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Kin May Have to Pay for Legally Insane

Insane in so many more ways than one. Keith Laney, left alone with a severely brain injured child to care for alone, having lost his two other sons to his mentally ill wife, with her committed to a lifetime in a state mental hospital ... he must now fork over the bucks to pay for her care. He could lose his house and farm and be financially hobbled by the state. How lovely. Punish the family of the mentally ill. Makes perfect sense to me ... NOT!

Posted by LissaKay on 05/05/04 at 03:34 AM in Bipolarville My Soapbox
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Tough place to be in for him. How much support is he getting from private groups? While him doing it is impossible due to the cost, the other side of the coin is why should the state be the one to do it?

Posted by gunner on 05/05 at 07:32 PM
I'm so upset about this whole thing. That poor man, and no one seems to care. The laws are truly messed up. And I don't think he's getting any support from private groups. And I think the state should at least pay for a good percentage because instead of sentencing her to prison, where they would have been responsible for 100% of her treatment, the judge instead ordered her to a hospital. Not quite jail, but she's still court-ordered to be in a mental hospital probably for the rest of her life. The state is forcing her to be at the hospital, therefore the state should pay, at least enough so this man and his 1 surviving child are not destitute.

Posted by Misu on 05/06 at 02:04 AM
Thanks, Lissa, for your outrage. I've been dealing with a mental illness for most of my life. And as with most people, it went untreated for a very long time. I appreciate your passion in speaking up for those of us who aren't able.

Since starting treatment twenty one months ago, I've learned a lot about my own mental illness of unipolar depression. I've also learned that very few people "get it." In order to help those who don't "get it" and those who might be experiencing similar patterns of depression, I started a blog in late 2002. It's simply my journey in dealing with depression. It's raw, emotional, and sometimes quite graphic. Please share it with your readers if you're so inclined.

The good news is that after twenty one months in treatment, my psychiatrist and therapist both agree that my depression is in remission. Got that diagnosis yesterday!

Posted by Letao on 06/04 at 09:37 AM
Heya! I just found you via the comments on Michele's blog.

It's hard to put into words how angry I at how mentally ill are treated, but believe me when I say I understand. I don't have a child with bipolar, but I have the illness. I have struggled with it since teen years and only five years ago was finally diagnosed coorectly. I'm still trying to manage it now (no medication because of no insurance) and it seems the only one who understands me is my family, and only because I'm not the only one with some form of mental illness.

I'm glad I found your home here. smile

Posted by Alicia on 06/21 at 10:30 PM
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