Oh ... Really?

Gimme an iPod!

OK, so intrigue went to curiosity became ahh-what-the-hell ...

I signed up for the free iPod thing. Do What?!? You might be saying ... it's a rip off! It's just a ploy to collect email addresses to spam!

Yeah, whatever.

A number of reputable and credible sources, including the esteemed Bill Hobbs, and also Wired News and The New York Times, have attested to the legitimacy of this program. Over $4 million in free items have been awarded to participants.

So, I made up a new email address (I ain't THAT dumb!) and signed up. The deal is, once signed up, you complete an offer ... get a trial of something, apply for a credit card, even sign up for Blockbuster Online. A couple of the dealies offer a gift card to Lowe's or Circuit City, so no matter what, you're ahead in the game ... then get 5 others to do the same, and an iPod will be sent to you. Just that simple ...

So ... what are you waiting for? Go on! Sign up! At least check it out ... if you need a spammable email address, hit my contact button or comments and let me know, and I will fix you right up. Or just make a new one at Hotmail or Yahoo.

What have you got to lose? You know you want one ... don't you? Why don't ya get one ... free?

Posted by LissaKay on 04/14/05 at 03:54 AM in Neat Stuff
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