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Happy ... and Sad

Today I have been both very sad and very happy, for a number of different reasons.

Most of the sadness comes from the date, and it being the anniversary of a horrible attack that was perpetrated against not only the US, but the entire Western civilization by a group of fanatical thugs. I won't get into all the whys and hows of it, we've all heard all that plenty enough.

I'm even more saddened that there are some people that hate America ... AMERICANS that hate America enough to think up and perpetuate outlandish conspiracies that accuse the US government of causing this horrible tragedy. Even 7 years later, after thorough debunking and dismantling of all the theories, they still try to push their agenda of hate for America. I have but one suggestion for people like that ... if you so hate this country, get out. Now.

I am sad that the way we came together as a single nation, as one people, to mourn our loss, to rail against those that killed our brethren has gone by the wayside. We are even further divided and farther apart than we ever were before. The flag waving and patriotism that marked our united response to our attackers is now looked down upon ... "A flag waving patriot" is now used as a derogatory description. Even worse than that is to be labeled as a "devout Christian". How totally messed up are we that the pillars of what made this country great - faith and loyalty - are now looked down upon.

So what am I happy about? Well, I have a job offer. It's a job that I have been courting for almost four months now ... three interviews, two site visits, waiting, waiting, and waiting some more, and the process has nearly reached the point of the formal job offer. Normally, I would be doing back-flips and squealing for joy ... and actually I was two weeks ago when I was notified that the formal job offer was on the way ... and I could hardly wait to tell all my friends of this wonderful news.

But then, I have also recently found out that some people that I thought were friends were never really truly friends, and all because they cannot accept that I am a devout Christian, that I consider life, all life - from the moment of conception, to be precious and that life trumps what they call a choice ... but I call a cop-out. That I believe that we all need to start taking personal responsibility for our actions AND their consequences, that the government is not there to bail us out or to provide the essentials of daily living. And that I hold traditional, family-centered, man AND woman empowered beliefs and values and won't compromise for the sake of political correctness. Or for the sake of others' opinions. I won't be silenced and I won't back down. I pity their loss of a friend. Me, I have apparently lost nothing.

So, I am sad for those lost souls.


I am also a little sad that I will have to become reacquainted with 6:00 am, and staying up til 3 and sleeping until noon will become a thing of the past. Oh well. Crank up the coffee maker!

Posted by LissaKay on 09/11/08 at 05:40 PM in Personal
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Just be content that you are right in your beliefs and that there are those that agree.

Posted by Mushy on 09/11 at 10:14 PM
I don't think those conspiracists hate America. I think they probably love America just as much as you and I do. And they believe so strongly in the conspiracy that they want to bring about corrections to see it never happen again.

I don't think we will ever definitely know the truth but I do know that people with opposing views should not just usher one another to the door. I welcome people with opposing views to show me why they feel so adamantly and try to convince me that I am wrong, and I hope that they will give me the same opportunity.

I think for someone to desire to see America different than it is part of being American. Martin Luther King, Jr had his dream. I am certain people declared that he hated America and suggested he leave. Can you imagine what America would be like today had he left? When two people do not like each other, it is often that they just have not spent enough time together.

Congratulations on the job! That's great news!

Posted by djuggler on 09/13 at 11:12 AM
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The problem with the "Truthers" is that even though their conspiracy theories fall apart right out of the gate on basic logic, not to mention the thorough debunking on a technological and engineering level, they keep insisting that it is the "evil government" that actually did all of it. Even when they are proven wrong, they insist that it could not be crazy extremists that perpetuated the attacks, but our own government instead.

How angry and hate-filled does a person need to be to hang on to something that insane, illogical and outright stupid, just so the blame can be laid on America?

Just so there is no question ... I have voted for the GOP candidate for president exactly TWICE. The first time was to re-elect Reagan in 1984, the second was to re-elect Bush in 2004. I voted for Gore, I voted for Clinton, twice. In the 2000 election, I was upset that Gore had lost. I really did not want Bush to be president. However, I am very pragmatic and logical. I rarely think with my heart. I use my head. When the ballot issue in Florida was taking place, I looked at all sides of the issue, the laws and regulations involved and how it was finally resolved. Even though I did not like the result, I had to admit, by the laws of the land, it was the correct one.

I was not happy with Bush as president. I disagreed with him on several big issues. When 9/11 happened, though, and he stepped up and guided this nation through our darkest hour with the grace and courage that he did, it sparked a bit of admiration for him. I already knew a bit more about radical Islamists, terrorism in the Middle East and the threat it poses to us than the average American by virtue of some people that I have known in my life. So, I know that Bush's determination to stand up to these terrorists was absolutely the right thing to do.

I am pretty sure that all Americans agree that it was the correct course of action to pursue the Taliban in Afghanistan and rout them out. Where many opinions diverge is on whether it was the right thing to do to go into Iraq to oust Saddam Hussein.

My thought it is that yes, it was the right thing to do, but at the wrong time. We should have waited until we had Afghanistan better in hand. However, given the information we have learned, maybe not. Maybe we should have gone to Iraq sooner even.

You do know that a forceful ouster of Saddam by way of an invasion of Iraq was a plan that was originally formulated during the Clinton administration, right? And that it is not only a legal action - first by way of the Congressional approval, but also because Saddam failed to fulfill the ceasefire treaties from the first Gulf War. And that it was not all about WMD - the resolution to invade Iraq had 23 "whereas" statements (the reasons), and only 2 of them related to WMD? And that if it was truly about capturing Iraq's oil for our own use, we would have not concentrated our military efforts in the southern cities, but instead would have made a beeline to the oilfields in the north and simply took possession of them, right?

I don't look at these issues through an emotional filter ... war is bad, yes, but sometimes it is necessary. Bush is not who I wanted as president, yes ... but he did win, it was legal and fair and square, and as the President, I owe him, as a US citizen, the respect due that office, and I don't allow my disappointment in Gore losing to cloud over and cover up the good that Bush has done, or refuse to admit that he has done quite a lot of good for the US. It hurts to think there are people in this world that want to destroy the US, indeed ... but it is illogical, and even more painful, to entertain the crazy notions that the "Truthers" put out that it was our own government that was behind the attacks. I believe that there does need to be changes for the US, to become better and stronger ... but I don't think that our hope rests on vague promises that have no substance, or on throwing even more tax payer money at problems that may or may not even be problems.

I believe that the vast majority of the world's problems can be relieved, if not cured, with the principle of personal responsibility. Just the fact so few people really know what that means shows how far away we have moved from that ... and that, my friends, is what is leading to our ultimate demise.

Posted by LissaKay on 09/13 at 04:04 PM
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