Oh ... Really?

Don’t even ask

If you have a Blogger blog, do not ask me to help you figure out why it is doing weird things. Just don't. I will say unkind things and utter some very unladylike words.

The default templates SUCK. They are poorly coded and full of errors. So, just starting out, a Blogger blog is pooched. Do not ask me to explain why your Blogger blog looks different in Firefox than it does in Internet Explorer. Simple answer is, IE is retarded. You won't like my long answer. The Blogger templates offered by "designers" are enough to make my teeth hurt. I want to pour superglue all over their keyboard so they won't make any more of those hideous things.

Learn basic HTML and CSS before starting a blog. Please. For the love of all that is holy. That or learn to live with weirdness on your site. Do not ask me why your site is one huge long link. Learn what happens when you do not close an a href tag. W3Schools. Go there. Learn. Practice. Then blog. Do not ask me how to put a complex java script on your site when you cannot properly link an image. Learn CSS. Learn to love it. Learn to live, eat, breathe and bathe in CSS. XHTML ... it is the future. Do not be left behind.

Now then, if you have done the above and still need help with your NON-Blogger blog, ask away. Make the effort to learn, at least. Do not sit there flapping hands in the air helplessly while squealing that it's all broken. I've held the hands of a few people as they learn their way around HTML ... pointing out things, making suggestions, and yes, even taking over and overhauling from top to bottom. But it is the learning process. And ya know ... these people haven't asked anything in a while. I'm so proud. Their sites are beautiful.

And if you do ask someone for help, your appreciation is very much appreciated.

That is all ... for now.

Posted by LissaKay on 01/08/06 at 03:30 AM in Blogging
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