Oh ... Really?

Cookie attack

I'm getting fat ... and it is all my father's fault! Damn him for having a heart attack anyway!

So it was a little teeny heart attack. He didn't even know he had it. The doctor found the damage from it on a routine EKG test. So, they do all sorts of testing, up to and including a catheterization. They found a 90% blockage in two of his arteries, so while there, they placed a stent to keep the blood flowing, and hopefully, prevent further infarcts.
Now Daddy, and Mom too, are on heart healthy diets. Low fat, low sodium, low sugar. What sucks is they really love their food. I would go nuts. Anyway, not too long ago, Mom bought this huge (Shedd Spread Country Crock-size) bucket of cookie dough. White chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookie dough. The real stuff .... with butter, eggs, sugar, the whole nine yards. Yummy! But they can't have that kind of stuff anymore, so what does Mom do? She gives it to me.

Great. And I am already toting around several extra pounds these days. (It happens when ya get old and go from an active, physical job to a desk job) I need this cookie dough like I need a hole in my head. My thinking on this is, I need to just go ahead and bake these damn cookies up and get rid of them as soon as possible ... the yummy way. I'll diet later ... no really, I will! And I am washing them down with Diet Coke ... doesn't that count for something?

And besides, Girl Scout cookies will be arriving soon. I'm already obsessing about Thin Mints.
Posted by LissaKay on 02/14/04 at 02:22 AM in Oh ... Really?
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Yeah I always drink diet soda. With chocolates. With potato chips. With a big fat steak. Diet soda. Yep

PS I went to leave a tag, and hit enter, poof. Nothin'. All my hard work typin gone.

Posted by Sharon on 02/14 at 04:53 AM
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