Oh ... Really?

Boom Chicka Boom!

Tonight, we went to the shooting range with several folks from our Bible study group. Yep, we cling to our Bibles and guns, but you can bet your last dollar that we are not bitter! (Especially not after that fabulous speech by Sarah Palin at the RNC! She was simply fabulous. She looked fabulous. She has a fabulous family - and her hubby! Hubba hubba! And fabulous kids. She gave a fabulous speech and has a fabulous message, one that all the lies and smears and inuendo and retarded cartoons cannot diminish. Did I mention that she's fabulous? I think I have a bit of a girl-crush on the fabulous Ms Palin ... Sarah 2012! But I digress ... )

So we clingy folk all went down to the shooting range at Coal Creek Armory. We studied the rules very carefully, made the appropriate marks, donned our hearing and eye protection and proceeded to kill the crap out of some paper. I managed to wing some cardboard and maybe the ceiling once or twice. This was my first time shooting a gun, and it showed. I did a little better with the .40 than the .22, but it almost put me on my ass. I know my shoulder is going to be sore in the morning. It was quite the experience. There were three other ladies there with us, and two were also first-timers. I bet a certain Uncle is just mad-envious that he was not able to be there ... chicks and guns, 4 for 1!

Maybe some pics will help make up for it ...



Or how about some video?

We're going to be going for some Ladies' Night shooting soon ... free range time, pay only for rental guns and ammo, or bring your own.

Posted by LissaKay on 09/04/08 at 04:02 AM in Happy Crap
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