Oh ... Really?

OK, this is it. No really. It is our final answer.

We are not joking, and we will not change our minds. Again. All the speculation, guessing, wondering, and all that is over. Said and done. And we do apologize for all the change, we hope everyone will understand. As for me, I blame Obama. As Commander in Chief, this is his responsibility. So, it's his fault.

March 28. Probably shortly after lunch, like around 1:00.

We shall be wed.

And if we have intimated that you will be invited, make sure we have your address for your invitation. Email or DM it to either of us ... and if you are friends enough to be expecting an invite, you should already have our contact info, yes?

So why blame Obama? Well, it's like this ... Rich's oldest son has been in Iraq since December '07. He was originally due to return home in March. That would have put him on leave in May, which was our original wedding date. However, since the coalition forces have done such a bang up job in restoring security, peace and democracy in Iraq, many of them are coming home early. We first got word of this change last fall, but we still did not know what dates Adam would be on leave. It took this long for his higher ups to let him know exactly when he could come home. We just confirmed the dates within the last week, and now have a firm date for the wedding, when we know Adam can be here. Now, since this massive confusion is due to the Army and Obama is the Commander in Chief, he gets the blame. See? I have learned something in the last 8 years.

We are going to have the wedding out on the deck at Rich's mother's house. Risky to have an outdoor wedding in late March in East Tennessee in a year when we've had weird weather anyway? Why yes indeed! We like to live dangerously! It will be a fairly non-formal deal ... if I can find one I like, I will be in a dress, and Rich in a sport coat and slacks. So, guests can be comfy in dressy casual wear ... like you'd wear to a nice restaurant or party. The reception will be late lunch buffet with cold sandwiches, veggie and fruit platters, pasta salad and other finger foods. I have some ideas about my cake, and the groom's cake has already been planned. It will come as no surprise to anyone that knows us at all.

The ceremony we are planning will be deeply spiritual but also fun. We have a large family, and some really super friends, and we want everyone to be involved! We don't consider this to be the beginning of our marriage ... that began months ago when we first vowed our covenant with each other and God before some of our closest friends and our parents. This is a celebration of our commitment and our new life together.

Now, we just gotta put this lil shindig together in less than two months! Yikes!

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.... that is wonderful news!...... congratulations to you both!.......
Posted by Eric on 02/04 at 10:35 PM
Good afternoon. With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.
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Thank 8) Aldercy.

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