Oh ... Really?

On the other side of 40

Yep ... I made it here. I am 40 years old. The big day was actually four days ago ... I tried my best to ignore it. It didn't work. It happened anyway.

In some ways, I still feel like a 20-something. I like pop music, most trendy clothing styles (I do have my limits though) and I "think" young. I seem to remember when I was a teen-ager, my parents seemed like horribly old fashioned fuddy duddies. They liked music that was from way back when, and polyester ruled their closets. Ehh ... my kids probably think the same of me. I do get some strange looks when I sing along with the radio to the latest hit. Who knows?
Posted by LissaKay on 04/04/04 at 03:54 AM in Being Bitchy
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Happy Birthday smile

Welcome to the world of 40, it ain't so bad is it?

Posted by Lynne on 04/05 at 01:02 AM
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