Oh ... Really?

A Slap in the Face

So I apply for a promotion at work. I figured I had a pretty good chance at it. Hell ... it was in the bag, so to speak. I had been working in this department as long as it has been at this location. I had been in another department, tech support, for 7 months prior to that.

The position reports directly to my current supervisor. It is essentially an assistant supervisor, but this company has a cutesy little title for it. Whatever ... I wanted it. I wanted it BAD. And for most of the last 11 months that I had been in this department, I worked my ASS off with the goal of getting a position like this, and this particular one was MADE for me. It was a perfect match.

My supervisor thought so too. A few days before the “official” announcement would have been made, he told me that he had chosen me for the spot. Oh happy day! Finally, my hard work and extra effort would pay off! I was thrilled! I could hardly contain myself, but since it was not “official” yet, I couldn't tell my co-workers. I did tell my mom, my kid and my best friend though.

Then official announcement day came. The unsuccessful candidate for internal positions are usually given a small envelope with a form letter saying, “Thank you for your interest, but we chose someone we think is more qualified for the position.” I was not expecting to receive one of these letters. I already had a nice collection of them, thank you very much.

But my supervisor took me aside and told me that upper management had over-ridden his choice, and gave the job to someone else. I was in shock. I was angry. I was hurt beyond belief. HOW could they do this??? It was obvious to everyone that I was THE most qualified candidate for this position. My immediate thought was, “What the hell did I do? Did I say or do something wrong?”

It was not until a few minutes later that I wondered, “Who DID get the position?” when I found out, I nearly went ballistic. They gave the job to this kid, 20 years old, who had been with the company for only 3 months. He had never worked on my team, he knows nothing about what we do. He would have to be trained for the job from the ground up, PLUS the added duties of the higher level position! This choice is beyond ridiculous, way past ludicrous, it makes NO SENSE whatsoever!

It took me a day or two to come to the realization that the choice had nothing to do with me personally. There were three or four other candidates that I know of that are way more qualified than this kid. Knowing in my heart that I was still the most qualified person, but management made an insane and unfair decision has made it somewhat tolerable.

Rumor has it that the kid and the big boss that got him into the job are buddies away from work. Ahh ... nepotism at its finest! The official word is that it is felt that the kid has “potential” ... potential, my ass! They might as well have taken someone off the street and put them in the job, for all the experience this kid has.

It is felt by most that it will not last long. The kid will wash out sooner or later, probably sooner. As pissed off as the rest of my team is, as well as my supervisor, we certainly won't stand in the way of his failing. We can't actually DO anything to sabotage him, or screw him up. But we won't stop him from doing it to himself .. capiche?

They say that when one door closes, another one opens. What is not mentioned is that the trip down the hallway is a journey through hell.

Perhaps this is a sign that I should move on, that there is a better and brighter opportunity waiting for me in the near future that I would hesitate to explore if I was newly promoted. I tend to be very loyal to the place that I work, I am much less so now. It would now be very easy for me to leave and take a better job. I have even been perusing job listings in the last couple of days.

In the meantime, I am trying to maintain my grace, dignity and professionalism. But it is not easy. I feel betrayed by the company that I have given so much to. I can't think of a single reason why I should continue to give 150% and to go above and beyond anymore.

I'm just waiting to be asked to train this kid to do the job that should have been mine. My ... that could get ugly.

Posted by LissaKay on 10/21/02 at 02:34 PM in Being Bitchy
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