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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Best Buy Sucks

If there is one thing in the world that is guaran-damn-teed to send me into a frothing rage, it is being treated poorly by employees of a business. Best Buy seems to have a special knack for delivering crappy customer service and doing it in a way that sends me almost over the edge of fury. Today, they hit a new low ... (and all these links are for the benefit of teh Googles)

Best Buy is surely aware of their crappy reputation for crappy customer service, it seems they just don't care. Perhaps they still manage to do enough business that losing a few pissed off customers doesn't have enough of an affect on their bottom line to matter. But then, I do know that they were using a secret shopper company to find out how their employees were doing ... I know because I did a few secret shopper assignments there, and they earned horrible ratings from me then. Just as they do for today.

Of course, I have fired off a letter to their corporate customer relations people. The text of which is below the fold. I don't think much will come of it. One other time (out of many) I had a problem that I tried to address through them, I had to bring the BBB into the picture to get things straightened out. At best, the shitty employees may have to find another line of work. I recommend landscaping.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cough Cough Gasp!

There oughta be a law, or at least it should be a justifiable reason for tossing someone out the fourth floor window ...

We have a new employee being trained. She must literally bathe in her cologne. To make it even worse, it is the kind I detest, even at normal levels - sickly, sweet, flowery granny perfume. Gag! I seriously have a headache and my eyes are watering. There is almost a visible cloud around her. What's weird is she is young, attractive and very much not the type one would think would wear inappropriate amounts of cologne to work.

I may leave for the rest of the day. This is unbearable. What I really need is a good excuse to take several days off ... *sigh*

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thankful for ... what exactly?

Of course, the "in thing" to do this week is to recount all the things one is thankful for. I seem to be having a bit of a problem with that ...

It's like this ... I could name things that I am thankful for, but each one is followed by a "BUT" which contradicts the good. Like, I am thankful for the nice house I live in, BUT I have no idea how I am going to pay the rent this month. Or, I am thankful for my kids, BUT their issues and difficulties are tearing me completely apart. See what I mean?

For months, I have been wallowing in a depression that is deeper and darker than any I have ever been in before. Along with that, I have anxiety issues bordering on full-blown panic attacks. I thought I also had a good measure of paranoia going on, but I have since discovered that I don't. People really don't like me or want me around ... it wasn't just my imagination! That's such a relief! So, in my never-ending quest to make everyone happy, I will be retiring back into my little hermit world where I won't piss off or offend people just with the mere fact that I exist anymore.

Have a good holiday, folks. Be thankful you aren't as screwed up as I am.

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fascism at Freecycle

Freecycle.org is a community based group devoted to minimizing the volume of trash that goes to landfills. This is accomplished through the use of Yahoo Groups, one for each city or region. People post the stuff they have to give away, others reply saying they want it. The giver decides who gets it and the two parties make arrangement to transfer the goods. People also post things they are looking for, and this can get out of hand ... I've seen people asking for tanning beds, sea-doos, laptops, video cameras ... not exactly household cast-offs. But each group has one or two, or more, moderators. These are the people that keep the groups running smoothly, which is usually the case, but it all goes to hell when one of the moderators gets too big for their britches.

Being in between jobs this past week, I decided to clean some of the junk out of here. On Monday, I posted a list of items to the Knoxville Freecycle group for giveaway. I waited and waited for it to post. I believe that all messages to the group have to be approved by one of the moderators first. After 8 hours and no post, I wrote to the moderators to find out how much longer it would be, as I had some other things planned and would run into a scheduling problem if my list didn't post soon.

A bit later, still no post, and I found out that Yahoo Mail was having an issue with a worm running rampant, and I figured that was causing the delays. So, I wrote again, asking the moderators to NOT post my message, because I was out of time and couldn't wait any longer. I planned to try it again later in the week. Again, I got no response. I posted to the Chit-Chat list for the group, asking if anyone had a direct email address for either of the moderators, and I included a tiny rant over how crappy they were being about this.

Then, my message posted. Fortunately, one of the first respondents was a gentleman that was able to meet me on my schedule, so I gave the items to him. Later that night, I got an email from one of the moderators, Dyanna Abbot, saying that I was banned from the group.


