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When the GOP announced Palin, I decided to vote Republican for the first time since '88, in the hope of getting Reagan in a skirt in '12.

I voted to re-elect Bush in '04 ... actually, I was more voting AGAINST John Kerry, but prior to that, until Reagan's re-election, I voted either Democrat or third-party. Al Gore can take the credit for my abandonment of the Democrat party with his tantrum following the 2000 election. Just about everything they have done in the 8 years since then has only confirmed that decision,

The day after Sarah Palin was announced as McCain's pick for VP, the hate-fest already in full swing, I remarked, via Twitter, "Wondering why supposedly empowered, "feminist" women are so threatened by a truly empowered, true feminist such as Sarah Palin .. go figure" and it was like hitting a hornet's nest with a bat. I had several direct messages basically saying I was stupid or crazy for thinking Palin is a feminist (what, she has to abort a baby to get her feminist cred?) and a couple of truly hateful anonymous emails first slandering Palin, then slandering me and my family. Keep it classy there! I guess liberal feminists just cannot conceive of a woman that truly has it all, is the walking, talking example of what true empowerment really is, and is also a conservative Christian.

Then came the vicious slime fest via DailyKos, in which Palin was accused of covering up for her daughter's pregnancy. The frenzy of the smear was even picked up and forwarded by mainstream media. Then, finally, to put to rest the crazy rumors and inuendo, Sarah Palin was forced to come forward with the fact that her daughter is now 5 months pregnant, and therefore could not possibly be the baby's mother. It is highly likely that they had intended to wait to make this private family business public knowledge, I don't think it's anyone's business but their's at all. So what happens next? Palin is then denigrated for putting the spotlight on her family. One Twitter commenter snarked that she was "whoring out" her family during her speech at the RNC. As if Obama and Biden didn't talk about theirs. Don't you lefties see how stupid that is? (Or are you just that blinded by hate and fear that you can't see it?)

I also find it interesting that the Kos site is held up as the flagship site of the "Netroots" community, where Obama himself has a blog, where many Democrat politicians participate, blog and even attend the yearly KosKidz hate-fest, err ... I mean conference. Until they post something like this, and then it is considered a "fringe element" or a "radical, extremist leftist" site. Seems they can't own up to their own vile and hateful nature, so they delete the post and try to pretend it never happened! DailyKos lost all relevance, as far as I am concerned, when they danced in the blood of murdered Blackwater contractors and said, "Screw 'em" ... another post which conveniently got disappeared.

So, the Democrats continue their frenzy of fear in which they flail helplessly and fling all sorts of hate at Sarah Palin ... some of which is true, but is spun up with false information. Most of which is either made up out of the thin air or is twisted and exaggerated half-truths that have no basis in reality. But then, this kind of behavior is sadly nothing new, nor is it unexpected anymore.

Posted by LissaKay on 09/04/08 at 04:08 PM in Politics
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