist righteous indignation that women would market themselves in such a manner - what it usually boils down to is that women are competitive as hell ... with each other, with our appearance as the measure of our comparative worth. Yes, girls will indeed be girls, and that's why we have Sephora, Victoria's Secret whole industries dedicated to helping us look the best we can. To compete for the attention of the male, we have to be more attractive than the woman next to us. It's just the way it is.

So what, exactly, is the big deal? What's wrong with all that? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. When we recognize, appreciate and even celebrate the differences between men and women, we can then live in harmony and peace with each other.

Men like to look at women. They are visual creatures, and they are attracted to potential mates by how they appear, at least initially. While we have adopted certain cultural traditions and habits that have altered our behavior, we are still, at our core, instinctual animals. The male of the species seeks to reproduce with the female that will most likely be his genetic complement, and one that is healthy and capable of easily bearing his offspring. The human female is in prime childbearing state when she is between the ages of 16 and 28. So, to the male, the appearance of this youthfulness is a prime attraction. Indeed, the prime biological directive of the human male to reproduce as much as he can. That means sex, and lots of it. With the prettiest, youngest looking female that he can attract.

So, sex sells. And why not? If it appeals to your target customer, why not use it? And if a woman has the physical traits that make her attractive to men, why not use those to her advantage?

In one of the blog discussions about GTC, Say Uncle said, "Basically, Gentlemen’s Top Cuts is applying the Hooter’s concept to hair cuts. Men don’t go to Hooter’s for the overpriced beer and the crappy wings. They go to check out the women and watch the sports on HD TeeVee." That's pretty much it, in a nutshell. It's entertainment.

But I guess some women are offended at being considered "entertainment" ... even as they spend hundreds of dollars trying to make themselves attractive. Some women get it though, like Cathy. After Doug went and got all gussied up at GTC, she says, "Doug did not go someplace sleazy. He did not objectify women. He did not cheat on me in body or mind. He hung out with people who have similar interests. He got pampered. He acted silly and had fun. Yay for Doug. He deserves it."

The so-called feminists have done more to screw up the ability of men and women to get along and enjoy each other for what we are than anything else they have done. At the same time as they campaigned for the right of women to enjoy their own sexuality, they also degraded that same sexuality by inferring that any male appreciation of it was making them a sex object. That is what I don't get. They want to be sexy, but they don't want men to notice it?

Men are wonderful beings, and their appreciation of women and all that we have to offer is one of their more endearing qualities. There is nothing wrong with appealing to men in that fashion at all. At least not to women with a healthy self-esteem.

Maybe one of these days, I will write about what exactly it is that women want ... it seems to be a common and perplexing question. Maybe it should stay that way ...

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Posted by LissaKay on 04/06/08 at 01:30 AM in Local News
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Hi there!
Great post! I had no ideal there was so much blogging in Knoxville. I love blogging... and I also just accepted a job at GTC last week so this was a positive post for me. Thanks!

Posted by Angelia on 04/21 at 10:34 AM
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