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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

An even more interesting thing happened at the newspaper

Actually, this has turned out to be pretty hilarious. It just shows how one can really make a fool of oneself when one is intentionally mean, spiteful and hateful. At the same time, it's also kind of sad, with a grown adult behaving like a spoiled 8 year old who can't have her way ...

In my previous post, I recounted some of what we heard and learned in the carry permit class we took. I remarked on the variety of the students, both in age and socio-economic background, but not so much in political ideology - we were definitely of like minds, especially on 2nd amendment rights, guns and how we feel about the current president's stated aims to take some, if not most, guns from the hands of the populace. Of particular interest to me, being the direct descendant of one of the most prominent characters in the story, was the recounting of the days immediately preceding the start of the Revolutionary war and how that gave the writers of the Constitution the impetus to specify the right to bear arms.

Imagine my amusement when I see that a blogger at the local newspaper took my post out of context and twisted it to imply that the class instructor was indoctrinating the carry permit class students. Sorry, we came in to class pre-indoctrinated, thank you ... by our knowledge and understanding of American history and the US Constitution. We also had in common our desire to defend ourselves, our homes and families by a means we feel is effective - which is, by the way, not to go crazed spider monkey all over an attacker. We are not animals!

But I digress.

Then Ms. Granju continues her post to insinuate that Rich had been carrying his handgun illegally. She cites as her evidence of his misdeed his posts in which he writes about the new gun he bought a few months ago, taking it to the firing range and breaking in a new holster for it. You can almost visualize her batting her eyelashes in feigned innocence as she asks - purely out of curiosity, mind you - how someone can carry a gun around without a permit:

And here is a question asked honestly and open-mindedly about the whole gun permitting issue: the blogger I quote above is talking about how she and her fiance, a very articulate local gun-blogger, recently attended a handgun carry permit class together. But her fiance has already blogged about carrying his handgun. What am I missing here? I welcome a clearer explanation from those of you who know more about the technicailities of handgun carry permits than I do on who can carry a handgun, and when, and what permits are actually required in which circumstances. Educate me (but not about the American Revolution, thanks. I've already got that covered.).

Again, I am asking this question with respect, and I am not suggesting anything improper. I am just legitimately curious as to what the rules say. When do you actually have to have a permit and when do you not? If you can have a handgun without the carry permit, why would you get licensed?

We both replied to her, explaining in great detail exactly what "carry" means in regards to handguns, what is legal without a permit and what is not, and further, that his actions were not in any way, shape, fashion or form illegal. Still she persists, asking: "I was (and am) legitimately curious why a gun blogger would need a carry permit if he or she is already carrying. What are the advantages of having the permit? I remain curious."

No, you remain vicious, petty and hateful in your attempt to smear and perhaps cause legal difficulties to a good, upstanding, Christian man who has more moral integrity in his little finger than all the gun-grabbing lefty liberals do put together. You also remain a chicken-shit, since you decided, in the face of a couple dozen comments that quite bluntly pointed out how insanely dumb your post was, to delete the most egregious part of it as well as the relevant comments made.

But no worry ... Google cache caught the original post, which I have placed in the extended section below, with some of the comments that were deleted.

As I noted in one of my comments there, is it really any wonder that newspapers are going belly up left and right if this is what constitutes journalistic ethics and integrity these days?

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An interesting thing happened in gun class

Last Saturday, Rich and I took the required class to obtain our handgun carry permits. Isn't that just romantic? Two weeks before our wedding, this is how we spent an entire Saturday. As it turned out, we learned quite a bit more than what was actually taught in the class.

Our instructor kept the class lively and interesting with his many stories relating to guns, people that carry them, people who do stupid things with them, and people who do evil with them. He also told us several interesting things ...

Up until a few months ago, he was teaching maybe one class a month, with 10 to 15 participants. Now he is squeezing in 4 or 5 classes a month, each holds 30 students and usually there is a waiting list. That is just at this one location. He has heard similar from other instructors he knows. Those classes in the past might have 2 or 3 women in them. Our class has 16 women. And I love this: 3 of them are school teachers, one of them close to retirement. There was also a varied range of ages: several of the women had seen at least 5 decades and most were not unfamiliar with handguns, and had been shooting for quite some time. I don't believe there was a single Democrat among us. Given how most of the conversation went that day, if there were, they very wisely kept their own counsel.

We were also reminded of how and why the Revolutionary War started ... it was not about tea, taxes or liberty, but about guns. The British, in an attempt to quell rebellions over tea, taxes and liberty, took to confiscating the colonists' guns and ammunition. It was that action the finally goaded the colonists from passive rebellion to armed insurrection to defend their liberties and the way of life they wished to live.

Our current presidential administration would be wise to reacquaint itself with American history before taking any more steps towards our guns or other freedoms, and We The People would be wise to be ready to defend our liberties as our founding fathers once did, because our current administrations has thus far proven itself to be anything but wise.

First, they came for the guns ...

Anyway, we completed the course with flying colors. Afterward, I tried out the XD 9 sub-compact on the firing range. I felt it had as much kick as the XDm 40 that Rich has, but while it is short, it is very wide. I liked shooting it, and could probably manage purse carry fairly well, but it was kind of bulky. Next time, I am going to try one of the Glock 9s and perhaps a Walther. If you have a recommendation: I am looking for something suitable for purse-carry, semi-auto, with enough stopping power in one shot to bring most any attacker down - a 9mm or a 40 cal that I could reliably handle (I'm only 5'1" ... not too hard to knock me on my butt!) I've heard some rumor of an upcoming XDm 9 Sub-compact, but I haven't been able to verify ... anyone else hear anything?

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