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A blast from the past

So there I was Googling along, I can't even remember what I was searching for ... something local, I think. I came across a link to my old high school, and there, a link to True Margrit

Margrit and I went to high school together. She was a couple years ahead of me. Man, we had fun! She is one hell of a talented musician! She could sit down at a piano and just make music out of thin air ... I could sit and listen to her play for hours on end!

There are some tracks from her first solo CD on her site ... RealOne, ugghhh, I know. Go to her CDBaby site though, and you can download a M3U with clips from all the songs (not full length). I do believe I will order her CD ... I gotta! Check it out ... that's some good stuff!

This is such a trip ... I emailed her a bit ago. Lots of reminiscing!

Update: 6/27/04 10:41PM
Margrit's CD arrived today (that was FAST!) ... this is incredible! A little Indigo Girls, a little Jewel, even a little Alanis ... and of course, Margrit's own unique touch. Get this CD!

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