Oh ... Really?

First Day of 2007

Yappy Hoo Near!

My NYE was quiet ... I just got 24 - Season Five on DVD, so I watched some of that while working on a new knitting project. Exciting, no? No parties for me. One of the few downsides of being single ... being overlooked (or ignored altogether) on the social scene. Old, fat, single chicks just aren't at the top of most Must-Invite lists. It's just as well, since I am working today.

It's been a wild, weird year. I hope this one is calmer, saner and more peaceful. I wish I could say that I am optimistic of that.

We shall see ...

But here's a video that I thought was freakin' hilarious ... Enjoy!

Posted by LissaKay on 01/01/07 at 12:55 PM in Humor
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