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Saturday, May 13, 2006

What a crappy week

Mucho whino below the foldo ... you have been warned-o

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Friday, September 30, 2005

To Sleep ... Perchance to Dream

I have quit smoking three other times in my life. Each time I was pregnant. None of those times was anywhere near as torturous as this is now. Sure, the withdrawals could have been overshadowed by pregnancy symptoms, but I had super easy pregnancies. Really. Go ahead and hate me now, ladies ... I had not one moment of morning sickness, none of the many usual complaints ... a bit of ankle swelling in the ninth month with my first, and some back aches with the third. I could probably start a riot by telling how easy my second and third births were, from my 5'1" small boned frame ... but I digress.

That said, I would rather be pregnant right now, than going through nicotine withdrawals. Read on for the gruesome details ....

Insomnia ... no one told me about this shit! Holy crap! I am usually a champion sleeper. It's bed time, lights out, I'm gone. ZZZzzzZZZzzz. My problem has always been a lack of will and desire to wake up in the morning ... not getting to and staying asleep! Sweet Jesus on a pogo stick! This is surely the root of madness, this sleep deprivation. I cannot keep my thoughts together or even carry on a cogent conversation. And I can barely stay awake during the day. My boss really loves that. But he is sympathetic ... and supportive. However, putting my head down on my desk and napping would be pushing the limits.

Brain gooze ... probably a corollary to the insomnia: I am stupid as a box of rocks these days. Speak to me and it will take a full 30 seconds for me to comprehend what you just said. I went to get my nails done this evening. The girl asks if I also want a pedicure. Pedicure? Yes ... you get toes done too? My toes. *blank stare* Yes, you want pedicure on you toes? ... Now granted, she is Vietnamese and is working hard on her English skills, but I can usually understand her just fine. It isn't the accent or language ... I just could not comprehend the word "pedicure" ... I am sure she thinks I lost my mind.

Nerves on fire ... oh yes, this is fun. It is not so bad today, but the last two days, I felt like every nerve ending in my whole body was a live wire ... sizzling, snapping, sparking. Little tonic jerks in my legs kept me bouncing my leg lest I look like I have cerebral palsy or epilepsy. Stand up, sit down, pace, pace, pace. And I itch ... dear sweet God in heaven, my arms, back and tummy itch all to hell and back! Dig, dig, dig. Pace, pace, pace.

Fooooood! I am eating compulsively. I am trying to stick to relatively healthy stuff ... nuts, trail mix, pretzels. But I have already gained two pounds. I think that is from the two Sonic burgers, onion rings and Ched'R Peppers I ate Sunday. With a side of scrambled eggs and toast (I couldn't decide if I wanted breakfast or lunch). The lasagna and cheese Texas toast for dinner probably didn't help much either.

I will refrain from describing what happens to the food I eat later on ... that would probably qualify as an over-share. TMI and all. I'll just say that it is just adding to my misery ... several times a day ... and leave it at that.

I am taking Wellbutrin to help with this. That may be what is keeping me from ripping anyone's head off. But I should still avoid crowded places that annoy me anyway, like Walmart or Kroger. I have such a lovely redheaded temper to start with. I do hope this does not get ugly.

One very hopeful note, I do not have any compulsive desire to smoke a cigarette though. None. Perhaps because I know what it feels like to smoke again after a long period of not smoking ... now that, my friends, is miserable, and is something I do not need. I do miss it as part of my routine ... while driving, on work breaks, after meals, with my morning coffee ... but I have not had the thought, "I need a smoke!" It just ain't happening. I guess this truly is my time to quit.

Keep me in prayers and thoughts though ... this ain't over by a long shot.

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Friday, July 09, 2004

Another Yahoo Loser

Introducing .... the mindpuke of Brian_TN_2003. Yet another Yahoo IM loser who spends his day trolling through Yahoo profiles, looking for women to harrass. Interesting ... this is a young one. One would think he would have better luck in real life. No wait ... looking at that pic, he is better off on the 'Net. Then again, the rest of us would be better off with him in a cave somewhere.
From: brian_tn_2003 08 Jul 2004 14:14 PDT - wow ur son is a loser and I don't know why so many guys are coing after you ... you look ugly as hell to me

Gee Brian ... so very mature and classy coming from a "thug" like you (you look more like a wannabe). Perhaps I should be a little more forgiving, seeing as how you are just a child, and totally without a clue. Scary to think that you might reproduce one day ... but that would require a female willing to put up with your shit. Better get really rich ... that would be the only thing you would have to offer anyone.

Everyone ... let's let Brian know what a total slimeball loser he is ... brian_tn_2003@yahoo.com. Or just fire up your Yahoo IM and let him know that way.

cool smile

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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Loser alert!

