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A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Since even before Fred Thompson officially declared his candidacy for president, I have been receiving email updates. At first they were targeted at firing up the people, getting them behind Fred and his pending campaign. Once he declared, the focus changed to fund raising. His entire campaign became all about fund raising. And somewhere along the line, the Fred! campaign lost it's focus, drive and energy. What happened?

The only thing I was hearing about Fred is the latest $1000 a plate dinner or $500 photo opportunity. My reaction was probably not unique. Feh! A thousand bucks ... are you nuts? Five hundred dollars for a picture? WTF? Now I understand that part of the campaign process is fund raising ... but Fred's became ALL fund raising, ALL the time! I was no longer hearing much of anything about what Fred wanted to do as president, his plans and goals, what his views on important subjects are. Then the emails became a beg for me to make phone calls to strangers in other states on Fred's behalf. Heh ... like THAT is ever gonna happen!

I just kept asking, "But where is FRED?"

There has been none of the getting out and meeting the people I would have expected. Fred promoted himself as being just a regular guy, one of us, outside the beltway. That's great and even believable. But how about showing us some of that good ole boy, regular folk friendliness? Just a little ... get out there and meet and greet. Press flesh. Kiss babies. Hand out buttons and bumper stickers ... and sure, pass the hat. But there has been none of that, and I feel like Fred is now more of a stranger than someone that I want in the White House.

And the polls and caucuses are showing that I am not the only one that is saying, "Fred who?"

So today, after he barely registered numbers in New Hampshire, I get this email that says, in part:

Yesterday marked the beginning of Fred's Clear Conservative Choice--Hands Down! bus tour through South Carolina.

We had fantastic events in Greenville, Lexington, Camden and Sumter. Fred was greeted by enthusiastic crowds at each stop and took his message directly to hundreds of voters. Today he will be in Florence, Conway, and Myrtle Beach.

He's out there working hard and doing what he does best; talking directly to the people who will determine the outcome of the primary in just 10 days.

Sorry, Fred. I don't know who has been making the decisions that have kept you from "talking directly to the people who will determine the outcome" of your campaign ever since you formally declared your candidacy, but they are dead wrong. I believe in you, and mostly agree with all your views. I really hoped that we would one day have a President Thompson to lead our country through these coming difficult times. But I fear that you have been led down the wrong path in your campaign, and it will cost you ... and America ... dearly for that.

Posted by LissaKay on 01/10/08 at 02:49 AM in Politics
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Again, the best for the job probably won't even make it on the ticket.

Again, I'll be voting against someone rather than for someone...

In 2000, I voted against Al Gore, because he had, under tutelage of Washington leftists, turned his back on the values he had championed when I voted for him for Tennessee Senator. Currently, he's a magnified tool who's desire it seems is to crush our economy in his vindictive (I won't lose again!) drive for the non-science of Global Warmalism.

In 2004, I voted against the uber-Progressive John Kerry for his Winter Soldier stances (not to mention the other leftist causes he champions). George Bush was ho-hum for me in both elections.

If I had those votes to cast again, I'd still vote the same (with stiffer clothespin applied...)

My prediction is that Fred will accept the VP offer of either Romney or Giuliani. If they fail to even offer him the VP, then Conservatives may well vote for an Independent (Ross Paul? Blech.)

Sickening, our political requirements for large monies...

Posted by serr8d on 01/10 at 12:26 PM
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