Oh ... Really?

Just lock ‘em up

This is why we are losing our kids...

If there is any money to be raised, then it ought to go towards building a juvenile detention system for these severely mentally ill individuals, they should have been hospitalized, incarcerated, locked down!

That's also the same kind of incredibly screwed up thinking that engendered my rage at certain extremely ignorant individuals in that forum. One chick wants to isolate kids with mental illnesses and disorders in our schools, not even giving them a chance to get along with and integrate with the rest of the kids. Oh no! We can't have that! It might disturb little Johnny to see someone who isn't "normal" ... who sometimes behaves differently. But this does not apply to kids with other physical disorders, like diabetes. She says it's not the same ... Well, do tell me, Ms Brilliant ... just how the hell is a disordered brain any damn different than a disordered pancreas? Is there some kind of priority system based on which organ is affected? Screwed up heart? That's OK. Cancer? Fine and dandy. Need a wheelchair? We'll build some ramps! Oh ... it's the brain that's misfiring? Get outta here! We don't want none of that around here!

The dude in the post above ... he says just lock them all up. Never mind treatment ...medication is just a crutch for the weak and lazy. The only thing I agree with is that parents have to be responsible for their kids ... but get them treatment, give them every chance to be a part of society. It takes a lot of effort, it takes 24/7 vigilence, it takes a lot of love. But he won't even give them that ... just lock them up, throw them away, they are imperfect and therefore they don't deserve a place in our society, and it's all the parents' fault.

That is the kind of messed up thinking that has kept research and availability of treatment for mental health issues just barely available. These kind of people make me sick. Maybe THEY should be locked up ...


BTW, you idiots ... do some research. You don't even have to look very far. Columbine didn't happen because those boys were bullied. Harris was a psychopath, Kiebold was suicidal ... and they went without any kind of appropriate treatment or supervision. They set out to kill for their own reasons ... and they only partially succeeded.

Posted by LissaKay on 04/21/05 at 01:44 PM in My Soapbox
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