Oh ... Really?

Burn, baby burn!

Not having health insurance sucks. I am currently employed through a contractor for my company. They do offer insurance, or rather a pale facsimile of insurance, for an obscene price - one that I cannot afford. So I have been sailing along, hoping and praying that I don't get sick (and trying like hell to forget that funky mammogram last year that I never got to follow up on before I got laid off), counting on the odds that I won't get sick ...

So what sucks even worse ... is getting a UTI. Worse yet ... none of my doctors will help me. One (the Gyn) because I have not been seen by him since 2002 ... I got pissed at his staff of office retards, and just had my internist do all that stuff. She won't see anyone without insurance. Her office retards are hardly any better. Their only suggestion was to go to the ER. Right, sure ... I got $300 just sittin' right here doing nothing ... except waiting to pay the rent, or buy groceries! And we haven't even bought the medicine yet!

UPDATE 2/1 9pm: God bless the Doc in the Box! I called the ER and the Gyn to see what they would charge for a visit. The Gyn was only slightly less than the ER, but the office retards pissed me off again with their attitude. So, I went to the walk-in clinic, Park Med. Nice people, no hassle, no 'tude. The Doc used the Walmart $4 generic drug list, which he had all printed out in the office already, and made sure what he was prescribing was on there. I was in and out of there in 45 minutes. Now I can go back to work tomorrow and apologize for snarling at everyone all day.

'Nuff bitching ...

School is sailing along just fine. I just turned in my first programming assignment. I hope my mad web design skillz will help with this class. C++ is a bit boring though. I wrote a killer essay on Oedipus the King. Got a 92 on my first Int'l Politics quiz. I wonder if I should admit that I can't get my home LAN working right in my Data Communications and Networking class? Maybe I can find a solution!

I had an awesome work-out the last two nights. Monday I did a Step class where the instructor teaches a long routine of different steps to do. I did OK ... physically. But I guess the early onset dementia was what made it hard to keep up with the routine. I am also apparently missing the spring-loaded knees and ankles like the instructor has. Then I did the yoga class ... and very nearly did not make it through without busting out laughing for apparently no reason. Oh, the stretching and poses and all went great ... but I kept thinking about this post by Crazy Aunt Purl (who is, BTW, seriously the funniest damn blogger I have ever read ... she has cats, she knits, she's divinely neurotic and could quite possibly be my long lost soul-sister! If you aren't reading her, you should be!)

Anyway, Tuesday I did Abs Fabulous ... this is my target zone because of my back problems. Gotta strengthen that core! Then I stayed on for Max Muscle - an hour long, non-stop cardio/weights toning class. This instructor is older! Older than me! And she puts me to immortal shame ... so I take that as a challenge! In less than a year, my goal is to be in as good condition that this 52 year old lady is in.

But for now, I must deal with this battery acid pee ... mutha-fuggin burn til my eyes water it does!

(I am treating with cranberry concentrate, AZO, tylenol and boat-loads of water ... any other suggestions are more than welcome!)

Posted by LissaKay on 01/31/07 at 11:43 PM in Fitness and Diet
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Volunteer Ministries provides medical and dental care to people with a rate adjusted to what their income can handle (for some, that is free) through The People's Clinic.

I know a doctor that regularly volunteer's his services. It is a great thing. The services are available and should be used. Knoxville has loads of such services including CAC which will pay a KUB bill rather than see someone's electricity cut off (you've seen the CAC buses running around town), FISH which provides a 3 day emergency supply of food to a family with no questions asked (they deliver but are gracious to those who are willing to pickup their own food), and the list goes on. Sure, some of these services are abused, but they also help the right people at the right time.

Posted by djuggler on 02/01 at 11:40 AM
Here is a list which includes FISH, CAC, and Volunteer Ministries.

Posted by djuggler on 02/01 at 11:42 AM
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Thanks, Doug!

Posted by LissaKay on 02/02 at 12:01 AM
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