Oh ... Really?

I Survived Another Rite of Passage

I have joined legions of parents that have gone before me - and survived to tell about it - as they helped their offspring take their first halting steps towards independence. Today, I taught my child how to drive a car. big surprise

The nervous tic under my left eye has slowed to less than once a minute now. My pulse and blood pressure are back down to near normal ranges, and I have stopped reverting to the nervous passenger posture ... hands in a death grip on the seat and door handle, with the body rigidly pressing back against the seat while the right foot stomps on the floor. I do still have occasional shock waves of nervous anxiety sweep over me ... PTSD? My dinner may eventually digest ... barbecue probably wasn't the best choice for a nervous tummy.

Bubba Dude has finally gotten his learner's permit and is learning to drive. My other two kids learned from their father, so this is my first adventure in driving lessons. We delayed his driving mostly because of his issues with bipolar disorder. And even then, my budget would not have allowed for insurance for a teenage boy back then. Or now, even. But he is old enough now that my insurance company will allow me to exclude him from my policy and he can get his own ... when he gets a job, and a car. My folks are going to help him out there too, with the same deal they made with Ms Thang, lending him the money and being paid back over time.

He did really well for it being his first time. He did have a tendency to go a little faster than he should, but that it partly due to my car ... it likes to go a bit faster than you intend. He still needs experience and practice in judging how to turn corners and come to a stop at a particular spot. He also drifts to the right a lot. At one point, he nearly wiped out a mailbox on a narrow road. Whenever I mentioned that he was going a bit too fast, he would over-compensate and then go too slow. We annoyed several people in West Knoxville today that got stuck behind us. Maybe scared a couple too. Oh well.

But I dread the notion that he will need many more driving lessons before he will be ready to be fully licensed. I wonder if this is reason enough for a prescription for a good sedative?

Thank God in Heaven I don't have anymore kids!

Posted by LissaKay on 03/23/08 at 02:01 AM in Home Life
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It's the first step in pushing them from the nest.

My granddaughter now has her learner's permit...it won't be long.

Posted by Mushy on 03/23 at 11:11 AM
My daughter learned, under my tutelage, three years ago. Still, when she is in another vehicle, I feel...edgy. Even though she is a careful driver, and drives a SUV, I still have fears.

Not that she will do anything silly, but that someone else in her car might distract her, or blast a stereo at an inopportune time, or call (or text!) at a bad time. I stressed (and still do) the 100% attention required for wielding 3000 pounds of steel at highway speeds.

(Or even walking speeds, when backing up. She has taken rear bumper damage, in reverse!)

Posted by serr8d on 03/29 at 11:58 AM
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