Oh ... Really?

Roller Coaster Ride

That's the only way to describe life with a child who has Bipolar Disorder. Overall, things are TONS better than they were just two months ago. We haven't had any out-of-control rages, mania or self-destructive depression. But that is called “stable” and means only that I can leave him alone, unsupervised without being scared out of my mind.

But school is a whole 'nother thing. They have an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) in place for him. I just wish they would stick to it. Instead it seems as if they are nit-picking ... expecting perfect behavior and punishing him for the slightest infractions. I'm tired of getting calls from the school saying he was talking out of turn, or getting out of his seat when he shouldn't. This is a kid that does NOT need ANY added stress! I have a meeting set up for later this week ... Mama Bear is going in with guns blazing.

He is such a neat kid. Tonight we had some pretty severe weather here .. tornado warnings all around. We had to prepare to take shelter in the downstairs bathroom which is under the stairs. He decided that we should have emergency rations as well, so he packed up some cereal, snack bars and granola. He also put in a package of kitty treats for our two cats. That just kinda tickled me. It is so ... HIM. He really does have a heart as big as the world. And it sucks so BAD that he has this to deal with for the rest of his life.

Posted by LissaKay on 11/10/02 at 12:31 PM in Bipolarville
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