Oh ... Really?

Fred! Maybe is looking a little more likely

I look forward to Fred! formally declaring his candidacy, if only to see the left launch into hysterics and a frantic tizzy ... as they look upon their best shots: Barack "No Experience Required" Obama and Hillary "We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good" Clinton. Of course, there is still Al Gore waiting in the wings, with all his SUVs, energy-gobbling mansions and dire warnings of doom from gerbil worming ... er, global warming.

"A nation without secure borders will not long be a sovereign nation ... No matter how much lipstick Washington tries to slap onto this legislative pig, it's not going to win any beauty contests."

This is who we need in Washington ... instead of political whores that will sell out to the highest bidding lobby.

Did you know that, according to some second-rate hacks, that not only can you not support the troops and the war against terror(ists) if you have not served in the military, but you cannot even speak of them?

Just in case the memo hasn't reached you yet, dear ... one does not need to be directly involved in a cause to support it. Just a word to the wise there ...

UPDATE: It seems that the web master of Knoxviews.com has little faith in his cadre of liberal hacks ... er, writers to defend their views and opinions from criticism and mockery, and is disallowing links to his site from certain others. To that I say, Oh Really?

Posted by LissaKay on 05/30/07 at 02:41 PM in Our World
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Your Google-Fu is strong. The Freeper re-direct has been tamed.
Posted by # 9 on 06/01 at 11:25 PM
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