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An interesting thing happened in gun class

Last Saturday, Rich and I took the required class to obtain our handgun carry permits. Isn't that just romantic? Two weeks before our wedding, this is how we spent an entire Saturday. As it turned out, we learned quite a bit more than what was actually taught in the class.

Our instructor kept the class lively and interesting with his many stories relating to guns, people that carry them, people who do stupid things with them, and people who do evil with them. He also told us several interesting things ...

Up until a few months ago, he was teaching maybe one class a month, with 10 to 15 participants. Now he is squeezing in 4 or 5 classes a month, each holds 30 students and usually there is a waiting list. That is just at this one location. He has heard similar from other instructors he knows. Those classes in the past might have 2 or 3 women in them. Our class has 16 women. And I love this: 3 of them are school teachers, one of them close to retirement. There was also a varied range of ages: several of the women had seen at least 5 decades and most were not unfamiliar with handguns, and had been shooting for quite some time. I don't believe there was a single Democrat among us. Given how most of the conversation went that day, if there were, they very wisely kept their own counsel.

We were also reminded of how and why the Revolutionary War started ... it was not about tea, taxes or liberty, but about guns. The British, in an attempt to quell rebellions over tea, taxes and liberty, took to confiscating the colonists' guns and ammunition. It was that action the finally goaded the colonists from passive rebellion to armed insurrection to defend their liberties and the way of life they wished to live.

Our current presidential administration would be wise to reacquaint itself with American history before taking any more steps towards our guns or other freedoms, and We The People would be wise to be ready to defend our liberties as our founding fathers once did, because our current administrations has thus far proven itself to be anything but wise.

First, they came for the guns ...

Anyway, we completed the course with flying colors. Afterward, I tried out the XD 9 sub-compact on the firing range. I felt it had as much kick as the XDm 40 that Rich has, but while it is short, it is very wide. I liked shooting it, and could probably manage purse carry fairly well, but it was kind of bulky. Next time, I am going to try one of the Glock 9s and perhaps a Walther. If you have a recommendation: I am looking for something suitable for purse-carry, semi-auto, with enough stopping power in one shot to bring most any attacker down - a 9mm or a 40 cal that I could reliably handle (I'm only 5'1" ... not too hard to knock me on my butt!) I've heard some rumor of an upcoming XDm 9 Sub-compact, but I haven't been able to verify ... anyone else hear anything?

Posted by LissaKay on 03/17/09 at 01:16 AM in Go Bang Bang
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Hi LissaKay,

I got here via a link from "View From The Porch" to another blog which had linked to your blog. I loved your comments to her regarding her grasp of history.

I would like to suggest that you try a Kahr in 9mm or .40 S&W. The steel frame guns are kind of heavy, but my daughter, who is a nurse on a neurosurgery team and called out for emergency surgeries at all hours, packs one in her purse without a problem. The polymer frame guns (of which I have one) are super light and very easy to shoot. They have superb triggers, and are very ergonomic, particularly for someone with small hands.

They are also much slimmer (as in not a wide-slide) than either the XD sub-compact or the Glock 26, yet still pack a goodly portion of full power 9mm ammo (if you consider 9mm full power, which I have come to agree to in spite of worshiping at the 1911 / .45 ACP altar for most of my life).

I think if you handle and shoot one you will really like the Kahr. they can be kind of pricey, but their new CW series are reasonably priced and shoot well (the CW9 is the one I have, as I gave my daughter the expensive one).

Posted by Montie on 03/18 at 04:47 PM

I got here through VFTP. I'm a firearms instructor in another state. I use a Glock 19 as my carry and IDPA match gun. I prefer it to the Glock 26 because I can get three of my fingers on the grip, and to my Kahr P9 (the expensive version of the CW9) because the Kahr is not 100% reliable (gets a weird stove-pipe malfunction if you don't grip it just right). The felt recoil of the Glock 19 is also less and the Glock carries twice the ammo (15+1 vs. 7+1). My Glock 19 still fits comfortably in my Hafner Worldwide holster purse.

I'd definitely recommend you get a 9 mm over a .40. It's just as effective to stop an attack, costs a lot less and has less felt recoil. Just make sure you use a heavy hollow point for self defense applications like the 147 gr Speer Gold Dot to get sufficient penetration.

Having said all that, get something that fits your hand and that you will actually go out and train with.

Posted by Alex on 03/18 at 09:28 PM
LissaKay's avatar Thanks, guys. I will keep all this in mind while I continue to shop!
Posted by LissaKay on 03/19 at 12:47 AM
Hi LissaKay,

A friend of mine sent me a link to your site and asked that I comment on my recent gun purchase. I am 5'1" also and weigh approx 105 lbs. I was originally looking at both 9mm and .40 for concealed carry and it turns out that I didn't come home with either one. I went with a .45. I purchased the Taurus PT145PRO. You can check it out at:


It feels comfortable in my hand and, in my opinion, there isn't too much recoil to it. Like I told the guy in the store who was trying to talk me out of it (with a "little lady can't handle it" attitude), I expect that if I actually had to use it in a personal defense situation, the kick is not of primary significance at that point. Anyway, I just spent an afternoon target shooting and went through almost 100 rounds in just a couple of hours so, again, the recoil didn't bother me. It is definitely suitable for purse carry and I also carry it at the small of my back no problem. Of course, that doesn't work all the time here in FL when I am wearing tighter t-shirts or tank tops, etc. It's just fine though with a bulkier shirt, jacket, sweatshirt, etc. For those times when I can't carry the .45 (think little black dress) then I will carry my new North American Arms .22 mag mini revolver.

Good luck with your purchase. I have had my concealed carry permit for almost two years and only recently made my gun purchases. I was actually surprised at how much more confident and in control I felt when I started carrying.

Posted by Lynn on 03/20 at 08:51 PM
In order to "...reacquaint itself with American history" it must first be acquainted. . There's seems small evidence of this. Heh.

Seconds on the CW9 for small hands. It is the thinnest of all the pistols, about 1.0625 inches.

Posted by Broadsword on 03/21 at 11:02 AM
Actually, it doesn't really matter what gun you carry (within reason). Key things that matter:
1.) It must be comfortable to carry (if it isn't you'll just leave it at home).
2.) It must be comfortable to shoot, so that you can practice lots.
3.) It must be cheap to shoot, for the same reason.
4.) It must be of an absolute minimum level of quality (eg. Taurus), or else it won't go BANG! when you need it the most.
5.) Your self-defense "carry" ammo must be of the highest affordable quality: Federal Hydra-Shok, Speer Gold Dot, Remington Golden Saber, Winchester SXT/Ranger -- any one of those will yield the desired result when placed in the proper place. Full metal jacket ammo, not so much, and especially in calibers smaller than .45.
6.) Any gun beats no gun. The NAA mini-revolver mentioned above is a case in point: it's my wife's favorite carry piece, and at self-defense ranges she can put all five .22 Mag rounds into a face-sized target inside five seconds. She carries the NAA revolver ALL the time, the 9mm pistol maybe a third of the time, because it's "too bulky".

Hope all this helps.

Posted by Kim du Toit on 03/23 at 05:59 PM
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