Wow ... there are really some whacked out people out there. Take, for instance, ssmith1627 ... that's his Yahoo IM handle. Mr Smith was the first fucktard to have his Yahoo IM mindpuke published here ... wayyyy back in July 2003. I got a lot of mileage out of that post ... but I digress.

Since then, I have had several more fucktards send me random IMs on Yahoo. What a bunch of losers! It appears that these guys troll through Yahoo profiles looking for women to send messages to. The digital version of "Hey baby ... you come here often?" Except that when they aren't actually face to face with a lady, they tend to get really vulgar and disgusting. What is really retarded is my Yahoo profile clearly states that I am "Single, Not Looking" with a further diatribe on people with reading comprehension problems, plus a link to the above post.

So here we are ... almost a year after I first encountered ssmith1627's wit and wisdom. Today, he sent me several more messages.

From: ssmith1627 29 Jun 2004 13:34 PDT Why don't you just go kill yourself and save us from having to read your garbage?

From: ssmith1627 29 Jun 2004 13:34 PDT Take your bitter fucking self somewhere else

and finally,

From: ssmith1627 29 Jun 2004 13:34 PDT Loser

Isn't he simply charming? Makes me want to rip off my clothes and jump right into his bed! So suave! So debonair! I am simply swooning with passion!

Either that or my dinner is disagreeing with me.

Listen up, Mr Smith ... if you don't want to read my "garbage," don't come here, don't troll my Yahoo profile and don't send me IMs. It's pretty simple ... even for a fucktard like you. You want me to "take my bitter fucking self" somewhere else? Umm ... just who is sending messages to who? Dude ... take yourself elsewhere, OK? No one held a gun to your empty little head to force you to come to my profile, my web site or send me messages.

That "Loser" comment is pretty fucking hilarious too ... just who is the loser that spends part of his work day sending harassing messages to random strangers?

Yeah, baby ... I got your IP. One more message from you and my web logs and Yahoo message logs will be sent to some folks that I bet you'd rather not know about your little predilection.

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Sunday, April 04, 2004

On the other side of 40

Yep ... I made it here. I am 40 years old. The big day was actually four days ago ... I tried my best to ignore it. It didn't work. It happened anyway.

In some ways, I still feel like a 20-something. I like pop music, most trendy clothing styles (I do have my limits though) and I "think" young. I seem to remember when I was a teen-ager, my parents seemed like horribly old fashioned fuddy duddies. They liked music that was from way back when, and polyester ruled their closets. Ehh ... my kids probably think the same of me. I do get some strange looks when I sing along with the radio to the latest hit. Who knows?

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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Bah! Humbug!

It's time for my annual holiday grumble ... bear with me.

I don't like this time of year. At all. And it's not just the holidays and the attendant madness. I may have a touch of Seasonal Affective Disorder ... becoming a little depressed and a lot more irritable as the days grow shorter and the weather colder. It may also have to do with the fact that many of my life's tragedies and crises occurred during the autumn months. September, October and November mark anniversaries of events I would rather not have had to experience. So far so good this year .... but just last week they laid off a bunch of people at work. I was terrified to the point that I could barely function. Despite reassurances from our supervisors that the lay-offs are done, we are fine ... we still can sense the sword of Damocles hanging over our heads. The general attitude sucks these days. Go figure.

And then the holidays ... every year I wonder if I will make it through without seriously going off the deep end.

I hate crowds. And this is a new development in my personality. I used to love being where the action is, part of the crowd. I hate it now ... I hate going to the mall, sitting in traffic, Walmart ... ugh! I just don't like being around a lot of other people.

Holiday crap is already on display in stores. I went to the grocery store last night and they had Christmas carols playing throughout the store. It isn't even Thanksgiving yet! WTF??? It's almost become clich頴o rant about the crass over-commercialization of the holiday that is supposed to be a celebration and remembrance of the birth of Christ ... so I will let other pundits take on that task.

My baby girl will be with me this whole four day weekend though! Four wonderful days with the smartest, sassiest, most beautiful young lady in the world. (I may be just a bit biased here ... get over it!) She continually amazes me with her intelligence, insightfulness, and level of integrity and ethics. She's only 13 but already has a pretty good grip on life. I wish I had been so "with it" when I was her age. But still I worry ... life still has some rough knocks and surprises in store for her. But that's supposed to "build character" right?? She'll be OK ... no, she'll be better than OK. She's gonna have the world by the tail. It is so amazing watching this young woman develop ... like a beautiful butterfly emerging from a cocoon. It's breathtaking.

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