Oh ... Really?

I need one of these

I joined a Freecycle group several weeks ago. Freecycle is made up of local community groups who trade off their unwanted items to each other, instead of sending them to the dump. Each local group has a Yahoo Group and we post what we have to give away or what we are looking for. I got rid of a few usable items last week that were just taking up space in my tiny house and a few people got things they really needed or wanted, including a couple ladies involved with domestic abuse programs and one for an afterschool program for at-risk boys. Super! A couple ticks up on the old Karma meter, eh?

Anyway ... this morning, a post was made to the group. A lady had several items to give away. One was, I suppose, a dehumidifier. But there was a typo ... it was listed as a dehumilifier. Man, I could really use one of those!

For all those awkward moments of social gaffes and faux pas :red: Flip a switch and instant dehumilification! Awesome!

Seriously ... if you have a bunch of old things just sitting around taking up space that someone else might be able to use, check out Freecycle ... it's too cool.

Posted by LissaKay on 04/17/05 at 10:25 PM in Neat Stuff
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