Oh ... Really?

Back Online!

We're here! All the moving is done, Comcast has been here and installed our stuff ... it's all good. Now it's time to get it all put away and settled in.

A big, HUGE, OMG you're the best, love, hugs and kisses go to my wonderful helpers ... Rich, Mark, Doug and Cathy. The weather was killer hot and it was miserable, but we got it done! My children provided plenty of sturm und drang to make it ... interesting. The cats are getting settled in, and I actually have progressed to the point where I have a path that I can navigate through the house.

And I am OUT of Oak Ridge!

More later ... must go get food, groceries, a new computer desk for Ms Thang, and what must be the 50 millionth trip to Walmart over the last three days ... then the unpacking.

(Note to Shithead and PsychoBitch: Up yours. We are gone. My children and I are no longer fodder for your psychodramas. You are nothing to us. My children will heal from the years of mental and emotional abuse, and then it will be as if you never existed. You can find someone else to play your games with now.)

Posted by LissaKay on 08/13/07 at 01:14 PM in Home Life
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