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Christmas 2003

Another Christmas, come and gone. And I survived it!

I got lots of gift cards ... Books a Million from my son, and from my parents - Panera Bread where I love to eat lunch, and the salon where I get my hair done (Jeffery does my hair ... he's so gay, he could put a lisp in the word "Cracker"). I also got two gorgeous sweaters, and two pairs of slacks for work. And an electric can opener! My poor aching hands can't deal with the old manual one anymore.

Darling daughter got an Olympus D390 digital camera and lots of funky jewelry and hair thingies. Plus some clothes and CDs. My son is thrilled with his Rio MP3 player, Tony Hawk Underground for Gamecube and The Hulk on DVD. He also got a new jacket that he loves so much he slept with it last night.

I gave Mom some of her favorite stuff from Bath and Body Works and some thick boot socks to wear around the house. Daddy got a new tie with a tie chain and a personal CD player, so he doesn't drive Mom batty with his music.

Before opening presents, the kids read the Christmas story from the Bible, Luke 2:1-20.

We had our big Christmas thing on Christmas Eve because my daughter had to go to her dad's for Christmas day. We had ham, scalloped potatos, green bean casserole, overnight fruit salad and crescent rolls. Then we had apple pie and peanut butter silk pie for dessert. Today, my son and I went over to Mom and Dad's for leftovers plus a roasted turkey breast.

A very nice, quiet family Christmas for us. I posted a couple of pictures in PhotoLife, my photoblog.

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