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To any and all that have been wondering where I am ... unreplied to emails, comments, PMs via various sites, Yahoo Groups, etc ... I have been having some really bad back problems recently. Actually, the problems have been there for several months, it just got worse in the last couple of weeks. Anyway, sitting at the computer for more than a few minutes is quite uncomfortable. Therefore, a lot of online things have fallen by the wayside ...

I have taken measures to correct the back problems ... I started seeing a chiropractic doctor that was recommended by a co-worker. It is a slow healing process, and as sometimes happens, it gets worse before it gets better. I have bad days, and not-so bad days, but the pain is pretty constant. It makes me pretty darn cranky too ... go figure.

I went to a chiropractic doc many years ago ... after each baby was born, to get adjusted back to normal. In the intervening years, I haven't had the need, even with an extremely active job and lifestyle. I tended to minor aches on my own, using postures and stretching that I had learned during my natural health obsessive years. I don't know why I let this go so long, and get so bad. Denial perhaps?

If you've never been to a chiro, here's a little peek behind the curtains - the first visit is usually just an exam, x-rays and consultation. I was in pain, so they went ahead and did some electro-therapy. Two day later, I went back and we looked at the x-rays. I have a slight curvature of the spine in the sacral area, right in between the two dimples of the low back. Since last autumn or so, I have felt like there was a knife sticking in just to the right of the dimple on the right side. The curvature caused a misalignment of the sacro-iliac joint there. The pain radiated from there, causing muscular spasms and tightness. I also have some compression around T-12 ... that's where your spine starts being bendy as the rib cage ends. So, the game plan is to visit the doc three times a week for three weeks. Each time, he re-evaluates, adjusts me and then I have the electro-therapy.

The evaluation consists of me sitting on a stool in front of him while he gently moves my spine back and forth, from side to side and front to back. From this, he identifies the tight places, and bones out of place. Then he has me lean face down on a bed that is at a high angle. Once in place, he lowers the bed with me on it to a horizontal position. He places the heels of his hands over my spine and thrusts downward. My spine cracks, and to prevent to much pressure being placed on it, the middle of the bed drops away with a certain amount of pressure. Sometimes he uses a thumping gadget thingy on the muscles to help loosen those up.

Then I go to a low couch and lie on one side. Lower shoulder slightly forward, my arms are crossed across my chest, the upper-most leg is bent at the knee with my foot hooked behind the knee of the other leg. The doc pulls me all the way to the edge of the couch and I feel like I am going to fall off. But he has me held in place. With his knee in the triangle formed by my bent leg, he pushes down, pulls my hip forward while pushing my upper shoulder back ... cra-a-a-a-ck! goes my spine. Oh my ... I turn to jelly. I flip over on the other side and the process is repeated. Next is therapy.

The physical therapist has me lie face down on a bed with a conductive pad under my tummy. She puts some goo on my back and then runs an ultrasound emitting thing over the sore places. It feels like a super-high intensity buzzer. After 5 minutes of this, she places four electrodes around the problem area. The machine then pulses high-voltage electrical current between the electrodes. She places a hot pack over the whole thing and I relax for 15 minutes. I often drift off to sleep a bit.

When it's done, I have to move slowly because it leaves me a little light-headed. But the pain is mostly gone for a while. I am afraid to move too much, for fear of bringing it back. It does come back by the next afternoon or evening, probably due to the crappy office chair I have at work. But it is a little less each day. Today was bad, because I overdid it with stuff I had to do over the weekend ... laundry, changing bedsheets, lugging a 19 pound cat to the vet, too much standing and walking, carrying an armload of stuff around Walmart. Yep, I certainly paid for it today. But after my chiro visit, I am much, much better. And I had better get up from this computer while I am still feeling OK.

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