Oh ... Really?

Hasta la vista, Bloglines

OK, Bloglines. I am done. This is it. It is over.

Buh bye.

Despite long and tedious email conversations, in which you promised to fix and make right all that was wrong, the problems still remain. You ask for "Freedbacking" and I gave it. In response, I got lame assurances that it was being fixed. The most recent one merely promises more enhancements and features are coming soon. Incident: 061012-000051 is still sitting there, untouched for four days:

Feeds are still not updating correctly, Atom feeds have ongoing problems and the pinger thing is still broken.

I will visit a site and see new content that was published hours or even days ago, but it has not appeared in my feeds in Blogline. I have reported this numerous times and it is still broken.

I can refresh my feeds and it will say no new content, but if I click on the "X New Updated Feeds" link, it will sometimes display feeds that had been published hours earlier. Hit 'R' or click My Feeds again and they disappear. This too has been reported and Freedbacked before and is still broken.

The ping is still broken ...I have to republish many, many times before it picks up my feeds. Sometimes they remain "hidden" as above for hours or days. There is definitely an issue with Atom feeds not showing up. Again, reported and freedbacked, and still broken.

I still cannot claim one of my three feeds, despite the code being properly placed (else the other two wouldn't have worked).

I don't have much patience with things that don't work and cause me annoyance. Too much annoyance and I start looking around for a replacement. I tried several other online feed readers, but none of them did exactly what I needed them to do. Then Google came out with their own feed reader. It looked mah-velous, dahlink ... but it had a couple of major flaws, primarily, not being able to mark all read in whole or in part. The interface, half ajax and part something else, was unstable as hell in Firefox. Then Google sent it back into the garage for a total overhaul. The final touches were put in on Oct 9.

It's still in beta, but Google Reader Kicks. Bloglines. Ass. No wait, I stand corrected. Google Reader isn't even Beta ... it's still in Google Labs, the nursery of all cool things Google to be.

I'm using Gmail for 99% of my email needs. Love the calendar. The Docs and Spreadsheets rawks, and Notebook is just darn nifty. The personalized Google Home page will become my browser home page when and if it can remember my log in between sessions (and I think that is an issue my Firefox has with cookies and passwords right now ... still troubleshooting that). But the Bookmarks, they suck. Oh well, can't expect perfection.

Political considerations aside, I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.


I even think the Google Balls are pretty darn cool too!

Posted by LissaKay on 10/16/06 at 11:10 PM in Blogging
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