Oh ... Really?

It’s Baby Havin’ Day!

It's a boy! And a girl! And a really weird coincidence!

East Tennessee bloggers heard the news early this morning that Doug and Cathy McCaughan have a new niece!

imageAbout an hour ago, Rich called from Birmingham to announce the arrival of his second grandson, Joaquin! He said mom and baby are doing fine, daddy should recover eventually. Baby weighed 7lbs, 9 0z and came bounding into the world at about 1:25pm. Rich should be posting with better pictures and more detail later.

UPDATE: Post is up - go see pictures!

Now here's the weird coincidence part ... first, check out this post from Cathy, and then this one by Rich. Note the dates on the posts.

Freaky, man!

Posted by LissaKay on 01/24/08 at 05:42 PM in Happy Crap
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